How To Lift Rear Wheel Like a Boss

This is a really important skill but it’s one that really frustrates a lot of people. But you’re going to need to take your riding to the very next level. First This is how to pick up your back wheel.

Bunny Hop

The bunny hop is the hardest and most important part. It’s key for riding light on the bike and not smashing the rear wheel.

And it’s what you need to ride technical terrain as fast as possible. Elevating your wheels will let you ride harder trails. Lastly, it’s key for jumping properly.

There are two ways of doing this, though both work but one is better than the other and it’s going to help you the most when it comes to getting really good at riding.

The first method is to pick up your feet and this is clipped in your feet. If you pull with the feet, the pedals follow, and hey presto the wheel comes off the ground.

You might have lifted the rear wheel but your weight is now directly above it. Land that rear tire on a sloppy route and it could be a disaster.

Also, a good manual will have your body weight on the rear of the bike. Heels down, bum over the rear tire. That’s the perfect position to then launch the rear wheel lift.

For better bunny hop performances who love beach biking, they need the best beach cruiser.


Lastly, when it comes to jumping, it’s really going to limit how good you are. Once you pick up the rear wheel and run out of room, your rear tire almost hits your bum, that’s all the height you’re going to get.

You come up short, you’re stuffed. Check out this video from Matt in Australia, he sent this in to correct me if I’m wrong and he asked about trying to make more height on the jump as well.

Keep watching Matt, hopefully, we’re going to help you out. Right, so let’s look at the better way, and hopefully, I can give you a couple of hacks to make that magic happen.

Ditch the clips. You’ll probably find it really hard to unlearn this skill and get this right if you’ve always done it on clips. So, switch only if it’s even for practice.

This method is all about using your body weight to lift the rear wheel. That’s the important part and helps a lot if you have the manual dialed first. Cause gets this and boom, your hops are sorted.

But why do I think this isn’t the best way? Because you need to handle the rear wheel a bit. You’re going to run out of a bend in the legs and then that’s it.

But wait, let’s not rush ahead and try and get the manual well then, the rear wheel lift just let. Slow down grasshopper! Okay, have you got grippy shoes and pedals? Check.

Is your seat as low as it will go? Check. Are you ready to change the way you ride forever? Check.

Roll along nice and slow, make sure your feet are in a nice spot on the pedals, ball of the foot, above the axle of your pedals, or just in front. Now lower your bum down to the rear tires low as you can get it.

You should be stretched out with your arms straight. Now slowly go up and forward to your normal ready position, but then keep going until slightly toe-down and your hips care coming up near the bars.

Don’t go crazy, you don’t want to be smashing the bars. Repeat this slowly until it feels normal. Now you need to bring in the pedal scoop. As you move up, you’d scrape back against your pedals with your feet.

Pull down and into the pedals and then back underneath you. Big movement, down and back to up and forward. This is going to take practice by itself for a while.

When you’ve got it dialed then throw in the manual and boom that’s a proper bunny hop. With a bit more practice you’ll be hitting tech trails and big jumps and feeling comfortable.


If there’s anything else you need to know a little bit about trying to unlock your skills. It’ll be well worth trying to practice this, it will really change your ride.

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Down Valuations and How They Affect Your Property Purchase

Buying a property is a notoriously fraught and often complicated experience. That goes for seasoned home owners just as much as first-time buyers. The last thing you need is a new source of stress. Unfortunately, there is a growing phenomenon that seems designed to exacerbate the process known as ‘down valuation’.

How Are Properties Valued?

Ordinarily when a house or flat is put on the market the estate agent will agree a sensible asking price with the seller. This valuation is made on the basis of factors like the sale prices of comparable properties nearby, the type, size and condition of the property and its location.

If you’re a buyer the price is usually the most important factor in deciding whether to make an offer. Your offer may be slightly below this or you might be happy to pay the asking price. So far so good.

