Optional Extras For a New Car – What are the Most Popular Choices to Go For?

When you go to buy a new car, you will likely spend a lot of time poring over articles and websites highlighting all the best new cars and rating them. Of course, when you are looking for a new car your requirements and the things that you look for will differ from someone else’s. For example, one person might want a car that impresses people and looks the part, whilst another will want something that fits a large family inside it.

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Some things for cars are important to everyone – car security for example is something that most people will want and things like this ghost car alarm https://www.mphvehiclesolutions.co.uk/ghost-vehicle-security which will protect the vehicle from theft and help you to feel safer in the knowledge that the car is protected.

When you are looking for a new car, the optional extras that you have to choose from can often be like choosing from a huge menu and it can feel a little bit overwhelming! Here are some of the most popular optional extras that people have when having a brand-new car…

Leather Interior Upholstery – Not only does leather give the car a feeling of luxury, but for people who have young children and pets it is also something that has another benefit – it is a lot easier to clean! Sticky fingers and muddy paws are easy to clean up after on leather seats, so this is always a very popular choice as an optional extra! It also makes it more attractive to buyers if you should choose to sell it on.

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Reversing Sensors – Some cars have these as standard, but you will often have the choice to have a camera rather than a standard sensor. A reversing camera is a good thing to have as it gives you a good view of the rear of the vehicle rather than just alerting you to proximity, meaning that it is easier to get out of a tight spot. Cameras are also good if you have an incident, so you have evidence of what happened.

Colours and Finishes – There are lots of colours to choose from that are standard but if you want something a little different then there are more colours and finishes that you can go for as an optional extra. This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer – some will have a range of paint colours that they offer, and some will offer an exclusive and large colour palette to choose from which could cost thousands. As well as the colour of the paint, there are also finishes and coatings that you can have which will help to protect the paint work. This can help to keep it cleaner and to keep the paintwork looking good, so it is well worth it if you want your car to keep looking good for longer.

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