The Timeless Charm of Rattan Dressers

Timeless Charm of Rattan Dressers

Rattan furniture never seems to go out of style. The natural, woven look of rattan brings a casual, beachy vibe to any space. Rattan dressers, in particular, can add warmth and texture to a bedroom. With options ranging from minimalist to elaborate, rattan dressers work in various decor styles. Let’s explore the beauty and versatility of rattan dressers.

Black Rattan Dressers

A black rattan dresser makes a dramatic statement. The dark color provides contrast against light walls and bedding. Black rattan has a modern, sleek look, perfect for contemporary bedrooms.

Some examples of stylish black rattan dressers:

  • Christopher Knight Home Merel Mid-Century Modern 6-Drawer Dresser. This features a tapered silhouette with rounded legs, retro-inspired hardware, and a rich black finish over woven rattan. Perfect for a mid-century modern aesthetic.
  • Safavieh Evan Black 4-Drawer Chest. This dresser has an asymmetrical form and angled legs, which add dimension. The black finish allows the woven texture to stand out.
  • Simpli Home Avalon Tall 9-Drawer Dresser. Vertical lines give this dresser an elegant feel. The black finish contrasts nicely with the woven panels on the drawer fronts.

Black rattan dressers provide bold style. They complement light walls, add depth, and bring out the texture of the rattan weave.

White Rattan Dressers

White rattan dressers have a light and airy look. The pale finish focuses on the natural rattan material, which blends seamlessly into coastal, cottage, and farmhouse decor.

Some chic white rattan dresser options include:

  • Zipcode Design Holli Tall Chest of Drawers. This dresser combines the rustic charm of woven rattan with clean, contemporary lines. Its matte white finish exudes a breezy style.
  • Home Elements Madrid Chest with Woven Fronts. This dresser, dressed in white, is a vintage shape with charming curved drawer fronts and ring drawer pulls. It is timeless and feminine.
  • Greyleigh Delsur Wood Chest. With a distressed white finish that lets the rattan texture show through, this dresser has a weathered, beachy vibe. The angled metal legs keep it feeling current.

White rattan dressers provide a light, casual foundation. They allow the textures and shapes of the rattan to stand out while keeping the look relaxed.

Black and Rattan Dressers

Combining black and natural rattan creates an eye-catching contrast. It marries sleek, modern lines with organic texture. Black and rattan dressers make great statement pieces.

Some stylish black and rattan dresser ideas:

  • Copper Grove Javier 5-Drawer Chest. Vertical black members offset horizontal bands of rattan weave, creating visual interest. Black tapered legs provide a modern base.
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Marleigh Rattan 6 Drawer Dresser. Black side panels and drawer fronts frame woven rattan drawer fronts. Ring pulls provide a vintage touch.
  • Wade Logan Agathea 6 Drawer Dresser. This dresser features a black finished metal frame with woven rattan drawer fronts in a warm tobacco shade. Industrial meets natural.

Blending black and rattan produces contrast and texture. The look is bold yet still relaxed. Black and rattan dressers add architectural detail to a space.

Rattan Dressers from IKEA

Rattan Dressers from IKEA

IKEA offers a versatile range of rattan dressers to fit various budgets and styles. As with all IKEA furniture, their rattan dressers feature simple, minimalist designs.

Some top rattan dresser picks from IKEA include:

  • TARVA 6-drawer chest. This dresser features a sleek profile with smooth, rounded corners. The rattan weave texture adds natural flair.
  • KULLEN 6-drawer chest. A lighter finish shows off the variance in the rattan on this clean-lined dresser. The tone complements the acacia wood details.
  • SONGESAND 3-drawer chest. This petite dresser has a casual, weathered look. The varied gray finish highlights the texture of the woven rattan.
  • GLADOM tray table/nightstand. While billed as a side table, this piece works nicely as a narrow dresser. The rattan storage baskets offer rustic storage.

IKEA makes adding rattan dressers to your space easy without breaking the budget. Their selection focuses on unfussy silhouettes, allowing rattan textures to take center stage.

White and Rattan Dressers

A white and rattan dresser provides a lighter, relaxed feel. The rattan adds a natural texture, while the white finish keeps it airy. This combo works in coastal settings, country cottages, and eclectic spaces.

