Four Ways to Make your Garden a Haven for Wildlife

If you want to make your garden a better place for wildlife to be this year, then there are plenty of things that you can do. If a wildlife-friendly haven is on your list of things to do in 2023, then here are some of the things that you can do to make that happen…

Use Native Plants – Plants that are native to the UK are obviously going to be the best choice if you want to support the local wildlife. There are many types of plants and it all depends on your garden, the ones that you choose, but the larger the variety, the more wildlife you will attract. Shrubs and hedging plants make a great natural barrier and plants like hawthorn and blackthorn produce fruits that are loved by birds. Wildflower meadow plants will create a beautiful summer display as well as the fact that they attract butterflies and bees.

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Build a Pond – A pond attracts an array of wildlife and once built, it is a relaxing place to sit and spend time. To get it done quickly and easily, you can hire machinery from somewhere like this excavator hire Leicester based company and that is the hard part done! Adding liner and sand as well as some plants like bulrushes and water lilies will help it to look attractive and also give wildlife like frogs a place to hide and lay their eggs.

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Create Places to Shelter – In the winter, lots of animals are looking for a place to take refuge from the winter weather. From insects to mammals, providing safe places where they will not be disturbed and can shelter over the winter months is important. Hedgehog houses and insect houses are cheap to buy, or you can even make your own. Put them in sheltered and secluded parts of the garden to create the perfect winter hideaway.

Set up a Bird Feeding Station – Throughout the year, birds will be on the lookout for food. In the spring and summer they are rearing young, and in the winter food is more scarce, so setting up a place where the birds can get food will attract them to your garden. Make sure that it is out of reach of predators like cats though.