How to choose a park home

Choosing a park home is an important decision that should not be made hastily. Park homes can offer an attractive and affordable housing option, especially during the cost-of-living crisis, but it’s essential to think carefully before making a decision.
How will I finance the home?

As well as figuring out your budget for purchasing a park home, it’s also important to consider not only the initial price but also ongoing costs such as site fees, utilities, insurance, and maintenance. You may want to shop the market for the best-fit mortgage specific to park homes.

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Look at the location of the park home

You can visit different communities and their locations to see which would suit you and your family.

Consider factors like proximity to amenities, entertainment, healthcare facilities and transportation. Think about whether you’d prefer to be near the hills or the coast. By looking at the environment, you will get a real feel for the community. Think about whether you want to be near family members too.

Park homes have always been a good solution for those who want to adopt a more economical way of living. The Daily Mail points out that residential parks make dreams of retiring to the country an affordable reality for many.

How many bedrooms will I need?

Look at the size and layout of a potential park home. Consider factors such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, as well as living and storage space. Also, think about your future requirements, as a park home is often a relatively long-term investment.

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What kind of lifestyle should I expect?

Talk to current residents of your chosen park to get insights into the community and lifestyle. You can ask about social activities and the overall atmosphere of the park. Think about safety on-site and read online reviews to ensure you choose the best park for your needs, whether you are a couple or a family.