At Kim’s Antiques in Stars Hollow.

Is there anywhere in the world where a harder bargain is stuck that Kim’s Antiques in Stars Hollow Massachusetts.  In the town of the Gilmore Girls lies this hidden gem of a shop where everything can be found, for price. Tim Wanacott would be Tim Wanaleave, Arthur Negus would be reduced to tears, Paul Martin would find himself walking out with a set of Antique crystal chandeliers that he broke and must now pay for. Even David Dickenson, the Duke himself, might find the fake tan steamed off him should he receive a hair dryer blast from that harridan of the Hollow the dreaded Mr Kim herself. In fact it might be quicker if they just went on and got one. It might save them, and you, a lot of trouble. In fact, the only person that could stand up to her would probably be Lovejoy.

To explain, in the town of Stars Hollow there is an antique shop. It is run by the Kim’s or more notably Mrs Kim with her daughter Lane, Rory Gilmore’s best friend, as an unpaid delivery driver. The real enigma is Mr Kim. He is talked about but is never seen. That is until recently. He is briefly seen driving lane to he Airport but only in deep, deep shadow in the car. However, in a scene that delighted fans Lane says, “Oh look, my Dad looks happy!” and the two girls wave. In a scene of growing excitement, the cameras cut to a very happy Korean man waving back at them. It’s a landmark moment and one that is hard to comprehend as apart form his hand he hasn’t been seen for any of the seven years the show was on. Being married to Mrs Kim it’s not really a wonder.

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Mrs Kim is a force of nature. She can speak a million words with her face and most of them is one disapproval of something or someone. Mrs Kim is a committed Christian in every sense of the word. She attends church, hates music and even considers mayonnaise evil and so produces the driest egg sandwiches ever. Mrs Kim would be the one firing Sir Alan Sugar if she was ever allowed on the show or more than likely she would denounce them all as godless heathens and storm out. She strikes fear with a look. However, she is really quite a kindly soul helping Lane out of rut (with alcohol!) and is very pleased to be a grandmother. She cares deeply and loves Lane but, as is evident from her own relationship with her Mother it never shows.

There is one person that Mr Kim finds a challenging battle with and it is one of the most amazing scenes in the show. Rory’s Grandmother Emily Gilmore comes town and is impressed with Kim’s Antiques. In an amazing exchange the two actress Emily Bishop and Emily Kuroda spar at breakneck speed without a pause or hesitation and never breaking eye contact.