Is your air conditioner not cooling well? Get solution

Summer is the longtime season that stays 4-5 months in a year. We will surely begin to put your air conditioning machines in operation. Right at this time is when our teams can give us some surprise after taking several months without using it and that leads us to wonder: Is your air conditioner not cooling well? What’s wrong? Why does not it cool if a few months ago it worked correctly?

When an air conditioner does not cool, it can be due to multiple reasons, not only due to the lack of gas. Most people think it as the first option that does not cool their equipment. All this of the lack of gas has become a myth and a way that have the brightest to get people’s money.

Why is your air conditioner not cooling well?


Of course, that is one of the causes that cause the air conditioning does not work properly, but a large part of the time is due to other factors. If the installation was done well in its day, you should not lose gas to unless a leak has occurred for any reason. Below we will list different types of breakdowns or problems that make an air conditioner not cold:

Lack of gas

As almost everyone knows this is a cause that an air conditioner does not work. The lack of gas can be due to a leak in the refrigerant circuit, either because there was an error in the installation or because a small pore has been opened in a pipe or welding due to vibrations or corrosion.

Starter capacitor


When one of the start capacitors does not work, either from the fan or the compressor, we will see that the indoor unit works correctly but does not get cold.

When the fan start capacitor is broken, it does not turn (does not work). If we go to the outdoor unit and the fan does not work, it is most likely that the capacitor is damaged. It can also be due to a fault or fault in the motor of the same.

On the other hand, when the compressor condenser does not work, we will see the external fan working correctly, but the compressor will be stopped. So that, the indoor unit will work correctly, but it will not be cold.

When the fan itself makes more noise than the compressor (this can occur in silent machines such as inverters) the way to find out if the compressor works or not is touching the pipes. If the pipes are at room temperature, it means that it is not working.

When the air conditioner does not cool by dirty filters

air conditioner cooling system

When the filters are dirty there is a pressure drop of the gas in the indoor unit because the air does not circulate as it should. Therefore we can notice that the equipment cools more (it even freezes) but does not air-condition or cool our stay.

It will also affect the electrical consumption of our equipment on the rise (consuming more energy), and even in high-power equipment, it may come to a standstill due to the jump of the pressure switch, which is neither more nor less than a safety system for when the pressure is too low or too high. This is due to not having done good maintenance.

To clean the filters you can do it simply with your hands and a little soap, but you can also use a soft-cell brush and hot water, this will make them cleaner and more disinfected.

Dirty indoor fan

Dirty indoor fan

If the previous step is not done, that is, the filters are not cleaned, small particles of dust and dirt start accumulating in the indoor fan.

This dirt is plugging the slits of the fan (see image) causing the air flow is not correct and therefore adversely affecting the operation of our air conditioning.

Another drawback, when the fan becomes dirty, is that bad odors occur when the equipment is on. For this reason, it is essential that the filters of the air conditioner are always kept clean.

A dirty exterior heat exchanger

In this case, we have to go to the outside unit. When the exchanger becomes plugged or begins to accumulate dirt the pressure of the gas begins to rise, thus affecting the operation of the equipment.

When this happens, we can notice inside that the air conditioner does not cool well or air starts to come out at room temperature.

To avoid this, it is advisable to clean the air conditioner at least once a year or every time we change the equipment from operating mode (from cold to heat and vice versa) in the changes of seasons.

To clean it you can use a brush or brush, and even a pressurized water gun.

Extremely high outside temperature

outside temperature

In the operation of the air conditioning, if you notice, the outside machine blows hot air. This hot air is due to the sub-cooling that occurs. So you understand: The machine needs to steal heat from the refrigerant (gas).

When the outside temperature is too high, subcooling cannot occur, since the ambient temperature is higher, or practically the same, as the machine “generates,” so it can not subcool. In this way, the machine will be blocked by high condensing pressure and will stop.

This problem is usually given terraces or roofs where the heat is excessive, or because the machine is stuck in some type of metal drawer and ventilation is not good. To solve this problem, we have to try to lower the outside temperature.

This can be achieved by installing “parakeets” that expel water on the outdoor exchanger. Use it when the pressure starts to rise. It is also necessary to install a pressure switch. So that, when the pressure of the refrigerant begins to rise due to excess temperature the pressure switch. It will give the order and the parakeets begin to pour water on the outdoor exchanger. Thus lowering the condensation temperature.