Some chic white and rattan dresser options include:

  • Alcott Hill Ballenger 7 Drawer Dresser. The white distressed finish and vintage hardware contrast nicely with the woven rattan drawer fronts. Timeworn charm.
  • Langley Street Darren 5 Drawer Chest. The white frame and drawer fronts let the different rattan weave textures shine on this dresser, which has a beach house vibe.
  • Andover Mills Savanna 6 Drawer Dresser. Neutral rattan panels alternate with crisp white drawer fronts, making this dresser suitable for bright, sunlit spaces.
  • East Urban Home Lellie 7 Drawer Dresser. This romantic dresser’s weathered white finish showcases the natural rattan texture. It is finished with eclectic crystal drawer pulls.

White and rattan dressers provide a beachy, relaxed style. The light finish opens up small spaces while letting the rattan details shine.

Tall Rattan Dressers

Tall dressers provide ample storage and make a statement. Rattan tall dressers add a graceful, vertical element to bedrooms. The height draws the eye up and makes rooms feel more expansive.

Some stunning tall rattan dresser ideas:

  • Wade Logan Elgin 9 Drawer Double Dresser. This dresser combines a black iron frame with woven rattan drawer fronts. The tall silhouette feels modern and sculptural.
  • Foundstone Hannah 9 Drawer Dresser. The soft white finish allows you to appreciate the beautiful variation in the rattan weave—It has a timeless shape with vintage appeal.
  • House of Hampton Croix 6 Drawer Double Dresser. With a coastal gray finish and reeded glass drawer pulls, this tall dresser exudes breezy elegance—it has a visually lighter look.
  • World Menagerie Berenson 9 Drawer Dresser. A lighter rattan paired with white-washed wood creates cottage charm. Romantic curves soften the tall shape.

Rattan tall dressers provide ample storage without overwhelming a space. They create a vertical focal point while maintaining the relaxed vibe of rattan.

Wicker Rattan Dressers

Wicker is a rattan weave style known for its tight, narrow bands. It has a crisp, clean look and often features beautiful craftsmanship. A wicker rattan dresser brings texture and warmth to modern, minimalist spaces.

Some exceptional wicker rattan dressers include:

  • Rosecliff Heights Blanca Dresser. This dresser features sleek rounded corners and wide ‘chunky’ wicker panels. A fresh, modern take on rattan.
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Simms 6 Drawer Dresser. With fine wicker weave and vintage ring pulls, this dresser has a refined look and timeless sophistication.
  • Everly Quinn Rosabel Kidi 9 Drawer Dresser. The front features intricate diagonal woven rattan. The side panels have a ‘chunkier’ open weave. Modern and tactile.
  • Three Hands Nash 6 Drawer Double Dresser. With a matte gray finish and finely woven fronts, this dresser has a tailored, neutral look. It is perfect for contemporary rooms.

Wicker rattan dressers provide exceptional craftsmanship. The tight weave creates subtle or dramatic textures, depending on the style, giving them wide design appeal.

Rattan Dressers with Tall Legs

Rattan dressers with tall legs have an airy, elevated look. Visible legs create a sense of lightness, allowing you to appreciate the texture of the woven rattan. Tall legs also work well in small spaces, since they don’t visually weigh down the room.

Some rattan dresser styles with lovely tall legs include:

  • Mercury Row Lamont Chest. This dresser features a gray-washed rattan finish paired with modern acrylic legs. The tall legs showcase the variations in the rattan weave.
  • Foundstone Calista 5-Drawer Chest. Angled legs give this dresser a visual lift. The soft gray finish highlights the naturally textured rattan material.
  • Zipcode Design Darren Chest. This dresser has an airy profile thanks to tall tapered legs in an aged oak finish. The cross-woven rattan drawer fronts add natural flair.
  • Alcott Hill Mira 5-Drawer Chest. The distressed white finish allows the woven rattan texture to shine. Elegant fluted legs add vintage appeal.
  • Home Loft Concept Kahari Dresser. This dresser shows off its metal legs with an open cubby shelf above. Woven rattan fronts keep it relaxed.
  • Copley Mitchell Chest. This dresser’s mixed materials of wood, metal, and rattan give it visual interest. Its tall legs provide a sense of lightness.
  • Langley Street Lenni Dresser. A black metal frame elevates woven rattan drawer fronts, and the tall tapered legs give this dresser a contemporary edge.

Rattan dressers with visible tall legs have an airy, barely-there feel. This allows small spaces to feel more open. The legs also showcase the beautiful textures of the woven rattan drawers.

Vintage Rattan Dressers

Vintage rattan dressers have an old-world charm that feels chic and timeless. Aged rattan and classic silhouettes bring a sense of history. They work in traditional, romantic, or eclectic spaces.

