How a Stairlift Can Help an Elderly Person Stay Independent

If you live in a house with multiple levels and your aging parents are unable to navigate stairs, you may be wondering whether a stairlift is right for them. This device helps your aging parent stay independent and mobile by reducing one of the biggest risks for injuries in the home. This unobtrusive, easy-to-install device allows the senior to safely access all levels of their home.

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Some stairlifts are powered by two 12-volt batteries under the seat. Others are powered by direct house current. Battery-powered stairlifts are designed to continue operating even when the power goes out. Often, stairlifts have a foldable foot platform to allow the user to rest their feet securely while using the lift. All stairlifts have sensors around the foot platform to prevent accidents. For details on all kinds of Walking Aids, go to Ability Superstore

In addition to preventing falls, a stair lift can save energy by replacing stairs that are inaccessible to the elderly. Some stair lifts even function as dumbwaiters, which can save energy. For elderly individuals on a fixed income, the cost of a stair lift can be a big burden. Luckily, there are ways to get help paying for a stair lift.

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A stair lift can be used for temporary or permanent solutions. Some people need a stair lift as a preventative measure. Others are in need of a temporary solution for a debilitating illness. In such cases, a stair lift can be rented and used again for a short period of time. This way, the person can keep their independence.

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