7 Reasons why you’re Always Thirsty

Have you been feeling the urge to take water more often? Read on as you could be sick without realizing it. However water is very important to your body and you should always ensure you take enough for the day to help your body run its functions smoothly.

  1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth is a condition whereby your salivary glands does not produce enough saliva causing your mouth to be dry. The symptoms of dry mouth includes; Bad breath, sticky saliva and dehydration. It is good you take as much water as you can when you have dry mouth to avoid suffering from other oral problems such as cavities. See how to treat cavities as well as other oral disorders on Health Row.

  1. Diabetes

If you have diabetes, it means you have high sugar level in your bloodstreams and also in the urine. The body reacts by urinating more often to get rid of the extra sugar in the body and in the process you lose more fluid. The more you urinate the thirstier you become.

  1. Anemia

Anemia is a condition of lacking more red blood cells in your body. It can be caused by poor diet, other diseases, or losing a lot of blood, while some other people are born with it. One symptom of anemia is sweating and that explains why you normally feel thirsty when you are suffering from anemia.

  1. Diet

Salt absorbs the water from the body causing you to be dehydrated. This explains why you take more water when you eat diet that has more salt. On the other hand, taking food that has more water content such as watermelon and cucumbers, will make you urinate frequently and hence making you to need more water.

  1. Exercises

When you do exercise you lose a lot of water through sweating and that is why you feel thirsty. Ensure to take lots of water when exercising to replace the water lost, and avoid dehydration.

  1. Not taking enough water

By not taking enough water as recommended, that is at least 2 liters per day, as well as other healthy fluids, you make your body dehydrated and this causes you to be thirsty. However water should not be replaced by any other drink and especially those that contain sugar. Otherwise you get thirstier whenever you take sugary drinks.

  1. Being unwell

Being sick or having a stomach upset may cause you to diarrhea or even vomit.  This dehydrates your body as you lose more water every time you run to the washroom. You should therefore take more water while you’re in this condition and if it persist you seek medical advice.

As you have seen, there must be a reason why you always feel thirsty. If it is caused by the habitual things that you’re doing or not doing right, make a plan to change to ensure your body is well hydrated. If it is caused by things that require medical attention, be sure to see your doctor soon and enjoy being healthy.

If The Doors sold doors!

The Doors were a hugely popular American band during the late 60s and early 70s. They got their name from an Aldous Huxley novel called ‘The Doors of Perception’. Have you ever wondered what if The Doors did actually sell doors? Here is an alternative for what their songs might have meant if they had decided to branch out into selling double glazed doors:

Love Me Two Times

Well, with state-of-the-art contemporary doors fitted in your home, you’ll be loving the look, feel and energy efficiency of your new doors a lot more than two times! With less of a need to use up your gas and electricity for heating your home, you’ll notice the energy savings straight away. When you do put the heating on, the effect of double glazing means heat stays in your home for longer, reducing the need for further heating. That’s a double result!

Break On Through

Any potential burglars will think twice about attempting a break-in on your property when they see modern double glazing with all its security features. There’ll be no breaking on through to the other side for these criminals! It’s considerably more difficult to get through two layers, especially if you opt for toughened glass.

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Touch Me

You won’t want to keep your hands off your new doors. If your current windows and doors suffer from condensation, then you’ll know that left unchecked it can lead to horrible mould, damp and mildew. Persistent problems with damp can lead to rotting wooden frames, which look awful but are also not the most secure. UPVC looks sleek, feels great and double glazing will rid your home of condensation and damp issues.

When The Music’s Over

You won’t need to worry about your music or your neighbour’s music with the fantastic acoustic soundproofing that double glazing offers. It offers 60% more soundproofing than single glazing and is huge a benefit for those living in noisy environments. Shift workers will enjoy the peace and quiet of double glazing, blocking out all that daytime noise. For a Tewkesbury Double Glazing Company, visit https://www.firmfix.co.uk/doors/

Love Street

Your home will have oodles of resale value. The value of your home will definitely increase by more than the total cost of installing double glazed windows and doors. Your home will look desirable, have improved energy performance levels and you’ll help to transform your neighbourhood into a buyer’s dream known as ‘Love Street’.

