A film about moving home

There are lots of films about moving into a new house, but there are very few about the actual moving process. In 1984 the British movie, The Chain, sought to address that. It was full of stories of people moving as part of the house selling and buying process. Despite its age, there are timeless elements to it that Removal Company Cheltenham based organisation Brightmove would identify with.

Is It Bad To Take A Lot Of Pills At Once?

A lot of pills can seem like a daunting chore to take, but these pills are not just for your health – they’re for a wide variety of reasons, all of which depend on the individual and their health needs. In this article, we’ll look at what’s considered safe to take multiple times a day, how long it takes for some pills to be effective, and how certain drugs might interact with other medications you’re already taking.

What’s the difference between a sprinkler and drip line?

Gardeners often make a big mistake when they install drip irrigation systems. One of the key differences between these two types is that sprinklers are for covering areas, whereas drip lines are for more targeted watering. If you’re looking to plant a row of plants, a sprinkler will be the way you go; if you’re using drip irrigation, you’ll need to think about where each station will be installed and plan accordingly.

Can You Put Soda in a Blender

While drinking a cold, refreshing glass of soda may be one of Americans’ favorite pastimes, some people may wonder if they can blend a soda. The answer is that you cannot blend a soda. The liquid will simply spill out onto the countertop and make a sticky mess, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put it in the blender if you really want to!