It’s common practice for purchasers to commission a survey to confirm the price is fair. Finding a reputable surveyor isn’t always easy, so it’s worth using a concierge service like Sam Conveyancing, which gives you access to a wide choice of surveyors.

Your surveyor will use similar criteria to the estate agent and may additionally consider structural and environmental issues. For example, a home buyers survey in Watford will take into account the risks of things like settlement and subsidence in properties built on the shrinkable clay sub-soil in this part of the country. With any luck they won’t find anything to conflict with the agent’s valuation.

What Is a Down Valuation?

The difficulty many buyers face, if they are buying with the help of a mortgage, is that the lender might take a different view. In the past the loan company would normally accept the surveyor’s findings. However, it’s increasingly common today for lenders to conduct their own survey, and if they are uncomfortable with the purchase price they’re being asked to fund, they might come up with a lower valuation. This is a down valuation.

Why Are Lenders Down-Valuing?

It’s largely because interest rates are rising for the first time in 15 years. Recently we saw the biggest jump in 27 years to 1.75% and could see rates reach 4% in 2023

Lenders fear that borrowers won’t be able to meet the rising repayments. Consequently they are protecting themselves by ensuring there is sufficient value in the properties secured against their loans for them to recoup their outlay in the event of default.

The Implications of a Down Valuation

Image Credit

If your lender disputes the value agreed, they will only be prepared to lend on the basis of their lower valuation. For example, suppose you’ve agreed a purchase price of £300,000, planning to put down a 5% deposit of £15,000 and take out a 95% loan for the balance. You’d need to borrow £285,000. If your lender down-values the property at £280,000, then the 95% becomes £266,000. Add to that your £15,000 and that gets you to only £281,000, leaving a £19,000 shortfall. For most people this makes the purchase unviable.

Image Credit

What Can You Do?

You have three choices: raise the funds elsewhere, perhaps from savings or some other kind of loan; negotiate a lower price with the vendor; or withdraw from the transaction. You won’t change your lender’s mind, and if you approach another bank the chances are they’ll come to the same conclusion, not least because most lenders use the same local surveyors.

In reality, if your purchase relies on getting the full loan amount, then a down valuation could be an insurmountable problem.

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How to Get the Garage Door Back on Track

With the garage door on track, you’ll be able to do other things like organizing your tools and cleaning up. As long as you’ve taken the proper precautions, you should be able to get back on track and continue with your life without any issues.

How to Get the Garage Door Back on Track

If you find yourself having trouble getting your garage door back on track, don’t worry! There are a few simple steps you can take to get it working like new again. You can learn to remove yellow condensation stains on ceiling.

First and foremost, make sure that the cables are properly connected. If the cables are loose or damaged, this can cause the garage door to malfunction. Test the garage door by opening and closing it several times. If it’s still not working properly, you may need to call a professional to fix it.

Another common problem is that the gears in the garage door motor may be worn out. In order to check this, you will need to remove the cover of the motor and look for obvious signs of wear or tear. If necessary, you can replace the gears with new ones.

Finally, if none of these solutions work, you may need to repair or replace the garage door itself.

Steps for Repairing a Garaged Door That Has Stopped Working

If your garage door is not opening or closing properly, it could be due to a number of different issues. In this article, we will outline the steps you should take in order to get your garage door back on track.

If the problem is with the cables, it is important to inspect them for any signs of wear or damage. If there is visible wear or damage, it is likely that the cables need to be replaced. In some cases, however, it may be possible to fix the cables without replacing them. If you are unsure whether or not the cables need to be replaced, consult a professional.

If the problem is with the motor, it may be necessary to replace the motor. To determine if this is the case, you will need to try various techniques to get the door to open and close. These techniques include checking for power at the motor outlet, checking for continuity at various points along the motor wiring, and testing the motor with a power supply. If none of these techniques works, then it may be necessary to replace the motor. If none of these steps work and you are sure that the problem is with the door itself, you will need to replace. Let’s learn how to wash clothes in bathtub.

