How To Lift Rear Wheel Like a Boss

This is a really important skill but it’s one that really frustrates a lot of people. But you’re going to need to take your riding to the very next level. First This is how to pick up your back wheel.

Bunny Hop

The bunny hop is the hardest and most important part. It’s key for riding light on the bike and not smashing the rear wheel.

And it’s what you need to ride technical terrain as fast as possible. Elevating your wheels will let you ride harder trails. Lastly, it’s key for jumping properly.

There are two ways of doing this, though both work but one is better than the other and it’s going to help you the most when it comes to getting really good at riding.

The first method is to pick up your feet and this is clipped in your feet. If you pull with the feet, the pedals follow, and hey presto the wheel comes off the ground.

You might have lifted the rear wheel but your weight is now directly above it. Land that rear tire on a sloppy route and it could be a disaster.

Also, a good manual will have your body weight on the rear of the bike. Heels down, bum over the rear tire. That’s the perfect position to then launch the rear wheel lift.

For better bunny hop performances who love beach biking, they need the best beach cruiser.


Lastly, when it comes to jumping, it’s really going to limit how good you are. Once you pick up the rear wheel and run out of room, your rear tire almost hits your bum, that’s all the height you’re going to get.

You come up short, you’re stuffed. Check out this video from Matt in Australia, he sent this in to correct me if I’m wrong and he asked about trying to make more height on the jump as well.

Keep watching Matt, hopefully, we’re going to help you out. Right, so let’s look at the better way, and hopefully, I can give you a couple of hacks to make that magic happen.

Ditch the clips. You’ll probably find it really hard to unlearn this skill and get this right if you’ve always done it on clips. So, switch only if it’s even for practice.

This method is all about using your body weight to lift the rear wheel. That’s the important part and helps a lot if you have the manual dialed first. Cause gets this and boom, your hops are sorted.

But why do I think this isn’t the best way? Because you need to handle the rear wheel a bit. You’re going to run out of a bend in the legs and then that’s it.

But wait, let’s not rush ahead and try and get the manual well then, the rear wheel lift just let. Slow down grasshopper! Okay, have you got grippy shoes and pedals? Check.

Is your seat as low as it will go? Check. Are you ready to change the way you ride forever? Check.

Roll along nice and slow, make sure your feet are in a nice spot on the pedals, ball of the foot, above the axle of your pedals, or just in front. Now lower your bum down to the rear tires low as you can get it.

You should be stretched out with your arms straight. Now slowly go up and forward to your normal ready position, but then keep going until slightly toe-down and your hips care coming up near the bars.

Don’t go crazy, you don’t want to be smashing the bars. Repeat this slowly until it feels normal. Now you need to bring in the pedal scoop. As you move up, you’d scrape back against your pedals with your feet.

Pull down and into the pedals and then back underneath you. Big movement, down and back to up and forward. This is going to take practice by itself for a while.

When you’ve got it dialed then throw in the manual and boom that’s a proper bunny hop. With a bit more practice you’ll be hitting tech trails and big jumps and feeling comfortable.


If there’s anything else you need to know a little bit about trying to unlock your skills. It’ll be well worth trying to practice this, it will really change your ride.

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How to Choose a Quiet Garage Door Opener

If you need a new garage door opener, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll make sure you get the right garage door opener and that it lasts.

You have several possibilities. This section talks about the types of garage door openers and how they work.


Curb attractiveness determines garage door opener selection. It should match the style of your home and be easy to use and keep clean.

For example, if you have an older property with a Victorian vibe but modern sensibilities, you should pick an opener that is sleek and elegant rather than ornate or extravagant, and vice versa if your home was created this century!

How to Choose a Quiet Garage Door Opener

Modern Features

There are many reasons to choose a garage door opener that is quiet. Look for a garage door opener that you can control with a remote so you can open and close the door from inside the house. Consider whether you want a smartphone app to remotely control the garage door. This is helpful if your roommate wants their own access point.

Lastly, keypad entry makes it easy for people who don’t have smartphones or remotes but do have keys to get in and out of their garages quickly.

Check the Drive and Motor System

Check how a garage door opener is driven and how the motor works. The speed is controlled by the motor, and opening and closing are controlled by the drive system.

Belt Drive: Because there are less moving parts, belt drives are quieter than chain drives. Belt drives don’t need oil like chain drives do, so they last longer without having to be maintained or fixed by Garage Door Repair Experts. This may be the most quiet and long-lasting choice!

1/2 Horsepower Motor: If someone tries to open their car door next month after your garage door opener was installed and they’re not smart, theirs won’t move unless they’re superhuman! It will also mean that when people come over later tonight and ask if anyone else heard anything strange going on outside while they were trying out their new stereo system in the front yard earlier today, we won’t be able to tell them what caused such noise because our ears weren’t ringing from anything other than music from inside our house:)

Good Guarantee

One of the best ways to ensure quality and value is to buy a quiet garage door opener with a warranty. Choose a garage door opener with a longer warranty on parts and labor to make it last longer.

Springs, cables, and tracks wear out over time, so a good warranty should cover these things (especially when used on a daily basis). If they break down before their expected lifespan or at all, the whole system will be less able to lift your door smoothly.


Garage door openers are an important part of your home. Take the time to choose one that fits your needs, looks good in your home, and has great customer service.

Using materials to make wall hangings

Wall hangings have become increasingly popular over recent years and many people are using them as interesting ways to add some design to their walls. They are most popular in living room and bedroom spaces but they can be used anywhere that you wish. It is important to think about how the wall hanging will fit in with your existing decor and ensure that you choose ones made from materials and colours that will complement what you already have.

The Role of a Home Carer

There are lots of people who need help with their lives. Whether this is walking, doing their daily household chores or help with the health condition that they might be suffering from. Many of the people who need this sort of help have someone who can go in and care for them and do the jobs that they are required to do.