Burning smell in house: Why and How to fix it?

Burning smell in house

Homeowners are always worried about how to get rid of the burning smell in the house. Although nothing is more important than your safety, you can reduce some small things that may cause this nasty burning smell. For example, if you are cooking, try not to overcook on high heat for a long time because it will produce smoke that you might not like. You should also make sure that your kitchen appliances and ovens don’t break.

Reasons for a burning smell in house

It can also be radiators, fireplaces, house appliances that are not properly ventilated. It is always good to check them for any malfunctions or leaks. If you have a fireplace, make sure that there is no open flame when it’s not being used because the buildup of soot can cause this burning smell. Keep reading: Why and where are fire doors required?

Also, your furnace may cause this if it is not working properly. If you are using heaters in the house, be sure to check them for any leaks or problems because they can produce carbon monoxide, which can cause health problems.

Another thing that might cause the burning smell in your house is a malfunctioning dryer or an old filter that needs replacement. You should make sure that your dryer doesn’t heat too much and make the clothes wrinkled. Keep reading: Outdoor outlet not working

Burning smell in house

How to fix burning smell in house?

If you have checked all the appliances and you still have this problem, it means that there is another reason for it. It can happen if your chimney has a crack or some small animals are inside the vent. You can hire a professional to fix these problems because they know how to fix them properly. However, if your house doesn’t smell like anything, it might just be a temporary problem.

In any case, don’t forget to check for carbon monoxide levels because it can increase if you have an open flame or other small reasons mentioned above. If the levels are high and you feel dizzy or tired, turn on some fresh air and call your doctor immediately.

Be sure that your family’s safety is first and you should fix any problem as soon as possible. Fixing burning smells in the house should be your number one priority if it happens.

Overall, check for all appliances that can cause problems because they might release fumes that are not good for you or your family. However, don’t worry too much, because the most common reasons for this problem are open flames and carbon monoxide levels.

Here are more ways to get rid of a burning smell in house:

  1. Change air filter. This is one of the easiest solutions to eliminate a bad burning smell from the house because all you need to do is replace an old filter with a new one.
  2. Make sure to clean your fireplace after using it. Although this may sound like an easy task, you should know there are many steps that you have to follow to avoid leaving any ashes or soot particles inside. You need to use an old t-shirt or cheesecloth then some water and soap into your fireplace to clean it.
  3. Change the stove knob. This is a simple thing that you can do and will not cost you much money. You can get rid of that bad smell from your house this way.

The home smells that could be a sign of danger

Are you worried about the burning smell in your house? As you already know, sometimes this bad smell is just a temporary thing that can go out very quickly. However, some other times this sign indicates there are some problems inside your home. For example, if your home smells like propane or rotten eggs, then it might be dangerous to stay inside. This can be a sign that there are toxic chemicals inside your house, which means you should not spend too much time there.

Here are other smells that might indicate you have some problems inside the home:

  • Wet dog smell
  • Garlic, onion or fish smell
  • Burning rubber
  • Rotten meat
  • Old people smell
  • Rotten eggs

Be sure to check the areas of your house where you have these bad smells. If they are not too strong, maybe this means that there is just some small problem with some appliances or activities inside your home. However, if you start feeling sick or dizzy, then more likely than not, there is something wrong with the air. If this happens, you should call your doctor and for sure go to the hospital to check yourself.
The best way to avoid these problems is by changing filters in appliances, checking their parts for any damages or leaks, replacing them if necessary and being more careful about what you are cooking inside your house.