How to Choose a CCTV Installer

The first step in choosing a CCTV installer is to know your needs. Most business owners purchase a CCTV system as a complete security solution. However, it’s important to note that some cameras are more suitable for some locations than others. In addition, you should understand your rights and responsibilities if you plan to install a CCTV system. For instance, you have the right to request a copy of your personal data. Similarly, you have the right to edit the footage recorded by a CCTV system. However, if you’re worried about privacy, you might want to consider alternative security measures instead.

Don’t Be the Victim of a Burglary this Christmas

Winter is coming and all of us have noticed that the nights are drawing in now, meaning that we have many more hours of darkness. As well as being something that can make people feel a little run down and miserable, it also means that there is a much greater risk from burglars – the run up to Christmas with the array of expensive gifts in homes combined with the longer hours of darkness means that burglaries are more common at this time of year in the UK than any other. So, this is a good time to start thinking about your home security and ways to give you better peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from burglars.

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It is obvious, but locking doors and windows is important – if you leave windows and doors unlocked even for short periods of time, or you have a lock that is faulty or not working correctly, this can be an invitation to a burglar. Get a professional like this locksmiths Exeter to come and repair or replace damaged or old locks and your home will be much safer.

Security cameras for the home have come on in leaps and bounds over recent years, and there are many different types available now that offer a lot of options. Wireless cameras are increasingly popular, and the ability to connect the cameras to your phone means that you are able to view your home at any time. Most will also alert you to any movement so you can keep an eye on the house when you need to.

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Burglar alarms are also a great way to keep your home safe – having an alarm system gives you the peace of mind that an alert will be sent if someone enters your home, and they are also a visible deterrent to burglars.

As well as the house itself, a big part of the security of your home is the outside of the house. Making sure that you garden does not provide burglars with an easy route in is essential – use security lighting in the garden as well as making sure that you have a perimeter that is hard for a burglar to access – high fences and thorny bushes like holly and blackthorn are ideal if you want to protect the garden.

What to Ask when Looking for a Property to Buy or Rent

Looking for somewhere to live is a big decision. Whether you are buying or renting, it is important that you find a place that you are happy with. For most people, property hunting can be a bit stressful at times, so it is always best to get in touch with local estate agents in the area that you want to move to, like this Stonehouse estate agents

Down Valuations and How They Affect Your Property Purchase

Buying a property is a notoriously fraught and often complicated experience. That goes for seasoned home owners just as much as first-time buyers. The last thing you need is a new source of stress. Unfortunately, there is a growing phenomenon that seems designed to exacerbate the process known as ‘down valuation’.

How Are Properties Valued?

Ordinarily when a house or flat is put on the market the estate agent will agree a sensible asking price with the seller. This valuation is made on the basis of factors like the sale prices of comparable properties nearby, the type, size and condition of the property and its location.

If you’re a buyer the price is usually the most important factor in deciding whether to make an offer. Your offer may be slightly below this or you might be happy to pay the asking price. So far so good.

It’s common practice for purchasers to commission a survey to confirm the price is fair. Finding a reputable surveyor isn’t always easy, so it’s worth using a concierge service like Sam Conveyancing, which gives you access to a wide choice of surveyors.

Your surveyor will use similar criteria to the estate agent and may additionally consider structural and environmental issues. For example, a home buyers survey in Watford will take into account the risks of things like settlement and subsidence in properties built on the shrinkable clay sub-soil in this part of the country. With any luck they won’t find anything to conflict with the agent’s valuation.

What Is a Down Valuation?

The difficulty many buyers face, if they are buying with the help of a mortgage, is that the lender might take a different view. In the past the loan company would normally accept the surveyor’s findings. However, it’s increasingly common today for lenders to conduct their own survey, and if they are uncomfortable with the purchase price they’re being asked to fund, they might come up with a lower valuation. This is a down valuation.

Why Are Lenders Down-Valuing?

It’s largely because interest rates are rising for the first time in 15 years. Recently we saw the biggest jump in 27 years to 1.75% and could see rates reach 4% in 2023

Lenders fear that borrowers won’t be able to meet the rising repayments. Consequently they are protecting themselves by ensuring there is sufficient value in the properties secured against their loans for them to recoup their outlay in the event of default.

The Implications of a Down Valuation

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If your lender disputes the value agreed, they will only be prepared to lend on the basis of their lower valuation. For example, suppose you’ve agreed a purchase price of £300,000, planning to put down a 5% deposit of £15,000 and take out a 95% loan for the balance. You’d need to borrow £285,000. If your lender down-values the property at £280,000, then the 95% becomes £266,000. Add to that your £15,000 and that gets you to only £281,000, leaving a £19,000 shortfall. For most people this makes the purchase unviable.

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What Can You Do?

You have three choices: raise the funds elsewhere, perhaps from savings or some other kind of loan; negotiate a lower price with the vendor; or withdraw from the transaction. You won’t change your lender’s mind, and if you approach another bank the chances are they’ll come to the same conclusion, not least because most lenders use the same local surveyors.

In reality, if your purchase relies on getting the full loan amount, then a down valuation could be an insurmountable problem.

A film about moving home

There are lots of films about moving into a new house, but there are very few about the actual moving process. In 1984 the British movie, The Chain, sought to address that. It was full of stories of people moving as part of the house selling and buying process. Despite its age, there are timeless elements to it that Removal Company Cheltenham based organisation Brightmove would identify with.