Here are some excellent vintage-style rattan dressers:

  • Alcott Hill Perdita Dresser. This dresser features scalloped aprons, curved drawers, and antiqued hardware for timeworn appeal. The rattan adds natural depth.
  • Winston Porter Judd 6 Drawer Dresser. A distressed cream finish allows glimpses of the rattan tones to show through. Carved drawer fronts and shapely legs add vintage character.
  • House of Hampton Croix 6 Drawer Double Dresser. Bombe drawer fronts, ring pulls, and a soft grey finish give this dresser a relaxed vintage vibe. The rattan handles wear beautifully.
  • Greyleigh Pavel Rattan 4 Drawer Chest. With an antique white finish and weathered rattan fronts, this dresser looks straight from a cottage kitchen. Classic charm.

Vintage rattan dressers have a welcoming, well-loved appearance. Their aged finishes and rattan textures bring a sense of nostalgia to bedrooms and dressing spaces.

Small Rattan Dressers

Small rattan dressers provide a spot for folded clothes and display without overwhelming a room. Their petite size makes them versatile and easy to incorporate into tight spaces.

Here are some stellar compact rattan dresser options:

  • Langley Street Southwark 2 Drawer Console Table. Though billed as a console, this narrow piece works great as a dresser. The woven rattan storage baskets are so charming!
  • World Menagerie Lanier 4-Drawer Chest. This dresser is perfect for small bedrooms and offers ample storage in a compact frame. Its rattan texture keeps it light.
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Hickory 3-Drawer Chest. The slim drawer fronts on this petite dresser maximize storage space. It is a great option where floor space is limited.
  • Alcott Hill Ballestero 3 Drawer Chest. This chest is simple in form, dressed up with woven rattan fronts and antique brass pulls. Its small scale suits urban apartments.
  • Zipcode Design Laney 5 Drawer Standard Dresser. This narrow dresser tucks nicely into tight areas, and its neutral finish blends into any space.

Small rattan dressers are chic for optimizing storage in small bedrooms, entryways, and more. Their versatility and textures enable them to make a significant visual impact in a tiny footprint.

6 Drawer Rattan Dressers

A 6 drawer dresser strikes a nice balance – enough ample storage without overwhelming a space. And rattan six6-drawer dressers add warmth and texture to a 6-drawer design. Here are some stylish options:

  • Langley Street Southwark Chest. This dresser features a curved silhouette with a neutral-washed gray finish that allows the rattan details to pop.
  • Mercury Row Lamont 6 Drawer Chest. Woven rattan fronts combined with modern tapered legs give this 6-drawer dresser a contemporary flair.
  • Brayden Studio Evesham Chest. Natural rattan paired with cerused oak makes this a versatile six-drawer dresser. The metal frame feels modern.
  • Gracie Oaks Clason Chest. A distressed white finish lightens this cottage-chic dresser’s woven rattan drawer fronts.
  • House of Hampton Croix 6 Drawer Dresser. Elegant reeded glass hardware accents provide vintage appeal on this coastal-inspired six-drawer dresser.

Rattan 6-drawer dressers are a smart storage solution for most bedrooms. The woven fronts provide beautiful texture to balance the straight lines, and Subdued tones keep them flexible to style.

Wood and Rattan Dressers

Wood and Rattan Dressers

Pairing wood with rattan creates warmth and depth. The rattan adds organic texture, while the wood provides structure. Wood and rattan dressers have broad appeal for many decor styles.

Some chic wood and rattan dresser ideas include:

  • Alcott Hill Marsden 5 Drawer Chest. The oak-finished frame contrasts beautifully with panels of natural woven rattan. It has a refined yet relaxed look.
  • Andover Mills Dunloy 5 Drawer Chest. Cerused oak drawer fronts offset woven rattan side and top panels. Great for modern farmhouse style.
  • Williston Forge Amerie 6 Drawer Dresser. This dresser combines metal, wood, and rattan for visual interest. The mix of materials gives it a modern edge.
  • Beachcrest Home Natika 7 Drawer Dresser. A washed acacia wood frame displays multicolored rattan drawer fronts. Bringing the feel of a breezy cottage.
  • Wade Logan Agathea 6 Drawer Dresser. This dresser’s rich rubber wood frame beautifully accents the varied gray rattan, making it almost sculptural.

Wood and rattan dressers combine the best of both materials – the structure of the wood and the softness of the rattan. The combination has broad appeal across styles.

