Ghostly Guests -Signs that your House May be Haunted

Throughout history there are ghost stories and legends that have been told through the years. The jury is still out on whether ghosts are real or not, but there are a large number of the population that are convinced that they certainly are! So, if you are suspicious that your house is haunted, here are a few of the things to look out for, that might indicate that you have a ghostly guest…

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A feeling of being ‘Watched’ – One of the most common things that people report when they talk about a possible haunting is the feeling of being watched, even if there is no other person in the house. Many people say that the hairs on the back of the neck stand up when they have this feeling too.

Sudden drops in Temperature – Of course this might not necessarily mean you have a haunted house – it may just mean that you need boiler servicing Gloucester company to come over and service your boiler! But if you find that there are sudden cold spots in rooms that can’t be explained by an open door or window, or the rest of the house is warm, and there is a sudden unexplained cold patch you may have a paranormal visitor!

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Things Being Moved Around – Another common report when a house is thought to be haunted is objects moving around. Items may be put down in one place and later cannot be found or turn up somewhere else entirely! Some people also report things falling from shelves, and pictures falling over or falling off the wall repeatedly. Also look out for lights flickering on and off, doors which seem to open or close by themselves and electrical interference with things like televisions and radios.

Strange Sounds – Of course, a lot of noises in the house at night can seem scary, but most are just the pipes in the walls and floor, and the normal noises that we don’t really notice until it is quiet at night. More unusual noises that may indicate a haunting, are the sounds of banging and tapping, or even voices, which may be whispers or sound like muffled talking, or sometimes louder sounds such as screaming and shouting. Of course, make sure that this isn’t just your next-door neighbours television turned up too loud!