What are Common Causes of a Garage Door Not Opening/Stopping Working?

There are a few reasons why your garage door might not be opening or stopping working. Here are some of the most common:

1) The cables could be worn out or broken. It’s important to have them checked regularly, especially if you notice that the garage door is making unusual noises or seems to be moving slowly.
2) The motor might be defective. If the motor starts making weird noises, has overheating problems, or will not run at all, it needs to be replaced.
3) There could be something blocking the gears in the garage door opener. This can happen if leaves, snow, or dirt get caught in the gears and prevent them from turning. If this is the case, you’ll need to call a professional to clean everything out and get your garage door up and running again.


Many homeowners find themselves with a garage door that doesn’t always work as it should. Whether the door is difficult to open or keeps getting stuck, there are a few straightforward steps you can take to get it back on track. First of all, make sure you have properly installed your springs and rollers. Next, check your cables and connections for wear and tear. And finally, if necessary, replace any damaged parts. By taking these steps early on in the repairs process, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle down the line.

Why Should Put Dish Soap In Bathtub At Night

It’s easy to put dish soap in the bathtub at night. However, if you’re not careful and clean it up the next morning before your guests arrive, you may end up with a slimy mess that will haunt your dreams. Learn more in this blog post.

Why Do You Put Dish Soap In The Bathtub At Night?

Dish soap is a cleaning agent made of washing soda, sodium lauryl sulfate, and water. The four ingredients work together to clean your dishes and bathtub. Discover does polyester stretch?

The dish soap in the bathtub will help to clean the soap scum and other dirt on your dishes. It will also help to remove any food particles that may have accumulated on the dishes since last use.

The dish soap in the bathtub will also help to reduce the amount of water needed to wash your dishes. This is because dish soap is a degreaser which can break down grease and oil.

The dish soap in the bathtub will also help to reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your dishes.

Why Does It Matter When You Add the Soap In?

One of the most common questions we get from our readers is when to put dish soap in the bathtub. And the answer is a little late at night!

While there are many factors that contribute to why this might be, one reason is that dish soap can help clean your bathtub faster. According to research, adding dish soap to the bathtub about an hour or two after you’ve cleaned it will help remove more dirt and dust particles. In addition, this late-night cleaning will also help avoid any staining or build up on your tub’s surface.

If a Person adds the soap in too early, what could happen?

They run the risk of disturbing the natural balance of soap and water. This could cause soap suds to form and overflow from the faucet or tub, which can be unsanitary and frustrating. Furthermore, overusage of soap can strip away natural oils and lead to skin dryness and irritation. Soap should be added to the bathtub no earlier than when the water reaches a gentle simmer.

If a person adds the soap in too early, the water could be too hot and cause irritation or burns. Another reason why adding soap to a bathtub a little late at night is beneficial is because if left too long in the water, it can start to smell bad.

What Happens When You Leave it for Too Long?

We all know that dish soap does a great job cleaning dishes, but what about taking a bath with it? According to the Environmental Working Group, dish soap can cause health problems if it’s left in the bathtub for too long. Do you know how much does a cast iron tub weigh?

The EWG says that dishwashing detergent can release toxins such as phosphates and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) when it’s heated, which can contaminate water supplies and cause serious health problems.

They recommend only using dishwashing detergent in the sink and not in the bathtub. If you do need to use dishwashing detergent in the tub, they recommend using it a little late at night so it won’t heat up and release toxins.


If you’re anything like me, you love taking a long, luxurious bath at the end of the day. However, there are some times when I don’t have time to bathe right before bed – which is when dish soap comes in handy! I know that a lot of people believe that putting dish soap in the bathtub at night will help to prevent mold from forming on your dishes, but I’m here to tell you that this isn’t always true. In fact, studies have shown that using dish soap too late at night can actually cause microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi to grow more rapidly.