DIY Thanksgiving Wall Decor: Crafts for a Warm and Cozy Home

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means it’s time to deck those halls! While stores are filled to the brim with generic holiday decor, there’s nothing quite like homemade touches to make your home feel warm, cozy and full of cheer. Read on for some fun, easy DIY Thanksgiving wall decor ideas that will impress your guests without breaking the bank.

Welcome Your Guests with a Faux Pallet Sign

As soon as your guests walk in the door, welcome them to the Thanksgiving festivities with a rustic and homey pallet sign. You likely have all the supplies on hand:

  • A rectangular piece of wood or a pre-cut panel from a craft store
  • Acrylic paint in earthy neutrals like cream, tan, brown
  • Paintbrushes
  • Printed vinyl lettering saying “Welcome”, “Grateful”, “Thankful” or any Thanksgiving greeting

Paint your background first, doing at least 2 coats to fully cover the wood. Once dry, lay your vinyl lettering on top, smoothing out any bubbles underneath. Apply a sealer if desired to protect from nicks and scratches. You can add a bow, wreath or other embellishments too. Hang your finished sign on the front door or an entryway wall, and you’re ready for company!

With a simple faux pallet sign, you can kick off your holiday décor with homespun style. Your guests will instantly feel the warmth of your hospitality.

Welcome Your Guests with a Faux Pallet Sign

DIY Modern Fall Foliage Print

Tired of typical orange and brown autumn hues? Liven things up with a bright, eye-catching foliage print in gorgeous shades of red, yellow and teal. Abstract painted leaves make a stunning statement and add bold pops of color to your Thanksgiving décor.

Follow these steps to easily make your own modern graphic art print:

  • Gather acrylic craft paint in a range of fun fall colors – crimson, gold, lime green, teal, yellow, etc.
  • Cut a thick printmaking paper or mixed media paper into squares roughly 8“x8”.
  • Paint abstract leaf shapes randomly over the paper, layering and blending colors.
  • Outline leaves with black acrylic paint using a small brush.
  • Mount on a square gallery frame canvas or frame as desired.

With bold modern colors and organic leafy shapes, this abstract fall foliage print makes a gorgeous focal piece over the mantel, dining table or entry console. It adds an unexpected twist on traditional autumn colors.

Craft a Burlap and Twine “Thankful” Banner

Nothing says “Welcome, y’all!” quite like a handmade burlap banner with a warm Thanksgiving message. With just burlap fabric, twine and painted letters, you can whip up this charming Southern-inspired decoration in no time:

  • Cut triangle pennants out of burlap, making them anywhere from 6-12 inches long.
  • Cut letters from cardboard or purchase ready-made ones and paint them in fall colors.
  • Attach letters to pennants spelling “Thankful” or any greeting.
  • Tie twine through the top corners and hang on the wall.

Tip: Fray the edges of your burlap triangles using scissors for added rustic charm and texture.

Simple, natural materials like scratchy burlap and rough twine give this project all the cozy farmhouse appeal of a charming country cottage. It’s sure to have guests feeling thankful for hearth and home!

Craft Button-Stamped Napkins

Part craft, part DIY gift – these stamped linen napkins make a thoughtful takeaway so guests can remember the special meal. Plus, they’re disarmingly easy to make with supplies you likely have on hand.

Here’s how to create this handmade hostess gift:

  • Collect an assortment of buttons with Thanksgiving motifs like leaves, acorns, autumn blooms.
  • Use fabric glue or E6000 to attach buttons to the corners of linen or cotton napkins.
  • Stamp a phrase like “Give Thanks” using alphabet stamp sets and fabric ink.
  • Tie a ribbon around each finished napkin and give to guests!

Tip: Hit up craft or vintage stores for unique buttons and charms with fall designs.

With the homemade touch of hand-stamped details and buttons, these napkins are sure to become a treasured keepsake your guests will use year after year.

