How to choose best walk behind mower? (Facts to consider)

The mowers are the best ally for the care of the lawn of our garden. A task that thanks to this type of tools we can carry out in a short time and with hardly any effort. The last generation of robotic models cut the lawn autonomously while you do other tasks. Here we talk about the most suitable and best walk behind mower for your garden, a decision in which you will have to take into account the size and type of terrain.

The keys of best walk behind mower

best walk behind mower

We can divide the lawnmowers into six large groups: manual, electric with cable, electric with battery, robots, gasoline, and tractors. The electric ones are lighter and more manageable, nevertheless, those of battery and gasoline offer major freedom of movements since they do not need to be connected to any plug. The surface to be cut is the main aspect that we must take into account when choosing the mower. We must cut the grass when the grass is dry.

Types of mower

Manual: They do not have an engine, they are only indicated for gardens up to 100 m² or those places that can not be accessed with a larger machine. They require a greater physical effort on the part of the user. It is recommended for very well-kept lawns.

Electric: They are lighter, more manageable and cheaper than gasoline. They do not require maintenance but they are only indicated for surfaces between 100 and 500 m², depending on the model. Electrical machines with cable need a nearby outlet which makes it difficult for autonomy We can find self-propelled models: the motor moves the wheels and you do not have to push them.

Battery: Offer more independence and freedom of movement. They are lighter, more manageable and require minimal maintenance. Lithium batteries charge faster than conventional nickel-cadmium not need to be completely discharged to recharge them.

Gasoline: More powerful than the previous ones. They offer more autonomy and independence with respect to wired electrical. They have two tanks: one for gasoline and the other for oil. We can find self-propelled models: the motor moves the wheels and you do not have to push them.

Robots: Currently there are robot models that are programmable, completely autonomous. They automatically pick up, clear the obstacles on the ground and return alone to the cargo base. The battery of these equipment has a range equivalent to 200 m². They stand out, among other many benefits, for their low consumption and noise index. Cutting the grass more often allows you to always have a perfect lawn.

Tractors mower: Its use is more comfortable and effective since we can go driving them sitting. An ideal system for surfaces of more than 500 m².

What model do you need?

best walk behind mower

The first thing we have to consider when choosing a lawnmower is our garden. What surface will I cut? Does it have an outlet? Is it flat or irregular?

Type of land

If the land is flat and regular we can choose any model (manual, electric, battery or gasoline depending on the size of the garden), but if it is irregular and especially if it has steep slopes, it is better to opt for a model of gasoline with traction (advances without needing to be pushed). Surface


• Area less than 150 m²: The lawn mower can be manual, electric or robot programmable and the cutting width should measure around 30/34 cm.

• The area between 150 and 500 m²: Electric lawnmower, with cable, battery or programmable robot. The width of the cut will oscillate between 34/46 cm. Wide. If we do not have close plugs we will have to choose a battery.

• Surface area between 400 and 1200 m²: Gasoline. The cut will measure between 40/57 cm. Wide.

Know the parts of a lawnmower

parts of a lawnmower

Helical: Perfect cut, even millimeters, and clean. They require major maintenance and must be sharpened in specialized establishments. Recommended for fine cuts on high-quality turf.

Rotary: They are the most common. They stand out for their resistance to impacts because they are easily disassembled and we can sharpen them ourselves.

Air mattress: No wheels. They slide because they absorb and store air inside. Very light, they are suitable for small gardens and very well-kept lawns.

What is mulching?


The mulching kit crushes the very fine mown grass to be used as fertilizer or organic fertilizer. It is advisable to apply mulching on the lawn in the summer months to help retain moisture and prevent the lawn from drying out. Save water and protect yourself from harmful insects.

Use and maintenance advice

1. Cut the grass when the grass is dry. If it is wet, the cut may be irregular and cause the appearance of fungi.
2. Each pass should be made in different directions to avoid tilting the blades of grass.
3. Store the machine in the shade, in a cool place. On gasoline models, empty the tank once the season is over.