Gong Bath: immerse yourself in the sound

Sound vibrations have the power to produce profound effects on the human being, both physically and psychically. There are studies that support this statement from modern science, but the power of sound has been recognized since ancient times by different civilizations, which use instruments (such as Tibetan bowls, for example) to induce meditative states and promote healing of the body. and mind.

How to remove gum from clothes

Caring for clothes by washing them properly and treating them in the best possible way is essential to remain in good condition for as long as possible. Sometimes, it is very difficult to be safe from stains that affect the fabric of the garments, as is the case with chewing gum. The adhesion of gum remains to the clothing fabric is a great setback since many people try to remove it without success or damage the affected area of ​​the garment. Therefore, it is important to know the best methods and products to eliminate them.

If you want to discover how to remove gum from pants or another garment, or if you wonder how to remove gum from clothes, keep reading.

How to remove gum from clothes?

How to remove gum from clothes


Acetone is a good product to remove gum from black clothes, without fear of fading and white or light garments. To know how to properly remove gum from clothes with acetone, follow these steps:

  • Remove as much chewing gum as possible with your hands and with the help of a scraper or plastic so that only very sticky remains or stains remain.
  • Spray or soak the area of ​​the garment affected by the gum with acetone. Use a sponge or cloth to apply the liquid well.
  • Wait a few minutes for the gum and clothes to be well impregnated with acetone, and then rub the stained area with the sponge.
  • Scrape off the gum stain with a knife, scraper, or plastic, such as a card you no longer use. Do it gently so as not to damage the fabric of the garment.
  • Repeat the process if you see that there is still a lot of gum left.
  • Finally, put the washing machine’s clothes and program the usual wash cycle to remove any remaining gum.
  • Other alternatives to this product are nail polish removers that contain acetone and pharmacy alcohol.


One of the solutions you can resort to if you want to remove gum from white or colored clothing is ice, as this does not affect the dye or the garments’ fibers. If you want to find out how to remove gum from clothes with ice, follow these instructions:

  • Put the gum-stained garment in a plastic bag. Place the garment with the gum facing up not to continue to stick to the garment itself.
  • Put the bag in the freezer. In this way, the garment is isolated and does not affect the food.
  • Within 2 to 3 hours, the gum will freeze. When it’s frozen, remove the bag from the freezer. You can also do it using ice, but it will take longer.
  • Take the garment out of the bag, separate the gum from the fabric with a spatula or knife, and be careful not to damage the fabric.
  • Add stain remover to the affected area once you have removed the gum and wash the garment as usual in the washing machine.


Do you want to discover how to remove gum from clothes with the iron? The heat from this appliance will help you achieve this in the following way:

  • Lay the garment out on the ironing board.
  • Place a cardboard or parchment paper over the spot stained by the bubble gum, making sure the gum sticks together.
  • Flip the garment so that the cardboard or paper is in contact with the ironing board and you can iron the garment directly and at medium heat.
  • The heat will loosen the glob of gum from the fabric, sticking it to the cardboard. You will have to lift the fabric to see if it peels off little by little.
  • Use a knife or scraper to remove more gum that is still hot from the fabric and when you cannot remove any more, wash the garment in the washing machine to finish removing the remains.

Boiling water

Another solution is to wonder how to remove gum from clothing with heat to use boiling water. Accomplish it by following this step by step to remove gum from clothes with boiling water :

  • Heat water in a pot until it starts to boil.
  • Put the garment in a bucket or bathtub with a stopper and pour the hot water on the gum stuck to the fabric.
  • Leave the garment submerged for a minute to allow the heat to penetrate the fibers of the fabric.
    Remove the gum by scraping it off with a knife or scraper. Be careful not to burn yourself from the water and scrape gently not to destroy the garment’s fabric.
  • Spray the gum-stained area with stain remover and wash your clothes as you usually do in the washing machine.


Another useful tip is to learn how to remove gum from clothes quickly because you use vinegar for it. With these simple steps to use vinegar to remove gum from clothes, you will:

  • Heat vinegar (the amount of glass) in a pot or the microwave until it begins to boil.
  • Place the garment in a basin or bathtub.
  • When the vinegar boils, pour it over the gum.
  • Gently scrub the stained area with a brush to loosen the gum, and carefully use a knife or scraper if necessary.
  • Wash the garment in the washing machine regularly to remove any remains that may have stuck. If the garment dries, you still see the chewing gum stain, do not hesitate to repeat the process or use another of the mentioned methods to finish removing it.