Natural Rattan Dressers

Natural rattan has beautiful variations in tone and texture. These rattan dressers highlight these nuances for a relaxed, organic look. The unfinished rattan feels beachy, casual, and full of character.

Some excellent natural rattan dresser options include:

  • Langley Street Amelia 5 Drawer Standard Chest. This dresser allows the raw rattan texture to take the spotlight. There is so much visual interest!
  • Bungalow Rose Damita 3 Drawer Chest. The shifting rattan tones on this dresser complement the natural live-edge base. It is perfect for bohemian spaces.
  • Red Barrel Studio Karla 6 Drawer Double Dresser. This dresser celebrates rattan’s natural beauty with an unfinished frame and woven fronts. The metal base feels modern.
  • Foundstone Hannah 9 Drawer Dresser. The light finish accentuates the variations in the rattan weave and color, drawing you in.
  • Brayden Studio Quigley Dresser. The rich variation of the rattan paired with black metal legs creates an organic yet contemporary vibe.

Natural rattan dressers add warmth and character to a space. The unfinished rattan creates depth and texture for a relaxed, inviting look.

Rattan Dressers with Mirror

Adding a mirror to a rattan dresser boosts its functionality in bedrooms and dressing spaces. The mirrored surface reflects light and makes rooms feel more spacious. Mirrors visually double the woven rattan texture.

Some rattan dressers with beautiful mirrors include:

  • Alcott Hill Marsden 5 Drawer Chest. The framed mirror provides a finished feel to this dresser. Reflects light beautifully.
  • Foundstone Briony Dresser with Mirror. A rustic gray rattan chest topped with a matching framed mirror. So chic!
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Peterson 6 Drawer Double Dresser. This glam dresser features a large rectangular mirror. The silver finish plays off the gray rattan nicely.
  • Alcott Hill Perdita Dresser & Mirror. Scalloped edges on both the dresser and mirror give this set vintage romance. The whitewash allows the rattan’s texture to show through.
  • Langley Street Amelia 5 Drawer Standard Chest & Mirror. This set celebrates natural unfinished rattan. The simple, clean-lined mirror doesn’t compete with the rattan’s organic beauty.

A mirror mounted to a rattan dresser creates storage and vanity space in one piece. It also complements the woven texture and expands light.

Rattan Dresser Handles and Hardware

Hardware choices significantly impact the style of a rattan dresser. Cool metal, rustic wood, or vintage glass pulls can transform a dresser’s look from modern to traditional.

Some hardware styles that pair beautifully with rattan dressers include:

  • The sleek metal bar pulls in black, silver, or matte brass for a contemporary edge.
  • They have textured ceramic or stone knobs for an earthy, bohemian vibe. Mixed colors and shapes provide an eclectic flair.
  • Aged bronze ring pulls, or bail handles for vintage farmhouse appeal. They bring a timeworn, welcoming feel.
  • Clear glass knobs or rectangular pulls for an elegant, refined look. The glass allows the rattan texture to show through.
  • It is distressed wood knobs for a beachy, weathered aesthetic. Pulls made from driftwood or reclaimed barnwood work nicely.
  • Macrame handles are made from woven or knotted cords to complement the woven rattan fronts. Natural jute or cotton blends blend in beautifully.
  • Whimsical painted knobs to add a fun pop of color. Bright coral or turquoise pulls create a cheerful cottage look.
  • Simple recessed groove handles for a seamless, minimalist style. The straight grooved edge keeps the look clean and modern.

The hardware finishes the look of a rattan dresser. Choose pulls that complement the dresser’s color palette and textures. Mixing metal, wood, glass, and fiber makes the details shine.

Bamboo Rattan Dressers

Bamboo is a versatile grass material in the rattan family. It has distinct “knuckles” along the poles and stalks, creating visual interest. Bamboo rattan dressers add gorgeous natural texture.

Some chic bamboo rattan dresser ideas include:

  • World Menagerie Myers Bamboo 3 Drawer Chest features bamboo woven drawer fronts on a metal frame. It has warm honey tones and an organic texture.
  • Rosalind Wheeler Felicity Chest. Bamboo poles line the sides and top of the woven rattan drawer fronts—beautiful dual rattan textures.
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Huling 3 Drawer Chest. The bamboo frame contrasts beautifully with panels of rattan weave. Brings depth through mixed materials.
  • Rosecliff Heights Montego 4 Drawer Chest. Bamboo drawer fronts offer dimensionality with the visible knuckles. Gorgeous craftsmanship.
  • Bungalow Rose Alessio 4-Drawer Chest. It features gray-washed bamboo poles along the sides and top to frame the rattan drawer fronts. It has a relaxed coastal vibe.