Craft Button-Stamped Napkins

Craft a Nature-Inspired Centerpiece

There’s no better centerpiece than one made from natural elements collected straight from your backyard. Ferns, leaves, acorns, pine cones, berries and blooms foraged from your own open spaces make for organic arrangements with personal meaning.

Follow these tips for crafting the perfect nature-inspired centerpiece:

  • Collect an array of natural items in a variety of colors and textures – leaves that are yellow, red and green; pinecones of different sizes; curly willow; berries; blooms like mums or asters.
  • Trim stems and arrange in a shallow bowl, vase or platter. Play around with heights, shapes and colors until you’re pleased with the assortment.
  • Weave in fairytale-like touches like feathers, curly willow, dried grasses or vines.
  • Finish it off with pillar candles nestled into the arrangement.

Tip: Soak florist foam in water before assembling greenery to help keep it fresh.

By gathering materials straight from your own backyard or neighborhood, you’ll have a centerpiece overflowing with found treasures and memories of crisp fall days.

Show Off Heirloom Dishes in a Plate Wall Display

Turn your collection of antique china or inherited wedding dishes into a stunning focal feature by displaying them gallery-style on your wall. This is a great way to save space in your china cabinet while showing off their beauty.

Follow these tips to easily install your own holiday plate wall:

  • Select the wall area – above a sideboard or buffet is perfect. Make sure to anchor into wall studs.
  • Stain or paint a board in your preferred length to mount plates on. Secure board horizontally on wall.
  • Arrange plates in a balanced pattern mixing sizes, colors, and designs.
  • Secure each plate to board through the center hole using sturdy hardware.

Tip: Add candle sconces, garlands or other decor flanking the sides for extra flair.

Showcasing your ornate china, polished silver and cherished crystal turns your dining space into a warm, welcoming gathering place this Thanksgiving. Plate walls are a great way to save storage space while giving vintage dishes the spotlight they deserve.

Craft Paper Leaf Garlands for Banners and Swags

Nothing ushers in autumn quite like paper leaves fluttering on the wall. Make your own Paper Leaf Garland using real preserved leaves and tissue paper in gorgeous fall hues. Follow these steps:

  • Collect leaves straight from your backyard or neighborhood in brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.
  • Sandwich leaves between sheets of tissue paper and iron on medium heat. The leaf’s color and veins will transfer onto the tissue.
  • Cut out the tissue paper leaf shapes.
  • String on twine or floral wire, alternating colors.
  • Shape your garland into a swag, banner or any shape.

Tip: Spritz finished garlands lightly with hairspray to help set the color.

You can make these gorgeous botanical banners any length you like – try draping them over the fireplace mantel, as a window swag, along a staircase banister or above the Thanksgiving table for stunning pops of color.

Craft Felt Leaves And Pumpkins For An Autumn-Themed Wall Hanging

Searching for a Thanksgiving craft the kids can help with? Let them lend their crafting skills to make this festive autumn wall hanging out of felt. Follow these steps:

  • Cut leaf and pumpkin shapes from an array of fall-colored felt.
  • Cut letters from contrasting colors to spell “Give Thanks” or any phrase.
  • Glue leaves and pumpkins into a wreath shape around the letters.
  • Hang on twine, ribbon or string lights.

The kids will have a ball cutting out funky shapes and choosing fun foliage colors. Once they’ve assembled all their hand-cut pieces into a wreath, hang it proudly on display for all your guests to admire.

With bright colors and a sweet sentiment, this kid-crafted wall hanging is sure to put smiles on faces this Thanksgiving.

Decorate Stair Railings With Faux Autumn Vine

Transform your stair railing into a magical autumn arbor with this easy faux vine garland. Here’s how to make it:

  • Cut lengths of pliable faux vine, ivy or garland from a craft store into 6-10’ sections.
  • Twine and twist vines around the railing posts and balusters, securing with hot glue as needed.
  • Tuck in sprigs of colorful leaves, fabric flowers, berries and other embellishments.