Another more homemade option is to take the condensate water and that it falls on the exchanger, although it is not a good option in most cases since the indoor unit needs a few minutes to generate said water.

These are the most common causes that cause an air conditioner not to cool, at least from my experience. Then there are many more causes, although they are less frequent. Failure in electronic board, breakage of the compressor, problems in the expansion valve, etc …

However, it is always advisable to contact a professional to dictate in the first person what happens to our air conditioner and NEVER manipulate a unit without knowledge, as it can damage our physical integrity.

Outdoor or indoor fan stopped, it does not work

indoor fan

This may be due to several problems. As we have seen above, the condenser may be in poor condition, preventing the fan from moving or doing so with difficulty. Maybe one of the fan blades has been broken (both inside and outside). Firstly, this affects the balancing, causing vibrations and affecting the good functioning of the equipment, so it will not cool or heat well.

The fan motor may be damaged. In this case, we will observe that it does not move at all, and may even jump the automatic in the electrical panel. It would have to be replaced. The fan may only be stuck due to an animal that has leaked inside the equipment. In the case of the indoor fan, the causes of a malfunction are the same as those detailed in this section.

Other problems that make the air conditioner not cooling well

Something that people overlook and that is extremely important is the configuration of the control or thermostat of the equipment.

In a high percentage of the time, most of the air conditioning problems are simply due to poor configuration of the remote control.

We have to make sure that we have put the equipment in the corresponding operating mode, that is, if we are in the summer, it is cold (snow or cool).

It usually happens that we usually confuse with the dehumidifier mode, which is a drop of water.

Once configured we must have patience, since in most cases an air conditioning unit, since we give the order with the control/thermostat until it starts to cool or heat, can go from 3 to 10 minutes, what is convenient to wait for that period.

It is always recommended that the installer explain the operation of the equipment in all its modes. So that, we have the first contact with the unit and thus avoid possible headaches.

If you are not clear about the operation, you can always use the user manual. If you do not have it look on the website of the brand and download it.

Control or thermostat incorrectly configured


Although it seems silly many people are mistaken or confused when starting up their air conditioning. If you observe the command of your team, you will see that you have many different options and that some of them can lead you to confusion. This is the case of the operating mode. If you look at your command there are 5 operating modes for the equipment that is:

Auto: This is a mode of operation, as its name indicates, automatic (represented by a triangle ) What does this mean? Well, our team, depending on the temperature that is reached in the room, will decide to put in cold or heat depending on the configuration stipulated by the manufacturer. It is an operation mode that I do not recommend, since in the middle of summer and after carrying several minutes working in the cold, you may switch to heat from the start, starting directly with heat or not starting the equipment.

Cool: This is the cold operating mode. If we have selected it, we have to set the temperature we want and enjoy a cool day at home while on the street you cannot be hot.

Dry: This mode of operation usually causes a lot of confusion in people because the symbol that represents it in some controls or thermostats is a droplet of water, thinking that it is the cold mode when in fact it is the dehumidifier mode (a lot of eye with this).

Fan: Fan mode (represented by the blades of a fan ). We convert our indoor unit into a conventional fan. Neither cold nor hot.

Heat: From the heat (represented by a sun ). It is the way that the units with heat pump and we usually put in winter to be warm.

You may also be interested in this guide to interpret the symbols of the air conditioning.

Once you have seen the different operating modes, make sure that your control or thermostat is set to the Cool mode for summer. Then you set the temperature you want and the speed of ventilation and enjoy your air conditioning.

But I have the control well configured, and my air conditioner does not cool anything, I turn it on and throw air at room temperature what is happening?

Be patient when starting the equipment


When we start the equipment for the first time after having been stopped, it takes a while for the compressor to start and start to get cold. Normally it is usually between 3 and 6 minutes, sometimes even more.

What happens to many people is that when they do not start to cool they start to touch the different buttons on the remote control thinking there is something wrong configured, and the only thing we achieve with this is that the delay is paused until we stop touching the remote. That is, you have to put the equipment in the cold (Cool), adjust the temperature and ventilation, and wait for 3 to 6 minutes. Do not despair and be patient.

If after waiting several minutes (I recommend you wait until 15 min), without touching anything and being well configured the command, then it is better to get in touch with technical service.

Final tips for when we see that your air conditioner not cooling well

The first thing we should do is review all the previous points. If you are not clear, leave us a comment, we will try to help you as much as possible. If you do not find out the fault, contact a professional. Never manipulate any unit without having technical knowledge as we can suffer an accident.