How to clean vicks humidifier?

Vicks humidifier is a device that adds extra moisture during cold seasons.  It is an air humidifier, which releases water vapors into the air.  Combined with the classic vicks or any soothing scent, it can help sick people feel better and breathe easier.

How to clean suede couch naturally?

Cleaning your suede couch is a very simple yet unpleasant task for many. The challenge with cleaning or brightening such surfaces is that they get dirty and stained easily and thus become dull-looking. Brushing the couch regularly, vacuuming it at regular intervals, and wiping spills immediately helps keep it clean all the time. However, when it gets too dirty or stained with food, makeup, oil from cooking, etc. it is advisable to go for an easier and natural cleaning process.

How to clean suede couch naturally?

Here are a few tips that will help you clean your suede couch in a fast and efficient manner:

  • Use a pencil eraser or any gum rubber for removing stains from the surface of the suede fabric. Rub the surface gently in a circular motion applying little force. [Note: do not rub too hard on the fabric as it will lead to further damage]
  • Use toothpaste with baking soda and a cloth for removing stubborn stains from suede. Apply a dab of your regular toothpaste or gel on a clean cloth, add some baking soda to it and rub the toothpaste on your suede fabric. Rub in a circular motion using a clean cloth or old tee shirt.
  • Apply a small amount of leather conditioner with a soft cloth to bring back the original shine of the surface.
  • Protect your couch from spills immediately as they can lead to further damage and loss of color.
  • You can also use a solution of mild soap and water to clean the couch, which is one of the easiest ways to get rid of stains on suede fabric. Make sure you don’t wet it completely since leather is very sensitive to moisture. Cleaning up your suede fabric with liquid spills like coffee or juice gets rid of the stains from the surface of the couch.
  • Sponge the soiled parts with a cloth dipped in water and soap solution to remove dirt, dust or oil. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to clean it. Make sure you don’t rub too hard as it will cause further damage to your couch.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment to remove dirt from the surface, crevices and cracks.
  • Use cornstarch as a homemade solution for cleaning your suede couch. Sprinkle some cornstarch over the soiled area on the couch and rub it in with your fingers or hand. Leave it there overnight and then remove it by brushing off the powder, which absorbs all dirt, oil, etc.
  • Lastly, use a suede sponge with lukewarm water to wipe your couch clean. Make sure you don’t use too much pressure while cleaning or else it may cause damage to your fabric. You can also purchase a special vacuum attachment that comes in handy to remove dust and dirt.

Suede couches can get dirty very easily, which leads to fading of their color over time. However, with the help of these tips, you can clean your suede couch naturally without using any harsh chemicals.

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How to wash sequin fabric

Clothing with sequins is certainly very beautiful to look at and pleasant to wear. The sequins are small discs of colored plastic material. They manage to give the clothes greater brilliance and shine. These dresses are used for the craziest evenings. For example when you go dancing in a disco or on a special date. However, sequined dresses need special care to keep them shiny and bright. Therefore, it is essential to wash these clothes gently and adequately so as not to run the risk of damaging them. By reading this short tutorial, you can have some useful tips and correct information on how to wash sequin fabric. Here then, are all the information necessary for a perfect wash.

How to Remove Pet Hair from Shark Vacuum Quick Guideline

Today we’re going to start with something that sucks and that is a vacuum and we are going with shark duo advanced.

It’s a good little vacuum, but what they don’t show you on the infomercials is how much hair it gathers around the brush roller. So, I’m going to show you today how to clean that.


At first turn off the vacuum and press, the little wand release that pops off and It’s pretty simple. Then you can flip this upside down and you’re going to see exactly how much hair builds up in there.

If you look at your shark vacuum brush roller, sometimes there is tons of pet and human hair on your floors.

If you don’t clean your shark brush roll for more than 2 weeks there, is you have found more and more pet hair clog and that is pretty disgusting.

