If The Doors sold doors!

The Doors were a hugely popular American band during the late 60s and early 70s. They got their name from an Aldous Huxley novel called ‘The Doors of Perception’. Have you ever wondered what if The Doors did actually sell doors? Here is an alternative for what their songs might have meant if they had decided to branch out into selling double glazed doors:

Love Me Two Times

Well, with state-of-the-art contemporary doors fitted in your home, you’ll be loving the look, feel and energy efficiency of your new doors a lot more than two times! With less of a need to use up your gas and electricity for heating your home, you’ll notice the energy savings straight away. When you do put the heating on, the effect of double glazing means heat stays in your home for longer, reducing the need for further heating. That’s a double result!

Break On Through

Any potential burglars will think twice about attempting a break-in on your property when they see modern double glazing with all its security features. There’ll be no breaking on through to the other side for these criminals! It’s considerably more difficult to get through two layers, especially if you opt for toughened glass.

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Touch Me

You won’t want to keep your hands off your new doors. If your current windows and doors suffer from condensation, then you’ll know that left unchecked it can lead to horrible mould, damp and mildew. Persistent problems with damp can lead to rotting wooden frames, which look awful but are also not the most secure. UPVC looks sleek, feels great and double glazing will rid your home of condensation and damp issues.

When The Music’s Over

You won’t need to worry about your music or your neighbour’s music with the fantastic acoustic soundproofing that double glazing offers. It offers 60% more soundproofing than single glazing and is huge a benefit for those living in noisy environments. Shift workers will enjoy the peace and quiet of double glazing, blocking out all that daytime noise. For a Tewkesbury Double Glazing Company, visit https://www.firmfix.co.uk/doors/

Love Street

Your home will have oodles of resale value. The value of your home will definitely increase by more than the total cost of installing double glazed windows and doors. Your home will look desirable, have improved energy performance levels and you’ll help to transform your neighbourhood into a buyer’s dream known as ‘Love Street’.

The End

Whilst it might spell the end for your current outdated windows and doors, think of the future and how you can turn your property into a modern, contemporary and energy efficient home with better security, noise reduction and no more condensation.