How to clean vicks humidifier?

How to clean vicks humidifier

Vicks humidifier is a device that adds extra moisture during cold seasons.  It is an air humidifier, which releases water vapors into the air.  Combined with the classic vicks or any soothing scent, it can help sick people feel better and breathe easier.

The most important part of the humidifier is its filter.  This unique filter can get rid of dust and other impurities.  It is the only part that requires replacement every month, or at least once a season. Over time, the filter becomes dirty, which makes it harder for it to release the right amount of moisture into the air. Read more: How to clean suede couch naturally?

How to clean vicks humidifier?

How to clean vicks humidifier

Steps to clean vicks humidifier:

1.  Unplug the humidifier and detach its water basin from its bottom part.

2.  Dip a cloth into warm water and wipe down the entire area around the filter, including the top and bottom parts of your device.  Do not submerge it in water though because this may cause damage to some internal parts.

3.  Pour out the dirty water and use a clean cloth to dry up the area around the humidifier’s filter.

4.  Place back in its position and fill up with fresh water before plugging in and turning on your device again.

Deep clean a Vicks humidifier

If you want to clean your humidifier thoroughly, disassemble its top and bottom parts.  This gives you the chance to  wash each section separately.

1.  Wash the basin with warm water and soap before rinsing it thoroughly and letting it dry completely.

2.   Remove any large chunks of dirt and deposits by pinching it with your fingers or using a toothpick.

3.  Remove the filter assembly and clean its top and bottom parts with warm water and soap for about two minutes each.  Use a cotton swab to go deeper on areas that are hard to reach.

4.  To dry them up, use a paper towel or cloth.

5.  Reassemble the filter assembly to place back in its position and you’re good to go.

Vicks humidifier maintenance tips:

1.  Clean your device at least once every week to get rid of dust and other impurities that may otherwise affect your health.

2.  Monitor the amount of moisture released into the air so you know if there’s a problem with your device, which either releases too much or not enough water vapors.

3.  Replace filter assembly after every use to ensure cleaner air and a longer lifespan for your humidifier.

4.  Keep water in the basin to a minimum level because this can help prevent mold and other deposits from forming inside your device.

5.  Use distilled water in the water basin instead of tap or mineral water to avoid clogging saps in your humidifier’s reservoir.

6.  Do not immerse any part of the humidifier when you clean it.  Even the tip of the power cord should never get wet.

7.  Do not scratch or scrub any surface too hard to avoid damaging internal parts of your device.

8.  Store your Vicks humidifier in a clean, dry place when you are done using it to prevent dust accumulation inside its reservoir.


Your Vicks humidifier will work efficiently only if the filter assembly is clean.  This prevents any impurities in the air before you take in your next breath, which could prove dangerous to your health in the long run.  Thus, consistent cleaning and maintenance of this device can help maintain optimal functions and prevent breakdowns from happening.