Best buildings in Chelsea

Chelsea is a highly affluent and wealthy area of West London.  It boasts one of the country’s leading football teams and was the scene of Swinging London in the 1960s, most notably the King’s Road.  It’s also quite famous for some of its architectural jewels which set it apart from a lot of the other areas of West London. Many of these are a great inspiration to Residential Architects Chelsea Here are some of the best examples.

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The Royal Chelsea Hospital is the home of the Chelsea pensioners. You’ll see these famous old gentlemen in full red coats usually at Remembrance Sunday events.  These are Ex-army personnel who have retired to the hospital after a long and distinguished service.  They were granted this by Charles the Second, who built the hospital for loyal troops of the country.

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The Chelsea Bridge which connects the borough with that of its sister Battersea is one of the best on the Thames.  It has been used in many iconic films and television programs due to its natural  Photographic perfection.  It also provides wonderful panoramic views of two areas.

In the 1980s there was a new breed of style Icons known as the Sloane Rangers. This was about Sloane Square which was and still is a vibrant pot of Chelsea with its hotel and Victorian printages plus Peter Jones department store.  This and other buildings make for a good guided walk