Best Portable Air Conditioner | Advantages and Disadvantages

portable air conditioner

Are you finding portable air conditioner for your room? You are in the right place. In this article, we present 3 best portable air conditioner for the large and small room. 

The air conditioning is a process of treatment of ambient air that allows regulating in a closed room the temperature of the same (heating or cooling), humidity, cleaning (renewal or filtering) and air movement. There are several types of air conditioners on the market. Such as window type, split type, and heat pump type (for summer and winter). It depends on their mobility. They can be classified into two sections:

  • Fixed air conditioners.
  • Portable air conditioners.

Best portable air conditioner advantages and disadvantages

The portable air conditioner has an internal compressor (condenser). It absorbs the air from the room and cools it. But being the compressor inside the house can be a little noisy. Although its prices are usually cheaper than fixed units (split).

best portable air conditioner

A portable air conditioner can consist of two units, one external and one internal. They connected by tubes. In the case of the portable monobloc, of a single mobile unit to move it from one room to another.

Portable air conditioners require minimal installation. Fix appliances that require a technician to move and install in one wall the external compressor. The portable air conditioners are ideal for small homes, for rent or second homes where we only want to cool some rooms.

The portable air conditioning has the advantage that you will not have to give explanations to neighbors or you can ” fight ” the installation unlike the fixed.

The main disadvantage of the portable air conditioner is that it is a bit noisy. But the monobloc is heard more because the compressor is in the indoor unit. So, if you have a light break the classic option of a split air conditioner is better.

Best Portable Air Conditioner for large rooms

Haier HPN12XCM Portable air conditioner, 12000 BTU

Best portable air conditioner for large rooms
Haier HPN12XCM Portable air conditioner

I purchased the 14,000 BTU version and live in the Dallas, TX area. The hot, humid summers I get (more than 90 degrees with an average humidity of around 65%). My garage is the average garage without insulation of two cars. I mean it’s 22 ‘x 19’, but it could be slightly offset in those figures.

All I do is lift the garage door up to about 5 inches for the exhaust pipes and block the rest of the lower part of the garage with 2 × 6 pieces. Without the air conditioning unit, the normal summer day will make the garage a dungeon 99+ damp and harsh. With this life-saving air conditioning unit, I am able to get the garage up to a comfortable and significantly less humid 87 degrees in an hour or so. Now I can work in the garage all day and not even break a sweat!

Best Portable Air Conditioner for Small Room

LG LP0814WNR 115 volt portable with remote control, 8000 BTU

Best portable air conditioner for small rooms
LG LP0814WNR 115 volt portable with remote control

This is my first portable air conditioner. It is very easy to mount in sliding windows. I enjoy spending time with her in this summer. This unit cools a medium or a fairly large room to a comfortable temperature fairly quickly, I can not sit in the direct path of the air, or I will get quite cold. You can not cool the whole house down efficiently.

Luckily, this is a laptop one sometimes pushes me in my living room before bedtime and back to my room for the night, therefore I do not need a very high power. I also like the remote control, too. It comes with a handy remote control, which while easy to use controls on the front panel. The control panel on the top and the remote control are very easy to understand.

Best portable air conditioner with double hose

Whynter 14,000 BTU Portable double hose Air conditioner (ARC-14S)

Best portable air conditioner with double hose
Whynter 14,000 BTU Portable double hose Air conditioner (ARC-14S)

The Ecological Whynter 14,000 BTU of air conditioning is a great purchase. Having a double hose unit means that you use the outside air to cool the unit and blow the heat and humidity outdoors. Hose units use individual air from the room, which means that the hot and humid outside air stopped at home to replace it. It is not ideal. This AC is quiet, and a deceptive amount of air cools down.

It cools my entire first floor. The reading LCD screen in the remote synchronizations with the unit and gives remote read the room temperature and configuration. This is the line of sight. I could only be happier if it was easier to drain. You have to use a deep baking tray or take it outdoors to drain it, but I have not had to do that yet. I recommend this unit.

Speaking properly

Consumers usually use the best portable air conditioner for air cooling. It is not correct since it must also refer to heating. It provided that all of the air parameters of the atmosphere are treated (conditioned).