COVID19-Safe Strategies for Home-Based Businesses

This year, people who run their businesses from home have had to make several changes to the way that they do things, particularly when working with customers or clients. If you run a home-based business that serves clients from home, making sure that everybody is protected from COVID19 has become a priority. Keeping yourself and your customers safe from the pandemic needs to be a theme running through every decision that you make for your home business – and it’s even more important when you are carrying out services from the same place that you and your family live. Here are some of the main strategies for protecting your home-based business from COVID19.

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Sneeze Guards:

If you offer a service to your customers that doesn’t involve any close physical contact, it’s worth considering investing in products to add an additional layer of safety for both yourself and your client. Sneeze Guards can be used in home-based business settings where you hold meetings with clients, or even to provide additional protection when you are offering certain beauty services such as nail treatments, where you can place the guard between yourself and the customer with a small gap that they can place their hands underneath.


Wherever possible, it is worth asking any customers that visit your home business to wear a face covering for the duration of the visit and wear one yourself. Face masks have been proven effective in reducing the spread of the coronavirus by providing a barrier to collect microscopic droplets that come from your mouth and nose when you speak, laugh, cough, and sneeze. Paired with additional protective measures such as sneeze guards, wearing a facemask can dramatically reduce the risk of either you or your customers passing COVID19 on.

Social Distancing:

While it might not always be possible with some home-based businesses, such as those offering hairdressing, massage services, and other personal care services, those business owners who can social distance during meetings with clients or customers should do so wherever possible. If you use a certain room in your home for visiting with your customers, it might be worth setting it up differently to put as much space as possible between yourself and your customer.

Cleaning and Hygiene:

Finally, good personal hygiene for both yourself and your customers, along with more frequent deep cleaning of your home business space, is important for reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus as you work. Offer hand sanitizer or allow your customers and clients to use your sink to wash their hands when they enter and exit your premises, and stick to a good hand-washing routine yourself. Deep cleaning your business space after each customer is also a wise idea, paying particular attention to high-touch and high-traffic areas such as door handles and seats. If you normally see customers by appointment, it’s worth spacing appointments out to add enough time for cleaning in between.

This year, home-based business owners have found themselves in a situation that they didn’t expect. With COVID19 still a real risk to health, it’s important to ensure that your home-based business is COVID19 safe in order to protect yourself, your customers, and your livelihood.

3 Simple and Healthy Habits You Can Adopt in 2021

The countdown is on to the New Year and with that comes a fresh start and mindset. Beginning a new year is always a great time to take stock of where you are in life, examine your physical and mental health, and even set some goals that you can work towards.

Healthy Habits You Can Adopt in 2021

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With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of three simple and healthy habits that you can adopt in 2021. Individually, they may not seem like much, but combined they can have a very positive effect on your life and help to make 2021 a successful year.

Get Enough Sleep

How often do you wake up feeling tired, exhausted, and foggy and you’ve still got a full day ahead of you? It’s a common complaint people have, and unfortunately, it can snowball before you know it and cause issues at work and home. A lack of sleep affects people both mentally and physically and should be taken as a serious issue.

Why not let 2021 be the year where you create a sleep schedule or routine that you follow, getting into the habit of enjoying better, more restful, and longer sleep.

Drink More Water

Did you know that there are many people who don’t drink enough water in a day to stay properly hydrated? In fact, you may be one of them without even realizing it. The older you get, the more likely it is that you’re not drinking enough water, which causes even more issues because the elderly may be taking medication that acts as a diuretic, which causes fluid to be lost. A lack of water can affect the amount of oxygen your brain cells are getting, cause constipation, not allow bacteria to be flushed from your bladder, not provide enough cushioning to your joints, and so much more.

So, what’s the best way to boost your water intake? Make it easy and convenient by installing a water filtration system in your home. Once you’ve got a system installed, be sure to stay on top of replacing the filter on a regular basis. This is what keeps your water clean and healthy enough to drink. Whether it’s a countertop filter system, household water filters, or under sink filters, the Discount Filter Store gives you a quick and easy way to order replacement filters online, so you never have to be without a fresh filter.

Laugh More

Sure, it sounds simple, but when was the last time you just allowed yourself to relax, live in the moment, and have a good laugh? People often get caught up in the stress of day to day life and don’t allow a break. So, whether laughing more means hanging out with friends and family more often, making it a point to schedule downtime, or just living in the moment, it’s wise to make it a priority.

Following each of these simple tips will help ensure that 2021 is a healthy and happy year for you.

The Importance of Having a Boiler That Works Properly

A lot of people do not pay enough attention to the boiler that they are using. They know that it is an important part of their house, but they do not pay enough attention to how the boiler actually works. There are a few different things that the boiler does that you should be aware of. First, the fuel source for your boiler is where the heat is taken from in the first place. The boiler will take the fuel that the home uses and convert it into energy that the home can use. This means that you will want to have a boiler that works properly so that you will be able to heat your home properly every time. For Boiler Repair Cheltenham, visit Blu Fish

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The second thing that you should be paying close attention to is the safety features of your boiler. When you are choosing a boiler for your home it is important that you get one that has been tested to ensure that it is safe to use. You will also want to be sure to look at how well it works to ensure that it is not going to cause you any problems when it is not working properly. There are a few different types of boilers that you can choose from so you should have no problem finding one that is going to work properly in your home.

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The last thing that you should be looking at when you are trying to figure out the importance of having a boiler that works properly is the maintenance. A boiler is something that is very expensive to buy and to keep properly running., so you’ll want to keep it in top condition.


Flood damage and buying a house in a high risk area

With our evolving environment, news storeys and images of flooded homes are becoming more prevalent. The Environment Agency has estimated that there is some flood risk for one in six houses, and house-hunters need to consider and assess the risks. It is why you have to have House Surveys done before you purchase. Sam Conveyancing can help with that.

The most common causes of flooding are burst riverbanks, exceptionally high tides washing ashore, flooding of groundwater, where a rising water table causes flooding of basements, and flooding of surface water, where water during heavy rain does not drain rapidly enough.

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Home insurance rates may be heavily influenced by flood risk, especially if flooding has occurred in the past. Some insurers would want the Environment Agency’s approval of the extent of flood risk. Such clarification is also useful when applying for mortgages in an area of flood risk, as lenders would need to be assured that they can insure the land.

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For a property in a flood risk area, expect to pay higher insurance premiums. Checking the flood risk elements can also impact the cost of your solicitor – to get an idea, you may request conveyance quotes online. Should the worst arise, you may need to invest in products such as sandbags. The selling price of at-risk assets is however, going to be lower.

Although protecting your home from flooding is extremely hard, there are some measures you can take to mitigate damage. For example, in rooms at risk, avoid using carpets and ensure that power points are placed on the walls at a high level.