Five benefits of cold rooms

The benefits of cold storage for perishable goods are widely known. You are legally required to store certain foods such as meat and dairy products at cold temperatures.

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Storing fresh products at lower temperatures will extend their shelf life and cut down on wastage due to spoilage. Ultimately, this is both environmentally friendly and financially beneficial. Cold rooms offer space and convenience. Here are five reasons for investing in a cold room.

Cold rooms can flexible

You can use commercial cold rooms as drying rooms to reduce the moisture content of food before transfer to a blast freezer. The cold room acts as a dehumidifier. This maintains the quality of food as the temperature is reduced.

Cold rooms are airtight which allows them to maintain their temperature. According to the Food Standards Authority, it is a legal requirement to keep certain foods at chilled temperatures. This is to prevent harmful pathogens from dividing and growing on the food and causing food poisoning. A cold room will maintain a cold temperature even in very warm weather.

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A huge choice of sizes

When you purchase a cold room from a supplier such as you can pick the shape and size that suits your needs. They will be delivered with the correct refrigerant system for you. It is even possible to obtain portable and permanent stationary units if that is what you require for a business enterprise.

A clever use of space

Space is always at a premium in commercial premises and private homes. Internal space is taken up with vital cooking equipment leaving little room for cold storage.

A cold storage unit can be located outside the building and the fans and compressors will discharge heat and noise outside rather than into a kitchen. This produces a more pleasant working environment.

Backup for food safety

A power supply failure to your cold storage is a major safety issue that can cost you a lot of money. Because cold rooms are airtight, they can maintain a low temperature even when the power fails.

An economical choice

A cold storage room controls temperature and moisture which extends the shelf life of fresh produce. This minimises waste and saves you money. You will be able to purchase fresh produce in bulk, which is much cheaper, and store it until you need it.

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