This Dunelm macrame chair is on influencers’ hot lists

A big part of the hippie movement in the 70s which eschewed mass production, macrame has had a renaissance in recent years as a stylish addition to interior decor that adds a touch of rustic texture to homes. Part of the recent boom in macrame items as an interior design choice is the revival of mid-century interior design, and adding a macrame item adds a sustainable and naturalistic decorative touch.

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Go Big

With the weather getting warmer, in 2024 the trend seems to be going bigger with macrame touches and outdoor items. Hanging macrame furniture like this is an ideal way to kick back and relax with a drink or a good book in the warmer weather. Why not use a macrame pot holder outdoors as well as indoors to create continuity on the eye?

A Personal Touch

Such items can be bought in shops, but to add a personal touch, it’s possible to make them yourself. Crafting is great for wellbeing, and as well as making beautiful items to keep, gift or even sell, macrame is a great way to relax and look after your mental health. If you are on a budget or looking for a craft project, why not make a chair like the Dunelm chair yourself?

If you are a beginner, the good news is that macrame is one the easiest textile hobbies to pick up and you won’t need much equipment. You can even purchase a macrame kit that will provide everything you need for a project, like rope, a pattern and a hanger. If you’re not a beginner but the size of bigger projects is daunting, a macrame kit is also a good option as the rope is pre-measured and the instructions are clear.

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Macrame is also easy to do outside in sunnier weather. This is because it consists of tying together different cords into special knots to produce a pattern. So, grab a macrame kit and a Pimms and get crafting!