What will Happen if AMAZON Forest is Destroyed

Of all the forests we can find on the planet, the Amazon is the most important of all. This is due to its large size and the great diversity of plant and animal species that it hosts. Despite this, it is one of the most threatened ecosystems currently due to the rapid deforestation process to which it has been subjected in recent decades. To give us an idea, between 1970 and 2018, almost 20% of the surface of the Amazon jungle has disappeared, which implies irreparable ecological damage.

How to fix the problem of damp tiles

Damp tiles can spoil a bathroom or kitchen by creating a slipping hazard, an allergy risk and/or an unpleasant smell. Thankfully there are ways to deal with damp tiles so that they are no longer an issue and it is something you will definitely want to sort out before your Estate Agents Gloucester way such as http://www.tgres.co.uk start arranging viewings of your property to potential buyers.

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Dampness is a problem in many homes. It can cause accidents and encourage mould to grow in addition to smelling unpleasant. The presence of damp in the home can even make your family ill.

Reasons for dampness

There are two reasons for damp tiles in general: humid air in the room, and water trapped below the house. Firstly, it is important to dry out the damp room and think about whether you can reduce the moisture in the room.

For example, damp tiles in the bathroom can be dried by airing the room properly after showering. Open a window straight after showering and put on the extractor fan if you have one. You should also try to keep doors open to circulate the air. The same applies to tiles in kitchens.

Other steps to dry out damp tiles include wiping them down with a dry cloth and using a dehumidifier. This device should absorb the dampness in the air of the room. You might be able to keep the dampness at bay by using a dehumidifier regularly in the problem room.

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Investigating beneath the house

If the problem is more serious, you may need to investigate beneath the house. Make sure you wear protective clothing, such as long sleeves and long trousers, which will protect your skin from insect bites. Use a strong torch to try to find the puddles beneath your home.

If there is water under the house, you can use a plastic sheet to create a barrier between the floor and the damp ground below. You can do this whether you have regular floorboards, carpeting or engineered flooring. You could remove the sheet when the ground is dry, repeating the procedure when there is heavy rainfall.

Damp tiles can also encourage mould growth. To avoid mould taking hold in your home, mix one teaspoon of bleach with one gallon of water. Spray the damp tiles with this solution and mop the floor with a damp cloth before allowing it to dry.

New Clinical Trial Will Establish Whether Diet Helps MS

The National MS Society is well-versed in finding help for those with multiple sclerosis, and their latest move is a clinical trial that focuses on finding out whether diet actually helps those with MS. MS has been very big in the news recently following Selma Blair confirming her diagnosis with the illness. This research will help determine whether specific diets can help ease the symptoms of fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis.

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Diet and Fatigue

This clinical trial was conducted by clinical staffing from the University of Iowa and focuses on a couple of specific diets. While there have been many clinical studies that have taken a look at dietary approaches in the past and how those might affect certain diseases and their symptoms, most were not specifically appropriate or rigorous enough for patients with multiple sclerosis. This study hopes to change that and shed light on how changes in diet or specific diets will make a difference in helping with the tiredness that comes with this disease. It is the use of Paid Medical Trials that allow for the medical profession to seek out new ways of treating illnesses and diseases that may give new hope to those suffering with the symptoms each day. Paid Medical Trials from Trials 4 Us are one example of the ways in which trials can be run.

According to Multiple Sclerosis News Today, this trial will take approximately 36 weeks and involve 100 patients who have relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. The patients must also suffer from fatigue along with their condition, and each patient will consume their typical diet for 12 weeks. After that time period, the patients will be randomized to the Wahl’s Diet or the Swank Diet.

The Diets

The Wahl’s Diet is a paleolithic diet that has been modified, and the Swank Diet is one that is low in saturated fats. The patients will stay on whichever diet is chosen for 24 weeks in the clinical trial. Clinical professionals will then be able to determine if the results of the clinical trials are successful, if any difference has been shown, and if so, which diet performed best in helping patients with multiple sclerosis who have fatigue as a symptom.

No matter what the outcome and which diet performs best, this is a clinical trial that has significant importance in helping MS patients. Fatigue is a symptom that is serious in patients with multiple sclerosis and hinders the quality of life even more. If there is a specific diet that can help, this clinical study may find it. All of the patients participating in the clinical trial will have their activities and their health closely monitored.

What are the key elements to storing clothes?

Now we are enjoying lighter nights and warmer days, those winter clothes should have been stored away till October or later.  What’s the best way of storing all those woolly jumpers and heavy fabrics? You don’t want them gathering dust and smelling musty when it’s time to wrap up warm again. Here are some tips for your clothing so it’s good as new come Autumn:

1. Clean them first
Before putting away clothes for storage, always make sure they are freshly laundered or dry cleaned. Don’t be tempted to put clothes away until they are completely dry too. Storing damp or dirty clothes will only be more attractive to moths, who just love to feast on clothing!

2. Don’t be tempted to iron
You might think clothes need to be ironed before storing but don’t do it and keep the clothes away from starch as well. Starch and ironing can weaken fabrics, making them more susceptible to tearing along creases.

3. Correct storage containers are key
The best material to use is plastic and not wood, cardboard or paper. Plastic is moisture-proof and better at preventing pests. Cardboard and paper products actually contain chemicals that can cause damage to fabrics. Cardboard boxes also attract certain pests who are drawn to the glue proteins used in the box edges. Plastic boxes don’t have to be perfectly airtight either, as some materials benefits from being able to breathe a little.

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4. Keep cool
Storing clothes is not easy even in places like those available from Park Homes Gloucester. However they will give you plenty of proper storage space especially when you check out parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park  and then you can see for yourself.

5. Special care items
If you are storing unusual material or highly valuable items, make sure they are wrapped in an acid-free paper to protect them and prevent excessive creasing.

6. Long term storage
If you’ll be storing items for extended periods of time, such as a wedding dress, an acid-free storage box is the best option. For normal every day wear that will be stored away for more than a couple of seasons, it’s a good idea to take them out twice a year and re-fold along different lines. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on any signs of deterioration or damage.

7. Vacuum packing
Vacuum packing is a great idea for protecting from damp, mould, bugs, dirt and dust. They are also very handy for saving you space. You can also use them for bulky items such as pillows and duvets. Don’t vacuum pack natural materials like wool, however, as they need to breathe.