Who is responsible for repairing your gas meter box?

If you have a damaged meter box, do you know who is responsible for replacing it? In the past, gas and electricity boards had responsibility for meter boxes, but then deregulation emerged. Suddenly, the gas and electricity companies were no longer responsible for the meter’s protection.

You might not think it’s important, but the meter box is vulnerable to damage because it is usually made of plastic. When it comes to shared accommodation and social housing, the responsibility for maintaining the box can be unclear.

Regulations around the meter box are found in Regulation 416.2.3 of the IEE Wiring Regulations. In short, this states that the cover must be placed securely to protect and separate each active part. It must have a key or tool to open it and the absence of an enclosure is against this rule.

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Therefore, there is a clear need for repairs or replacements so as not to violate regulations. What is not clear, however, is who is responsible?

For the gas meter box, there is a separate set of rules called the 1998 Gas Safety Regulations. It offers guidance on how to protect the meter against damage and for designs that are suitable for meter housing. If your meter is need of repair or replacement, don’t delay and run the risk of falling foul of regulations. For a Gas Meter box supplier, visit www.meterbox.co.uk

According to the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers, consumers are responsible for proper meter maintenance, which includes ensuring that the meter is stored adequately. The gas meter box can be installed by the homeowner before the inventory is installed or the supplier will fit the meter box according to the agreement with the consumer. However, after the box is installed, the property owner is the one who is then responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

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The electricity meter box is also treated this way, so if you have a damaged or lost casing, you will want to sort it as soon as possible to prevent further damage and violation of regulations.

General damage that can occur includes weather damage due to strong winds and heavy rain, vandalism, the door becomes loose and falls or the unit moves away from the wall. Although repairs and replacements are the responsibility of the property owner, assistance for repairs and replacements can be arranged with a certified gas engineer.