Easy steps to organise your garage

The root of the problem in getting your garage well organised, and keeping it that way, is the fact that we all ask so much of this relatively small space! How do we store everything from cars to toys, tools to beach chairs, sporting equipment to cleaning supplies all in one space and get access to it when we need it?

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To make matters worse, we tend to store the random clutter that simply does not have another home in the garage. So we end up with a dumping ground for long-forgotten items which grows into an uncontrolled mass of junk over the years. How do we take back control and make our garage the useful space it should be?

Here are five pointers

1. Clean-up the floor area

When you have a quiet afternoon, get hold of some heavy-duty rubbish sacks, some boxes or baskets and a strong vacuum cleaner or brush. Treat your garage floor to a quick once-over, taking care to remove any sharps, insects and oil/chemical stains if possible then you can start the decluttering process.

2. Tackle the clutter

Sort through as much of the contents of your garage as you can and put it into three piles. One for throwing away or recycling, one for selling or donating to charity and one for storing in your new, improved garage space. There are many charities who may collect your unwanted household items or furniture, such as https://www.bhf.org.uk/shop/donating-goods/book-a-free-furniture-collection.

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3. Organise into zones

Think about the purposes that you actually want your garage to service, for example car supplies, tool storage, laundry, sports equipment storage and so on and think about where it makes sense for each category to live. Mark out zones accordingly.

4. Plan your storage

Use the vertical space and think about volume of storage rather than floor area. If you do not have any, this is a good time to consider investing in some garage shelving or racking to make the most of your space. There are many companies who will be happy to advise you, such as Garage Shelving UK, and effective storage does not have to be expensive.

5. Keep up the good work

Once you have organised it, aim to revisit every six months to keep on top of the clutter!



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