The End

Whilst it might spell the end for your current outdated windows and doors, think of the future and how you can turn your property into a modern, contemporary and energy efficient home with better security, noise reduction and no more condensation.

How to Keep Your House Clean When the Temperatures Rise

What will you be doing this summer? Lazing in the garden? Enjoying the beach? Cleaning the house? Chances are you’ll be trying to do as little cleaning in the summer as possible – laziness is good when the temperature rises. But you’ll need to do the bare minimum. So here are some easy ways to keep the house clean throughout the warmer months.

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Be an Early Bird

If you can’t face cleaning the oven or vacuuming carpets in the heat of the day, set your alarm and get up early. You might not catch a worm, but you will get a head start on the cleaning and have the bulk of it done before the sun starts to shine.

Divide and Rule

Want to be ruler of your household chores? Then determine to tackle one area or room a day – clear the fridge on Monday and sweep the floors on Friday, say. That way you’ll have a house that looks more than presentable and the weekend to yourself.

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Stow It

Want to know how to make your home feel cleaner? Put everything away. That’s right – all the clutter that’s accumulating on tables or worktops needs to find its proper place. If you’re methodical about it, it shouldn’t take you long to clear the worktops in the kitchen, for example, leaving you with a space that looks and feels spick and span.

Sweep It

Keeping you floors clean is one of the more labour-intensive tasks in the home, which is why more and more people are laying laminate flooring from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html. It’s easy to maintain. A quick sweep over with a brush and then a microfibre cloth to tackle any stray dust and hair will get the job done fast.

Clean Your Grill Grates

Summer is synonymous with barbecuing, but if your grill has seen better days you need to act fast. You can clean up your grill in just 15 minutes and enjoy your barbecue all summer long.

Cool Down, Clear Out

We’ve left the best until last. After all, when the thermometer soars who wouldn’t want to be cleaning out the fridge? There’s actually a very good reason for this – you’ll get your fresh produce used up before it starts to rot or spoil in the heat.

Is your car radiator leaking? How to tell

Modern cars are incredibly reliable and breakdowns are rare compared to previous eras. There are some areas that are more likely to cause problems than others, however.

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Among the most common faults, according to the AA, are electrical issues with batteries, starters, plug leads and alternators. Cooling system problems are less common, but they can be inconvenient, so it is good to know the signs that you have a problem with your radiator or issues with its ancillaries.

The puddle test

In the past, it was quite common for cars to drip some kind of fluid when parked. These days, it’s rarer, so a puddle of liquid under the vehicle or in your parking space after you drive away indicates a problem. If it’s black and sticky, it is probably oil leaking from around the sump plug. On the other hand, if it’s thin and a bright colour – green or pink are most common – it is most likely coolant. This will usually also have a sweet smell.

Bear in mind that the pool may not be exactly under the leak. Coolant tends to flow along other components before dripping off, so the leak could be coming from the radiator or water pump or a coolant hose even if it appears to be under the engine or gearbox.

Other signs

Even if you don’t notice fluid under the car, there are other signs you may have a problem. A low level of fluid in the expansion tank under the bonnet is one. Small changes are normal, but a sudden drop is cause for concern, so this is something to check regularly. If you notice the temperature gauge rising in traffic, this could also be a sign that the coolant is low.

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The hoses connecting the radiator to other components can perish or chafe over time, leading to leaks. Replacing them with silicone hoses from a supplier like https://www.goodflexrubber.com/pages/silicone-hose-manufacture can fix the problem and ensure a long life.

In older cars, the radiator may have corroded, so look for visible signs of rust. There are products that allow you to make a temporary repair, but corrosion or stone damage will usually mean a new radiator is needed at some point. It’s best to replace the hoses to guard against problems.