Bamboo’s natural “knuckles” and warm tones perfectly complement woven rattan. Blending the two rattan textures creates a captivating contrast in dressers.

Rattan Dressers for Nurseries & Kids’ Rooms

Rattan dressers feel upbeat and welcoming in nurseries and kids’ bedrooms. The organic texture and casual vibe create a playful foundation. Rattan is child-friendly, too – it’s tactile, durable, and easy to clean.

Fun rattan dresser ideas for kids’ spaces include:

  • Davy Jodie 3 Drawer Dresser. Features woven rattan paired with a bright white finish – happy and beachy. Round knobs are kid-safe.
  • Viv + Rae Mackay 6 Drawer Dresser. Whimsical star-shaped knobs contrast beautifully with the neutral rattan. Fun for kids.
  • Harriet Bee Romulus 6 Drawer Dresser. A distressed white finish lightens up the woven fronts. Scalloped details add vintage playfulness.
  • Zoomie Kids Bowie 6 Drawer Dresser. The multicolored rattan fronts offer a cheerful zigzag stripe pattern. Great for bright rooms.
  • Viv + Rae Hensley 4 Drawer Standard Dresser. Classic style dressed up with woven rattan fronts. The rounded edges feel warm and child-safe.

Rattan’s welcoming texture makes it excellent for kids’ furniture. Natural woven fronts soften dresser silhouettes for a cozy, relaxed kids’ space.

Rattan Dressers for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms benefit from furniture that is open and light. Rattan dressers provide needed storage without overwhelming tight spaces. Woven textures and airy legs maximize style with minimum footage.

Some rattan dressers perfectly sized for small bedrooms include:

  • Langley Street Dunloy 3 Drawer Chest. The warm wood paired with rattan has a cozy feel. And it works beautifully in a small bedroom.
  • Alcott Hill Ballenger 7 Drawer Chest. Scaled slim with tall legs, this dresser takes up little visual space. The woven texture keeps it light.
  • Gracie Oaks Clason 3 Drawer Chest has a petite profile yet provides ample storage. Its soft gray finish blends into any small room.
  • Mercury Row Geraldo 5 Drawer Standard Chest. It is clean-lined with woven drawer fronts to keep it breezy. Tapered legs lift it visually. It is a great narrow option.
  • World Menagerie Lanier 4-Drawer Chest: It has a compact frame and ample storage. The multicolored rattan fronts add visual interest without being overwhelming.

Rattan dressers add needed storage to small bedrooms without sacrificing style. Woven fronts, slim shapes, and tall legs maintain an airy, casual feel.

Rattan Dressers for Rustic Style

With its organic textures, rattan feels right at home in rustic-style spaces. Its weathered look brings warmth and coziness to country, farmhouse, and ranch decor, making the casual vibe feel welcoming and lived-in.

Some rattan dressers with fantastic rustic charm include:

  • Greyleigh Karlie Rattan 4 Drawer Chest. The wood frame with rattan fronts looks straight from a cozy cottage. Charming and nostalgic.
  • Andover Mills Dunloy 5 Drawer Chest. The distressed finish highlights the woven rattan texture. Vintage ceramic knobs enhance the farmhouse charm.
  • Red Barrel Studio Henshaw Dresser. This substantial dresser features rich variation in the woven rattan set in a wood frame. It is paired with a smoky brown finish for depth.
  • Fleur De Lis Living Saguaro Dresser. Southwest is inspired with an aged terracotta finish over natural woven rattan. Rustic and full of character.
  • Rosecliff Heights Blakely Dresser. Its relaxed, weathered gray finish paired with rattan fronts perfectly captures rustic style’s welcoming nostalgia.

Rattan’s casual texture fits right in with rustic decor. Natural woven fronts and aged finishes give rattan dressers a cozy vintage appeal.

Rattan Dressers for Coastal Style

Rattan Dressers for Coastal Style

Woven rattan feels right at home in coastal rooms. Rattan’s breezy, beachy texture pairs perfectly with weathered wood, white finishes, and hints of blue. She was relaxed and welcoming.

