The Importance of Good Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

There are many mental health conditions that people will possibly suffer from at some point in their lifetime. Talking about these illnesses and the research that has been done into them has come on leaps and bounds in the past years, but in the workplace many people can still feel worried about addressing their mental health problem or may be tempted to try to hide it.

For many, the stigma of having a mental illness has not gone away, so therefore it is important for employers to foster a positive environment where mental health is not treated as a taboo subject but is understood and accepted just like any physical illness.

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A good way to start with this is by increasing the understanding of mental illnesses. There are many courses which can help with this, such as these Tidal Training mental health training courses. This can help to spread awareness of the many mental health conditions which can arise, as well as the signs to look out for that may indicate that someone is suffering from a mental illness.

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Something else that can be a great help is to have a designated person who is a mental health officer in the workplace. This person could then be the first port of call if an employee wants to discuss something related to their own, or someone else’s mental health, and could bring about a much better understanding of mental illness in the workplace generally, as well as a good support for those who are suffering from a mental illness.