How to deal with a smelly sink

Have you ever been washing your hands or perhaps loading up your sink and had an unpleasant smell rising up from your plughole? Unfortunately we have all been there at one point or another and it is not a nice experience. It is even more embarrassing if it is someone else who notices the aromas rising from your sink.

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There are a few reasons as to why your sink might be starting to smell and most often this is to do with a blockage that means that the water can not flow freely. Stagnant water is one of the worst culprits for creating unbearable smells. It can be incredibly difficult to find out what is causing your drain blockage and so using a Drainage Cleaning such as Wilkinson ENV is a good idea as it allows them to investigate and hopefully solve the problem for you.

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One of the best ways that you can help to prevent horrible odours from coming from your sink is to be mindful of what items you place in them and ensuring that fats, oils and hair do not get flushed down the drains. You can do this by thinking about using a mesh or catcher that is placed over your plughole to prevent food and other items from reaching the plughole. They are relatively easy to use and inexpensive, but they could save you lots of money in the future should they cause a large blockage in your pipes.

COVID19-Safe Strategies for Home-Based Businesses

This year, people who run their businesses from home have had to make several changes to the way that they do things, particularly when working with customers or clients. If you run a home-based business that serves clients from home, making sure that everybody is protected from COVID19 has become a priority. Keeping yourself and your customers safe from the pandemic needs to be a theme running through every decision that you make for your home business – and it’s even more important when you are carrying out services from the same place that you and your family live. Here are some of the main strategies for protecting your home-based business from COVID19.

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Sneeze Guards:

If you offer a service to your customers that doesn’t involve any close physical contact, it’s worth considering investing in products to add an additional layer of safety for both yourself and your client. Sneeze Guards can be used in home-based business settings where you hold meetings with clients, or even to provide additional protection when you are offering certain beauty services such as nail treatments, where you can place the guard between yourself and the customer with a small gap that they can place their hands underneath.


Wherever possible, it is worth asking any customers that visit your home business to wear a face covering for the duration of the visit and wear one yourself. Face masks have been proven effective in reducing the spread of the coronavirus by providing a barrier to collect microscopic droplets that come from your mouth and nose when you speak, laugh, cough, and sneeze. Paired with additional protective measures such as sneeze guards, wearing a facemask can dramatically reduce the risk of either you or your customers passing COVID19 on.

Social Distancing:

While it might not always be possible with some home-based businesses, such as those offering hairdressing, massage services, and other personal care services, those business owners who can social distance during meetings with clients or customers should do so wherever possible. If you use a certain room in your home for visiting with your customers, it might be worth setting it up differently to put as much space as possible between yourself and your customer.

Cleaning and Hygiene:

Finally, good personal hygiene for both yourself and your customers, along with more frequent deep cleaning of your home business space, is important for reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus as you work. Offer hand sanitizer or allow your customers and clients to use your sink to wash their hands when they enter and exit your premises, and stick to a good hand-washing routine yourself. Deep cleaning your business space after each customer is also a wise idea, paying particular attention to high-touch and high-traffic areas such as door handles and seats. If you normally see customers by appointment, it’s worth spacing appointments out to add enough time for cleaning in between.

This year, home-based business owners have found themselves in a situation that they didn’t expect. With COVID19 still a real risk to health, it’s important to ensure that your home-based business is COVID19 safe in order to protect yourself, your customers, and your livelihood.

Flood damage and buying a house in a high risk area

With our evolving environment, news storeys and images of flooded homes are becoming more prevalent. The Environment Agency has estimated that there is some flood risk for one in six houses, and house-hunters need to consider and assess the risks. It is why you have to have House Surveys done before you purchase. Sam Conveyancing can help with that.

The most common causes of flooding are burst riverbanks, exceptionally high tides washing ashore, flooding of groundwater, where a rising water table causes flooding of basements, and flooding of surface water, where water during heavy rain does not drain rapidly enough.

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Home insurance rates may be heavily influenced by flood risk, especially if flooding has occurred in the past. Some insurers would want the Environment Agency’s approval of the extent of flood risk. Such clarification is also useful when applying for mortgages in an area of flood risk, as lenders would need to be assured that they can insure the land.

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For a property in a flood risk area, expect to pay higher insurance premiums. Checking the flood risk elements can also impact the cost of your solicitor – to get an idea, you may request conveyance quotes online. Should the worst arise, you may need to invest in products such as sandbags. The selling price of at-risk assets is however, going to be lower.

Although protecting your home from flooding is extremely hard, there are some measures you can take to mitigate damage. For example, in rooms at risk, avoid using carpets and ensure that power points are placed on the walls at a high level.

