How to Keep Your House Clean When the Temperatures Rise

What will you be doing this summer? Lazing in the garden? Enjoying the beach? Cleaning the house? Chances are you’ll be trying to do as little cleaning in the summer as possible – laziness is good when the temperature rises. But you’ll need to do the bare minimum. So here are some easy ways to keep the house clean throughout the warmer months.

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Be an Early Bird

If you can’t face cleaning the oven or vacuuming carpets in the heat of the day, set your alarm and get up early. You might not catch a worm, but you will get a head start on the cleaning and have the bulk of it done before the sun starts to shine.

Divide and Rule

Want to be ruler of your household chores? Then determine to tackle one area or room a day – clear the fridge on Monday and sweep the floors on Friday, say. That way you’ll have a house that looks more than presentable and the weekend to yourself.

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Stow It

Want to know how to make your home feel cleaner? Put everything away. That’s right – all the clutter that’s accumulating on tables or worktops needs to find its proper place. If you’re methodical about it, it shouldn’t take you long to clear the worktops in the kitchen, for example, leaving you with a space that looks and feels spick and span.

Sweep It

Keeping you floors clean is one of the more labour-intensive tasks in the home, which is why more and more people are laying laminate flooring from It’s easy to maintain. A quick sweep over with a brush and then a microfibre cloth to tackle any stray dust and hair will get the job done fast.

Clean Your Grill Grates

Summer is synonymous with barbecuing, but if your grill has seen better days you need to act fast. You can clean up your grill in just 15 minutes and enjoy your barbecue all summer long.

Cool Down, Clear Out

We’ve left the best until last. After all, when the thermometer soars who wouldn’t want to be cleaning out the fridge? There’s actually a very good reason for this – you’ll get your fresh produce used up before it starts to rot or spoil in the heat.