Home Improvement Ideas to Maximize the Space of Your Small House

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If you ask any homeowner, they probably would like to have more space. Remodeling a home can create new space and rooms, but what if you didn’t have to remodel to maximize the space you already have in a small home? There are ways to make the most of your home with a few simple home improvement projects. Top real estate agents talk about how some of these changes can help homeowners who are looking to sell. But any homeowner can start making the most of their space now.

Repaint, with neutrals

While it might be tempting to brighten up your home by painting a room yellow, or with an orange accent wall, these colors can make your home feel smaller. To maximize your space and to help your home feel larger, you can repaint it with neutral, cool hues. Think subtle grays, neutral off-whites, and cool whites. You can hire a contractor, or roll up your sleeves to repaint a room on a weekend.

Light your home, the right way

It probably comes as no surprise to know that bringing more lighting into a room will make it feel larger. You can start by removing heavy drapes and then taking it a step further. Track lighting and recessed lighting under kitchen cabinets and even in ceilings can create more light while not taking up space. While it’s a bit of an investment, adding a skylight can be a way to add more light to a small home, and the best time is when you are getting a new roof, especially if you are making repairs on your home to sell. They are best for homes with slanted roofs and facing north to light without overheating a room too much.

Update your bathroom, with glass

Small homes often come with small bathrooms, but there are tricks to make your bathroom feel larger. After painting, you can then assess your shower. If you have a heavy curtain, one way to help your bathroom feel larger is by replacing it with a glass shower stall. This may not work for every home, but a frameless glass shower kit may be the answer to help your bathroom feel more spacious.

Bring in the mirrors

Mirrors are a home decor hack that any interior designer will recommend for a small space. Mirrors will not only reflect light, but they will also reflect the room itself to make it feel bigger. Some ideal locations for mirrors are opposite a window to reflect sunlight, or in a hallway where you might want to create more space. Just be sure to hang it using picture wire, or anchors to make sure it’s secure and steady.

An uncluttered home will naturally feel more spacious and don’t forget to get rid of items that you aren’t using anymore while following these home improvement projects to maximize what you have in a small space.