Some beautiful rattan dressers for coastal style include:

  • Langley Street Amelia 5 Drawer Standard Chest. Natural unfinished rattan has a fantastic organic texture. Evokes driftwood and seashells.
  • Beachcrest Home Natika 7 Drawer Dresser. The multicolored rattan fronts look like strands of seaweed. Whimsical turned wood legs add to the beach vibe.
  • Mistana Brigette 6 Drawer Double Dresser. A soft cream finish lightens up the woven drawer fronts. Shell-inspired ceramic knobs keep it coastal.
  • Rosecliff Heights Blakely Dresser. Weathered wood legs display drawers covered in gray-washed woven rattan. Relaxed and sun-faded.
  • Bungalow Rose Marlens Chest. White frame with woven fronts in soothing ocean tones. Reeded hardware adds breezy elegance.

Rattan’s natural textures beautifully capture the essence of coastal living. Airy shapes and weathered finishes complement woven rattan’s beachy vibe.

Big Rattan Dressers

A big rattan dresser provides ample bedroom storage. Oversized dressers provide space to organize clothes, linens, and more. Large-scale rattan adds bold texture without heaviness.

Some spacious rattan dresser options include:

  • Everly Quinn Rosabel Kidi 9 Drawer Dresser. A substantial piece with a stunning mix of rattan textures – open weave sides with intricate woven fronts. Sculptural presence.
  • Bungalow Rose Ortensia 8 Drawer Dresser. Pairing acacia wood with rattan lightens up the look of this sizeable storage piece. Timeless silhouette.
  • Foundstone Briony Dresser with Mirror. This dresser offers tons of storage with nine drawers and a full mirror. The charcoal finish keeps it feeling relaxed.
  • Red Barrel Studio Karla 6 Drawer Double Dresser. Two rows of woven rattan drawers housed in a rustic pine frame. It provides a ton of storage without looking bulky.
  • Alcott Hill Colne Dresser. This substantial dresser has beautiful cabinet details, including arch tops, curved legs, and scalloped aprons. Rattan fronts soften the traditional look.

Large-scale rattan dressers maximize storage for big bedrooms without overwhelming them. The woven textures maintain an airy, casual feel even at oversized proportions.


With its welcoming texture and relaxed vibe, it’s no wonder rattan remains a perennial favorite furniture material. Rattan dressers add warmth, storage, and character to any bedroom. Choices range from minimalist to elaborate, traditional to modern. Rattan dressers complement various aesthetics across vintage, coastal, rustic, and contemporary styles.

No matter your decor, there’s a rattan dresser to meet your needs. Small or large, dark or light, painted or natural – rattan offers excellent versatility. Mixing rattan with complementary woods, metals, and finishes creates depth and visual interest. Rattan dressers bring a whisper of nature indoors through their tactile handcrafted textures. They provide beautiful storage solutions that get better with age. Rattan dressers have a time-honored global appeal that continues today. Their natural charm promises to weather interior design trends for years to come.


How durable is rattan furniture?

Rattan is quite durable and resilient. The woven material is flexible yet strong. High-quality rattan can last for years with proper care. Over time, rattan may develop some splits along the poles from expansion and contraction. But this aging only adds to its vintage appeal. With occasional upkeep, rattan dressers can remain beautiful statement pieces.

What is the best way to clean rattan?

Use a soft, dry cloth or brush to remove surface dust for regular dusting—deeply clean with a damp, soft cloth and a gentle soap solution every few months. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes that could damage the rattan. For stain removal on unfinished rattan, try sanding lightly. And resealing the rattan regularly will help prevent new stains from setting in.

How can I get musty smells out of rattan furniture?

To freshen up musty rattan, place baking soda inside the drawers for a few days to absorb odors. Fill a spray bottle with equal vinegar and water for the dresser and spritz over the rattan. Let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping it away. The vinegar will help cut through any lingering mildew smells. Opening the drawers to air out the dresser regularly can also prevent mustiness.

What’s the best way to protect rattan dressers from sun damage?

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause rattan to dry out, warp, bleach, or yellow over time. Place the dresser out of direct sun when possible. Using window curtains or blinds to filter harsh light helps. You can also apply a UV-protectant sealant formulated for wicker and rattan. Reapplying annually will protect the rattan from sun damage.

Can rattan dressers work in high-humidity spaces?

Rattan holds up better than many materials in damp climates. Its woven nature resists absorbing moisture. Just avoid placing rattan furniture directly adjacent to moist areas like bathrooms. Make sure the space has adequate ventilation and airflow to discourage mildew growth. Applying a sealant formulated for outdoor rattan furniture can also help shield it from humidity absorption.