How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

Cockroaches remain a problem for many housewives, and if you don’t want to call in special services. You have to solve the problem with folk remedies. Boric acid from cockroaches for a long time remains one of the most consumed cockroaches substances. In each apartment at least once tried to feed her hated insects. Here, we’ll discuss how to get rid of cockroaches forever?

How to get rid of cockroaches forever with boric acid?

kill cockroach with boric acid

The tool attracts the lack of smell and the presence in every pharmacy. White scaly grains of taste also do not have and are resistant to high temperatures. In the natural environment, the acid itself is extremely rare, its salt – borax can be found much more often. It is noteworthy that salt and acid for cockroaches are equally destructive.
Pharmacies offer boric acid in powder, aqueous and alcohol solutions. The well-known antiseptic called “boric alcohol” is precisely the solution of boric acid 70%.


Many owners who have small children or animals in an apartment are wary of using boric acid. In this regard, do not worry much: the worst thing that can happen is an allergic reaction. It is unpleasant, but not fatal, this remedy does not apply to strong allergens, and it is necessary to smear it to achieve this result from the body thoroughly.

Borax is even used as a dietary supplement. It is prohibited, but we are talking about its regular and significant consumption. So you can safely go into battle with boric acid and its products in service: it is possible to remove insects in the apartment without harm to the kids and their pets.

kill cockroach with boric acid

Mode of action

The meaning of using the powder is that its special properties do not allow cockroaches to detect danger. In this regard, it is indicative that the struggle through the alcohol solution is not effective because of the strong smell.

Being eaten, the substance enters the digestive system. From there, by the blood it affects the nerves, acting on the peripheral centers with great force. With a large dose of insects dies from paralysis of the respiratory tract.

Ticks with such a tool in the apartment cannot be removed, they suck blood and therefore can not have dinner with poison.

A substantial amount of the substance must be eaten, therefore for many years, the hostesses have been trying to create recipes for the cockroaches with a taste of perfection and with a killer dose of poison. After all, for every nasty insect, you need 2-3 mg of acid. When developing a recipe, you should take into account a certain amount that does not fall in the way of apartment invaders.

Sometimes there are insects that have become so accustomed to such harassment that their bodies adapt and do not react to the substance. It will be necessary to use more effective and toxic products that have been produced recently.

applying method

Application Methods

To get rid of cockroaches, you need to “fill” their poison. Naturally, you can not feed them with a spoon; you will have to pay attention to where insects are most often found, and poison them in those places. How to do it right? The first step is general cleaning, which will deprive additional sources of food for all parasites and make them interested in traps — floors and walls, sinks and bedside tables. Even behind toilet bowls, it is necessary to trace carefully, leaving them closed, and, therefore, to deprive the uninvited tenants of their usual source of drinking.

There are many popular recipes that will help get rid of cockroaches

1. The easiest recipe, with which you can poison the parasites, is to simply prepare the filled portions in the places of the supposed dislocation of insects. Of course, they will not want to eat powder, will run around it, completely unaware, and then clean their paws with jaws, eating the prepared poison. The result of the struggle will not come too quickly, but it will not take any effort.

2. The dried shell can greatly grieve cockroaches, which constantly need to drink. Putting water solution next to the usual watering place, you can quickly attract the attention of the entire colony and stuff it with boric acid to the dump. Such a recipe is also very simple, but it can cause some inconvenience: it is not desirable to use the sink for several days, in order not to supply insects with clean drinking.

Sometimes, cockroaches appear completely suddenly and in large numbers. Then, to get rid of them, the only measure is not enough, you have to put additional bait.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever

We give the most “delicious” among the popular tricks

  • Mix gruel from the yolk of one egg and 40-50 g of boric powder. Chicken egg yolk has an attractive smell and taste.
  • Equal portions of powder, flour, and powdered sugar are mixed with water in a flexible dough.
  • On the same dough, put 200 g of powder, 60 g of starch and powdered sugar, 2 bags of vanilla sugar.
  • Grind mashed potatoes from one potato with one peeled, boiled egg with the addition of 1 tbsp — spoons of powder.

The consistency makes it easy to knead and mold small balls that are laid out in places where insects stay. All other products are cleaned especially carefully, down to the smallest crumbs. This will help speed up the feeding of cockroaches poisoned mixtures-balls. Even in the lockers, it is better to pack everything in tightly closed cans and bags.

If the apartment is old, has not been repaired for a long time, was operated without sufficient adherence to the rules of sanitation, there will not be enough boric acid balls for effective control. All the same, a few insects hide in the cracks and find something to soak. To get rid of annoying “neighbors,” you will have to seek help from stronger chemicals or professionals who know how to poison them quickly and reliably.

In general, boric acid is not a panacea for residential insects, but its use is popular among hostesses. There are several reasons, but they are weighty:

You can buy the product at any pharmacy or on the Internet. It is very easy to use, only cockroaches will be harmed. And the fact that the ideal result will not be achieved, few people are frightened: anyway, new hordes will not slow down to appear in the apartment.