Removing gum stains from clothes with soap is also possible.

  • Wet the fabric with water and cover the stained area with mild soap.
  • You will have to rub over the gum remnants with a toothbrush until they are completely detached from the garment.

The possible drawback of using soap is that you will need to scrub with great intensity and even brush. For this reason, it is not recommended for clothes made of delicate fabrics. So if your affected garment is delicate, use another method in which you do not have to rub or brush hard and make sure if your garment can be applied heat or not to know if some of the previous methods are suitable no.

How to make homemade baking soda air freshener

There are many applications that sodium bicarbonate has in the cleaning and disinfection of the home. Still, perhaps you did not know that it is also an excellent ingredient to make effective and very cheap home air fresheners. Its absorption capacity makes bicarbonate the perfect base element to make your air freshener, ideal both for small spaces such as cabinets or drawers and for more open spaces such as a room.

If you want your house’s rooms to give off your favorite aroma, pay attention to the steps that we suggest in the following article, as we explain how to make homemade baking soda air freshener. Take note: Diy concrete pool

How to make homemade baking soda air freshener?

homemade baking soda air freshener

Steps to follow:

Take a glass jar that you have at home and wash it thoroughly so that no remains of its original content remain. A jar of jam or one that contained canned vegetables (peas, green beans, etc.) can go very well. Once clean, dry it completely.

Pour 3 large, heaping tablespoons of baking soda into the jar (about 70-90 grams). This is an approximate amount since it will always depend on the size of the bottle chosen. To give you an idea, the baking soda should take up 1/3 of the total capacity of the container you use to make this durable home air freshener.

Once the bicarbonate has been introduced, add 10-12 drops of the essential oil you like best. As a suggestion, lavender is great to place your air freshener inside a closet or on a shelf in the living room. The essential oil of citrus fruits such as lemon or that of aromatic plants such as basil, for example, leave a pleasant aroma in the kitchen. Simultaneously, if you prefer an air freshener for the bathroom, that of rosemary or eucalyptus is perfect for neutralizing the smell that they can dislodge sumps and pipes.

The bicarbonate will absorb bad odors and the oils will gradually release their pleasant perfume. Of course, keep in mind that the number of essential oil drops can be increased or reduced depending on whether you want a more or less intense aroma.

With the two ingredients in the jar, stir well with a spoon or rod for a few minutes so that the bicarbonate is diluted, soaks well and absorbs the essential oil you have chosen. With this little trick, the fragrance of the chosen oil will be released over the weeks.

To finish, you will have to close the container so that the aroma can come out well. The best option is to place a piece of cloth that is not very dense, like a sack (raffia, linen …) that gradually releases the aroma. Place it in the bottle’s opening and secure it with the help of a string or duct tape.

One trick to increase your air freshener’s effectiveness and intensity is to add some aromatic herbs or plants to the mix. Lavender, mint or basil leaves, rose petals … all these options give excellent results. With the jar closed, shake the inner mixture very carefully to not leak out of the container. Finally, you will only have to place your home air freshener where you consider it most necessary.

If your air freshener will be in a public place, you can also leave an aesthetically more beautiful bottle open with the mixture inside; Place some typical air freshener sticks in it and let it aromatize the whole place. Also, another option is to make natural air fresheners with baking soda in the form of a spray so that you can spread it throughout a room, cooling it immediately.

In this case, make your air freshener as we have indicated, that is, mixing the bicarbonate and essential oil in a glass container. When you have the mixture ready, do not close the container; Pour into a bottle or spray bottle until full.

Remember that the spray bottle you use has to be very clean, so whether it is new or you have used it previously, we recommend you wash it well with water and neutral soap and dry it completely before adding your air freshener mixture with bicarbonate.

To transfer the air freshener from the glass bottle to the spray bottle, it is best to use a funnel to do it safely and without wasting a drop.

Close the bottle and … voila! You will already have your home air freshener to give an extra touch of perfume to any room whenever you want.
Do you want to make a homemade baking soda air freshener even more easily? Substitute essential oils for a few drops of your fabric softener and prepare it as we have indicated.

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