Preparing Your Garden for winter

During the winter season temperatures are normally very low.  Therefore, you will need to prepare your garden during the autumn, which is characterized by cold nights. When you prepare the garden for winter, it minimizes losses that come with cold weather and frost. With a forecast of frost or even when the weather begins to consistently get cold, it is time to wrap up your garden. Here is how you should prepare your garden for the winter season.

Step 1. Evaluation

All the year round, you have been planting crops and you probably have had no time to review on the production. Whatever did not work or whichever worked poorly, this is the time to replace with high yielding crops.  Fall is perfect time to plant bulbs and bare root shrubs and trees- you can utilize this period to propagate your plants so that you have better coverage the following season.

Step 2. Cleaning up

This is the end of the production cycle of your crops and therefore, you need to clean the garden in preparation for the next season. If you have bulbs and roots, it is time to harvest, dry them in hot sun before you store them in a dry place. For trees and shrubs, the dead leaves should be removed. A compost bin comes handy here, if you do not have one, consider getting it. This is critical in decomposing the biodegradable matter from your garden forming manure that you will need in the following season.

Step 3. Winterizing the shrubs and trees

Much of the landscape is shrubs and trees, fall is the right season to have them trimmed and any dead parts removed. During this period, the leaves have been shed, all what is within the plant is revealed, and thus you can easily remove the unnecessary. This helps the plants to breathe awhile removing the rather dangerous dead parts. Most of the evergreen American types of plants could hydrate other plants and therefore this is an opportunity to send them to dormancy. Your florist will advise on the best ways to do that depending on where you are and the plant types.

Step 4. Cutting the perennials

Most of the trees and shrubs at this time look tired and untidy. Fall is the appropriate time to cut them down so that they do not look ugly on your garden. Here, you should be careful not to interfere with the ones that are attractive. Trimming also helps in reducing the load of work you have to do in spring while cultivating.

Here comes also an opportunity for you to clean up your tools. Garden horses should be drained and stored; all other tools should be cleaned, oiled and sharpened ready for the spring. See the best tools on Igardenplanting.Com.

Prudence requires that you seek the advice of an expert whenever you want to introduce something on your garden and get to know how well it performs in your area and the season. Do not be moved by what you see in the neighborhood, it might not work for your garden. Maximize the production by making the right choices.

What are the Advantages of glass hearths?

Have you ever considered having glass hearths? Would you like to have a greater luminosity? If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your home and give it a new look, then opt for glass. We tell you all its advantages.

The houses that have glass hearths are unusual because most people do not know all their advantages. In addition to being aesthetically attractive, they favor the sensation of spaciousness and lighting of the rooms.

4 Skills Needed For Joining Medical Coding/Billing Profession

Do you feel like joining the medical coding or medical billing profession? If that is what you have in mind, do you understand the current requirements and ethics needed to survive in this medical profession? Jobs in the medical coding and billing career require professionals to regulate the cash flow in healthcare and medical centers. This task is crucial so that the patient’s records are safe and he/she gets the appropriate reimbursement for insurance claims as per rules and regulations. To understand the critical skills needed among such professionals these days, you should read further.

Protein diet to lose weight without losing muscle mass

The protein diet is a diet that prioritizes the consumption of protein in food, greatly reducing the consumption of the other macronutrients (carbohydrates and fats). It is a Hyperproteic Diet consisting of consuming rich foods in proteins and limiting the consumption of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. It is used by people who want to increase their muscle mass and by people who want to lose weight.

