When it is necessary to do maintenance to an air conditioner at work or home

How to clean air conditioner

It is well known that if an electrical device does not receive timely maintenance, its useful life decreases rapidly. That is to say, if it was designed to last five years, it could be said that due to multiple failures it could only reach half of it. Such is the case of air conditioners, a super delicate piece of equipment, made up of various parts that need to be replaced after a certain period of time.

Air conditioning and heating installation services

It is important to understand that timely AC repair and maintenance is the only way to help prevent fungi and bacteria from developing inside the ventilation channels that can put the health of the home’s inhabitants at risk.

It is necessary to maintain the healthiness of the air we breathe inside any enclosure, with at least one cleaning per year. Not all companies that offer this type of service really focus on thoroughly handling the pollutants present in air conditioners and therefore, only qualified personnel should be hired.

Regular AC checks are necessary, both for individual systems and the air conditioning itself. It is the only way that people have to extend the useful life of their equipment and to be able to detect any type of anomaly in time. Once the maintenance is carried out, an AC has a better chance of continuing to function for much longer if possible faults are corrected in time, as well as the timely replacement of circuits, hoses and other items that may be out of date.

Maintenance work required on AC

Preventing the deterioration of an air conditioner must begin in times when it is very cold, or on the contrary, when heat waves arrive. So, the main thing to check and replace during maintenance would be the filters, in this way the AC will be able to release much purer air. It is also necessary to control the temperatures, so that the difference between the interior and the exterior is not so dramatic.

Next, it is also essential to avoid bad odors, which is achieved by disinfecting the evaporators. Finally, the external equipment must be kept free of dust and dirt, so its appearance will be maintained for much longer.

Advantages of good AC maintenance

Not only is it possible to improve the usefulness of the appliance with preventive maintenance, but also people save a lot of money when they timely replace the AC parts that are close to expiring. In this way, it is possible to avoid many headaches and reduce consumption in electricity bills.

Among the main advantages of repairing an AC on time, we find that these types of devices can extend their useful life up to 10 years, as well as reduce bacteria, fungi and other pests that could cause respiratory diseases. In addition, it improves electricity consumption and expenses for urgent maintenance decrease.