It’s not hard to clean. So, I’m going to show you how to do that. First You want to put this back over and hit the two little brush cover and then release it.

So pop that off, that comes out easy and on one end, there’s a little thing that says pull tab. You just need to pull that up and the roller pops right out.

If you want to release too much pet hair dust, it’s important to take the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

Use Scissors

So now you got this roll on your hand. Now what you’re going to want to do is get yourself a small pair of scissors.

There is you have needed sharp scissors and also you have needed a hair clipping kit.

Anyway, there’s a little groove in there and you can just follow the groove with the scissors and there’s actually a group one on each side, but as you cut with the scissors.

You notice the pet hair; you can start just kind of peeling it back. So, you want to follow this groove and again, there’s one groove on either side.

So, you have to need to make cut down one side first and then proceed to cut down the other side.

There’s a little channel there and it makes us and it actually makes it pretty easy for the scissors to flow through and you know it doesn’t interfere with the brushes themselves.

Now you have needed just running the scissors through the hair engage area and cutting all this hair now, to be fair it was just Halloween.

Some of this might be like wig hair. Maybe your pets had some wigs on and I’m gonna cut from the other side now, so you can see I’m just gonna follow the groove again. There’s one on each side.

So, it’s pretty easy and you found it’s easier to cut from both sides rather than just trying to cut from one side and peel it off the hair and all this stuff.

It tends to stick to those brushes’ kind of like Velcro and it’s kind of hard to pull off, but you know you just get as much as you can offer there.

If your shark vac brushes aren’t so clocked up then check it closely you just need to peel and pull until you get as much of the hair off as you can.

This is probably about two weeks at your house and it was just Halloween. So, there might be a little way and big hair could be a little pet hair on the floor.

Keep Cleaning

You have need to keep cleaning till you get as much of this off as you can and if you have a lot of pets or girls in your house with long hair, obviously you’re going to maybe want to do this a little more often.

This vacuum actually works pretty well. I’ve been pretty impressed with it and overall, it’s a decent little vacuum.

It’s not super wide, so it doesn’t grab a very wide patch carpet at a time, but it’s, it’s pretty easy to handle and it works pretty well.

Anyway, now you have to need to get all the crap off of the rollers and need to clean as well. Once you’re done, you may have a big pile of disgusting human or pet hair right in the brush roll.

Yeah. That’s my wife and daughters and maybe some pet hair. Anyway, sometimes you have got a big pile of pet hair there when you’re done.

It’s pretty easy to re-install this, just put that little pull tab in the upright position. Put the opposite end in first. Let me see, going to slide that in just. That brush roller just snaps right back down in there.

It’s pretty easy and now you can take the cover front goes in first and it just snaps down in place and then you’re totally done.

So, if you got pet hair that supposes you should need to go throw the garbage, but you know what let’s just see if a single suck up with the shark pet vacuum.

There it goes piece of cake then you’re back in business that locks in hold that down and you’re ready to start vacuuming again.


Anyway hopefully, this guideline is helpful for you. They don’t show that to you on the infomercial, but now you know how quick and easy it is to clean the hair out of your shark duo advanced vacuum.

For getting more vacuum tips and tricks you can visit homeplix.

How to clean a cast iron stove

The cast-iron stoves are really excellent heating systems because once you are perfectly lit produce a strong heat. Furthermore, this type of stoves adapt to any type of furniture and represent a winning choice in terms of design, not to mention the fact that in terms of consumption it is possible to save considerable amounts. Unfortunately, cast iron takes longer than other metals to heat up, but it also takes longer to cool. Cast iron stoves are commercially available in large and medium sizes; moreover, they can be simple or equipped with a hob. IS? It is important to carry out careful maintenance of these stoves, as with their prolonged use, they inevitably tend to get dirty. In this guide, step by step, I will give all the useful information on how to clean a cast-iron stove in the best way.