Top Tips for Moving to A New House

Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful things that you can do – in fact it is ranked second only to divorce in stressful lifetime events, so it is no wonder that we dread moving to a new house! Sometimes though, for whatever reason, it can’t be avoided. Here are a few was that you can make your house move go as smoothly as possible…

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Start to Plan Early – As soon as you know you are going to be moving, start to organise it. The sooner that you begin, the easier it will be in the long run. Doing it in small bite sized chunks will significantly reduce stress levels closer to the moving date. Sort out your gas supplier and let them know you will be moving, do the same with your telephone and internet supplier – book a date for the new house to have the phone and cable installed as you may have to wait a few weeks otherwise. If you want someone to help you move, book this in advance too, for example man and van Slough company https://www.uk-tdl.com/man-van.html can help with this but it is better for you if you have booked in advance as you will be guaranteed the date that you want.

When you begin packing, it is good to start early as it is a good opportunity to have a good clear out. If you have anything that you haven’t used in a long time, you can take it to a charity shop to avoid moving even more stuff that you don’t really need. Remember the phrase, one mans junk is another man’s treasure!

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Keep a bag of things that are essential to you on a daily basis. A change of clothes, phone chargers and toiletries that you need should be kept in a rucksack separate from everything else, so they don’t all get lost in the move and you can function on a day to day basis throughout the upheaval. It is a good idea to keep some snack and drinks out for replenishing all that energy you will use up on moving day. At the end of the day, treat yourself to a takeaway – it will save you having to find all the things to cook dinner and will relieve some of the daily stress.

If you are moving house with children in tow, this can add extra stress levels so make sure that you are able to keep them entertained. Grandparents can be a great help on moving day, as they will be able to take the children out and may even keep them at their house overnight if possible, so you can move without having to worry about the kids.

At Kim’s Antiques in Stars Hollow.

Is there anywhere in the world where a harder bargain is stuck that Kim’s Antiques in Stars Hollow Massachusetts.  In the town of the Gilmore Girls lies this hidden gem of a shop where everything can be found, for price. Tim Wanacott would be Tim Wanaleave, Arthur Negus would be reduced to tears, Paul Martin would find himself walking out with a set of Antique crystal chandeliers that he broke and must now pay for. Even David Dickenson, the Duke himself, might find the fake tan steamed off him should he receive a hair dryer blast from that harridan of the Hollow the dreaded Mr Kim herself. In fact it might be quicker if they just went on http://roccoborghese.com/crystal-chandeliers/borghesina-classica/ and got one. It might save them, and you, a lot of trouble. In fact, the only person that could stand up to her would probably be Lovejoy.

To explain, in the town of Stars Hollow there is an antique shop. It is run by the Kim’s or more notably Mrs Kim with her daughter Lane, Rory Gilmore’s best friend, as an unpaid delivery driver. The real enigma is Mr Kim. He is talked about but is never seen. That is until recently. He is briefly seen driving lane to he Airport but only in deep, deep shadow in the car. However, in a scene that delighted fans Lane says, “Oh look, my Dad looks happy!” and the two girls wave. In a scene of growing excitement, the cameras cut to a very happy Korean man waving back at them. It’s a landmark moment and one that is hard to comprehend as apart form his hand he hasn’t been seen for any of the seven years the show was on. Being married to Mrs Kim it’s not really a wonder.

Image Credit

Mrs Kim is a force of nature. She can speak a million words with her face and most of them is one disapproval of something or someone. Mrs Kim is a committed Christian in every sense of the word. She attends church, hates music and even considers mayonnaise evil and so produces the driest egg sandwiches ever. Mrs Kim would be the one firing Sir Alan Sugar if she was ever allowed on the show or more than likely she would denounce them all as godless heathens and storm out. She strikes fear with a look. However, she is really quite a kindly soul helping Lane out of rut (with alcohol!) and is very pleased to be a grandmother. She cares deeply and loves Lane but, as is evident from her own relationship with her Mother it never shows.

There is one person that Mr Kim finds a challenging battle with and it is one of the most amazing scenes in the show. Rory’s Grandmother Emily Gilmore comes town and is impressed with Kim’s Antiques. In an amazing exchange the two actress Emily Bishop and Emily Kuroda spar at breakneck speed without a pause or hesitation and never breaking eye contact.