Tip: Use zip ties to attach lightweight embellishments so they’re removable later.

This woodland-inspired garland lends magical ambience to any stairwell. As guests descend into the glow of your Thanksgiving gathering, they’ll feel transported into an enchanted autumn forest.

Adorn Mirrors and Windows With Clip-On Leaf Garlands

Adorn Mirrors and Windows With Clip-On Leaf Garlands

Searching for easy decor that adds natural texture? You can’t go wrong adorning mirrors, windows and picture frames with clip-on leaf garlands.

  • Purchase garlands of preserved maple leaves, mini pumpkins, oak leaves or other fall foliage.
  • Attach them to surfaces using the built-in spring clips.
  • Wrap lengths of garland around mirror frames, windowpanes, wall art and more.

Tip: For inside application only, not suitable for outdoors.

These effortless autumn accents lend organic elegance wherever you hang them. When it comes to Thanksgiving décor, it’s all about layering in touches of harvest charm!

Craft Paper Acorn Place Card Holders

Make sure guests know their assigned seats with these darling DIY paper acorn place card holders. They’re surprisingly simple to make:

  • Cut cardstock into acorn shapes – a circle for the top and an oval for the bottom.
  • Glue pieces together, leaving a gap in the middle.
  • Fold a piece of cardstock into a tent shape for the place card.
  • Glue the tent inside the acorn hole.
  • Write guest names on place cards.

The kids will have fun helping cut, fold and glue. With a handmade place card holder marking each spot, your Thanksgiving table will look positively charming!


With a little creativity and a few simple materials from around the house or craft store, you can easily transform your home into a down-home Thanksgiving haven.

Rustic twine-and-burlap banners, faux garlands of autumn foliage and nature-inspired DIY centerpieces are sure to impress. Handmade touches like printed napkins or place card holders crafted by the kids add personal charm.

Focus on projects with easy-to-find supplies you may already have – thinks leaves and acorns collected outside, paper and paint from the craft closet, rolls of burlap, strings of twine, etc. The simpler the materials, the fuller your house will feel of handcrafted warmth and holiday spirit.

These DIY Thanksgiving wall decor ideas are all about embracing imperfection and cherishing the handmade over store-bought. You don’t have to be crafty to pull them off! Just add a splash of glitter here, a sprig of foliage there and a whole lot of heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good DIY Thanksgiving wall decor ideas?

Some fun DIY wall decor ideas include: faux pallet signs, modern abstract foliage prints, burlap and twine banners, button-stamped napkins, nature-inspired centerpieces, plate wall displays, paper leaf garlands, felt wreaths, clip-on leaf garlands, and paper acorn place card holders.

Where can I find supplies for DIY Thanksgiving decor?

Craft stores like Michael’s and Joann’s have a great selection of decor materials like faux foliage, burlap, paint, twine, glue, felt, acrylic paper, buttons, feathers, and more. You can also use natural items from outside like leaves, acorns, bark, and pinecones.

What are easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations to make with kids?

Some fun kid-friendly DIY decorations include: handprint turkeys, leaf wreaths, crayon-rubbing placemats, clothespin pilgrim dolls, corn husk dolls, melted crayon candles, and construction paper chains or banners. Get creative with materials you already have!

Should I make my Thanksgiving decorations early or wait until right before?

It’s best to make decorations 1-2 weeks in advance if you’ll be busy with other preparations right before Thanksgiving. Crafts with natural elements like wreaths and centerpieces should be done closer to the date. Make gift decor like napkins or candles early; hang banners, signs and wall art anytime.

What are good Thanksgiving wall decor ideas for small spaces?

If you’re short on space, try these: a small pallet sign, mini garlands over doorways or windows, a skinny burlap banner, plate wall display, or small abstract foliage print. Focus on wall décor over tabletop to save room. Add a wall hanging or art print instead of a centerpiece.