How to Add Charm and Transform Your House with Cultural Decorations

How do you add charms to a modern house

Let’s face it: we’re all incredibly tired by the Instagramable ‘sad beige’ houses that all look the same and have zero personality. This interior design trend was popular in the 2010s especially amongst millennials, but these days we refuse to live in a place that looks like something you’d see in a commercial and would rather infuse our house with personality and charm. One of the most captivating ways to add character to your home is through cultural decorations, so keep reading if you want to learn more about what you should consider incorporating into your house.

Indian Tapestry

Let’s start with the walls: the monochrome white or beige walls might have been popular over the last decade, but nowadays it is all about the rich colors and intricate patterns, which is exactly what Indian tapestry has to offer. Apart from the gorgeous combination of colors, the motifs of these textiles are inspired by ancient traditions, mythology, and nature, so these wall-hanging can immediately make a room look more welcoming and opulent. However don’t go overboard with them: our suggestion would be to create an accent wall rather than decorating your whole room with them.

Irish Prints

While on the topic of wall decorations, Irish prints are another element you should consider when choosing the right ornaments for your place. These decorations range from prayer plaques to heartwarming blessing prints that are meant to protect the house and bless the people living in it, and are beautifully framed with edges that feature ancient Celtic symbols of fortune. Irish prints such as these can make a wonderful present too, especially for newlyweds or those who have recently bought a house, as they not only add charm to the place, but also serve as a wish for good luck.

Japanese Bonsai Tree

When choosing a decoration for their home, many forget that natural elements such as flowers and small trees can also be used as excellent adornments. The Japanese bonsai tree is the perfect example of how a natural decoration can make your house look and feel more serene, as these miniature woody plants symbolize harmony, balance, and the passage of time. Bonsai trees make exceptional decorations in anyone’s home, whether you’re going for a minimalist design or a mid-century modern vibe. The Zen-like atmosphere that these plants bring serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life, which is so important in our bustling cities.

Mexican Talavera Pottery

There’s no better home decoration than the one that is useful and functional in addition to being beautiful, and the Mexican Talavera pottery is a foolproof choice for anyone who is looking for that. Originating from the colonial town of Puebla, Mexico, these hand-painted ceramics exude charm and character like no other decor element. From colorful vases and planters to decorative plates and tiles, this pottery can brighten up your space and add intricate designs and vibrant hues to any room. Display them as standalone pieces or use them to serve as functional art in your kitchen and dining area, they’re perfect either way.