3 Essential Elements of a Catholic Prayer Garden

There was a time when devout Catholics attended daily Mass throughout the year, but many parishes no longer celebrate anything other than Sunday Masses and perhaps a vigil Mass on Saturday evening. Often it is a matter of a shortage of ordained priests. Many parishes share priests and so even those churches remain locked other than for weekend Masses and Confessions.

What is the black stuff in my humidifier?

When was the last time you opened up your humidifier and noticed a strange black substance? The answer may surprise you. A humidifier is a great tool for keeping your home comfortable, but it can also cause damage if it’s not cleaned properly. You may not even know that it’s dirty, but you might notice some other signs that your humidifier needs to be cleaned.

Home Improvement Ideas to Maximize the Space of Your Small House

If you ask any homeowner, they probably would like to have more space. Remodeling a home can create new space and rooms, but what if you didn’t have to remodel to maximize the space you already have in a small home? There are ways to make the most of your home with a few simple home improvement projects. Top real estate agents talk about how some of these changes can help homeowners who are looking to sell. But any homeowner can start making the most of their space now.