Tips to Choose the Right Office Furniture for the Reception Area

The reception area is an important space for your business. Visitors come in and get their first impression by seeing and feeling how organized and elegant the reception area is. To make the reception attractive and fully functional, you need to have good quality furniture in place. Apart from planning the décor and allocating space, you have to choose the right type of furniture to create good mobility, comfort, and convenience in the reception area. Here are some tips for choosing different pieces of reception furniture.

Reception desk

The first time when someone walks into your office, they see the reception desk. The desk you are buying should have an inviting feel and professional design elements that suit your business. These elements are style, tone, layout, comfort, and functionality. In terms of style, based on your business type, you need to choose your reception desk style. For example, the desk used at a massage parlour does not suit a tech business.

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Reception chairs

While there are various types of reception chairs, you need to consider the average waiting times of clients coming to your office, the space available in the reception area, how many people you are going to host at any given time, and other design aspects. Based on this information, you will have to choose chairs that offer comfortable seating.  For a range of Reception Chairs, visit bestbuy-officechairs

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Overall, good reception furniture has great importance as it holds a lot of weight in deciding the extent of customer satisfaction enjoyed by customers.



How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floor Grout

Have you done some restoration work in your home and now you have the problem of how to clean the grout from ceramic floors? Nothing could be easier: in this very practical guide, I teach you in a very simple and fast way how to clean ceramic tile floor grout. The ceramic floors need a custom method to clean them, so as not to spoil the splendor of this beautiful material. At this point, dear readers, all you have to do is read my easy instructions and get to work.

How to Clean Limescale From Taps? Step by Step Guideline

One of the most frequent problems that can affect faucets is lime. It not only makes the appearance of your faucet opaque and full of white marks but, in severe cases, it can obstruct the water outlet causing the faucets not to have enough pressure. In these cases, the filter is usually full of lime and small stones that prevent water from leaving without difficulty. In this article, you will explore how to clean limescale from taps with these tips.

Can I really hang a chandelier there?

There are a few places that you just wouldn’t envision hanging a ceiling fixture like a chandelier. When you hear the word, it invokes pictures of French castles and gigantic assembly halls, yet probably not your downstairs toilet! However, these days, there are no boundaries in terms of where a chandelier can be positioned to look amazing in your home. Here are a few suggestions:

The Bedroom

The majority of us would mull over introducing such a sizable lighting fitting over our beds. In addition to the fact that it would perhaps look overpowering, we would normally reserve such stand-out pieces for areas of higher footfall in the home. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that a smaller crystal light fixture would look astounding in a bedroom. You’ll give the room a genuine dash of extravagance, romance and wonder that will make you feel like a million dollars. Dimmable lights likewise make the ideal climate for unwinding and loosening up. Ensure your light fitting is set off perfectly with a stylish ceiling rose. For an exciting range of Ceiling Roses, visit

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You likely think this recommendation is somewhat bonkers. How might you be able to conceivably hang a chandelier outside? Wouldn’t it get damaged the elements? Modern materials in fact do allow for this very prospect. In the event that you have a unique porch, yard, patio or balcony, such a light fitting can transform the presence of the space.

In the Bathroom

Depending on the tallness of your ceiling, a light fixture can be the ideal expansion in making a sumptuous 5-star hotel style bathroom suite. Picture the delight of unwinding in the tub while looking at the lights glinting off the gems suspended above you. Safety-wise, it’s advisable not to hang a light fitting directly over a bath. Choosing a bespoke light fixture is a great idea as you can accommodate your lighting to fit your space.

For the Kitchen

For bigger kitchens, a light fixture looks awesome when set over an island counter for instance. It can change the room into a fascinating and exquisite space. Kitchens should be utilitarian, yet there is no reason why they can’t be adorned with central light fitting to ‘wow’.  In a kitchen where cooking happens, the perfect spot is away from stoves and boilers or the lighting will draw in oil and earth particles. A low upkeep and less multifaceted light fixture is perfect for this sort of high-traffic room.

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Home office

Chandeliers can work well in both retail and office environments and there’s no reason why the same can’t be said of your home office or study. Offices do need task lighting to enlighten workstations appropriately, but often this can result in a harsh, artificial feel that tires the eyes. A crystal fitting brings a layer of inviting warmth, mollifying the space around it and transforming a clinical environment into an exquisite and soothing one.

The basics you should know when buying a soundbar

The sound bars have been an interesting option since its inception but has not been supported by the most enthusiastic audio. It is true that they have their knowledge about sound equipment consisting of sets of speakers and A / V receiver.  The facts about buying a soundbar do not mean it is a good way to improve the sound of our television and save our money. The only thing we will have to know is some points that allow us to know how far we can get for them.