How to Protect Your Home From COVID19 With Cleaning and Hygiene

For the past year, most of our attention has been on staying safe from COVID19. From staying at home to more frequent hand-washing and wearing a face covering in public places, non-essential store closures and social distancing, the way of life for many people around the world has become vastly different as a result of the pandemic. While home is somewhere that you should feel safe, many people worry about the prospect of bringing the virus indoors after going out for essential supplies. Since it can live on surfaces and be transferred by touch, there are several key strategies to keep in mind to keep COVID19 out of your home.

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Home From Coronavirus

Disinfecting every surface of our home has never been on our minds. It becomes the frontline defense to keep us safe from the covid19. What scientists are exactly shown yet that coronavirus can survive on the surfaces for several days. So keeping high touch surfaces clean and disinfect daily is very important.

Note– Use disposable gloves that are dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting the virus.

Cleaning doesn’t disinfect, disinfecting doesn’t clean.

There is a difference between clean and disinfect that a lot of times people don’t understand. Cleaning is just the aspect of cleaning up the major dist and dirt. Cleaners are used to improve appearances. They are not effective at killing bacteria or viruses.

Disinfecting is the removal of infector diseases such as agents, bacterias, and viruses down to the acceptable level.

How To Use And Make Disinfact Spray?

Fortunately, covid19 is an easy virus to deactivate. Many of the household cleaner and disinfectant from the store will be affected against covid 19. Importantly use the EPA list of approved cleaners and disinfectants from the store.

Clean and disinfect

While using bleach you should be cautious about safety. Read the warning and the instructions from the body of the bottle. Then follow the steps…

  • Make sure windows and doors are open.
  • Wear protective gloves and a safe shirt.
  • Wear safety goggles to keep your eyes safe.
  • Get a spray bottle.
  • Use two tablespoons of bleach for four cups of water. And fill the spray bottle.
  • To clean the dishes use one tablespoon of bleach in one-gallon water.

IMPORTANT– Never mix bleach with other cleaners. It can be dangerous for the kid and pregnant woman.

How To Clean And Disinfect Furniture And Floor?

Before you can disinfect you must clean the area to be disinfected. To clean the furniture you can use a microfiber towel. Spray the cleaning disinfectant and clean every possible surface of furniture. It’s very important that the surface you are disinfecting is absolutely clean. To apply the disinfectants you can use the cleaning towel and must apply the disinfectant over the clean area very wet. Let it dry for ten minutes to kill the viruses and bacteria.

Follow the orders…

  • Clean the area before disinfecting.
  • Apply the disinfectant wet.
  • Dwell for ten minutes.
  • Wipe off disinfectant residue.

Note– This method can be used for cleaning and disinfecting the floor also.

Focus On Cleaning and Disinfecting The Most Frequently Touched Surface Of Your Home…

For examples-

  • Tables.
  • Door Knobs.
  • Light Switches.
  • Handles.
  • Desk.
  • Toilets.
  • Closet Sink.
  • Electronics- When it comes to electronics, research suggests that viruses can last a long time on this type of surface most used surfaces like a keyboard or phone. Research from Princeton University says that viruses can be longer on electronics than two or three days. To disinfect electronics items safely you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For soft surfaces such as carpeted floors, rugs, and regs. First, wipe off any specks of dirt or contaminants. Wash them in the laundry. If possible use warm water.

The most important topic, Wash your hands frequently…

Clean and disinfect

It is so important not only to reduce your chances of getting infected but it’s important to reduce your infection spread to others. A lot of people escape washing their hands because they think it’s not that important. Most people don’t wash their hands correctly, let’s see how it works properly…

  • Turn the water sink on.
  • Rinse your hands.
  • Apply liquids or soap.
  • Rub your hands for 20 seconds
  • Clean all the parts of the hands, back of the hands, fingers, fingertips, thumb, and wrists.
  • Rinse your hands again and dry with a paper towel.
  • Use the paper towel to turn off the sink.

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