How to get deep sleep naturally? Natural remedies and activities

How to get deep sleep naturally

Every person on the planet wants to sleep deeply at night. When we touch pillow on our bed, we feel like heaven. After a long day of work, sleeping boosts our energy for next day work. So, deep sleep is necessary for all. Here, we will discuss how to get deep sleep naturally. 

During the phase of deep sleep are carried out the processes of regeneration and maintenance of the tissues of the body. It is also necessary to replenish energy and be able to meet our daily routine successfully.

How to get deep sleep naturally?

How to get deep sleep naturally

It is very common to take medications to help you fall asleep. These must be prescribed and controlled by a specialist, in specific cases.

Therefore, it is advisable to resort in its place to plants with medicinal properties that naturally help us to face this problem.

In no case can we forget that, although they are provided by nature, there may be side effects in case of not respecting the recommended doses or not knowing their contraindications.

For this reason, it is essential to consult a naturalist doctor before consuming them. Dear couple, sleep together in a bed for better sleep.



To take advantage of the sedative and soothing properties of this plant, it is recommended to consume it in the form of an infusion.


  • 1 tablespoon of dried flowers (10 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


Bring the water to a boil and add the spoonful of chamomile (or a sachet ready to infuse). Then, let the decoction take place for 10 minutes.

Contraindications of chamomile

Its consumption should be avoided during pregnancy, and it is not advisable to carry out prolonged treatments with this plant since it can produce digestive irritations.



Valeriana, a medicinal plant that helps to get to sleep. It has hypnotic properties, so it favors sleep. An infusion can be prepared with the root to take advantage of them.


  • 1 ½ teaspoon of valerian root (15 g)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)


To start, let the valerian root rest in the glass of water throughout the night. The next morning sneaks the liquid and drinks a cup in the afternoon and another before going to bed. Finally, it can be sweetened with honey or sugar, as it does not taste very pleasant.

Contraindications of valerian

We must avoid its use if you are following a treatment with a drug that has effects on the central nervous system, such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants or antihistamines.

Do not consume in case of using antifungals, or with medications that reduce cholesterol.

Understand the brain waves

Understand the brain waves

Note down the activity of Brain Waves:

Beta: 14-30 Hz

When you are fully awake or feel agitated, tense, or anxious, your brain waves vibrate at a very high frequency known as Beta level (14-30 Hz).

Alpha: 9-13 Hz

When you feel relaxed and calm – for example, when you daydream – your brain waves vibrate at the Alpha level (9-13 Hz).

Theta: 4-8Hz

When you are deeply relaxed, or when you sleep a light sleep, your brain waves vibrate at the Theta level (4-8 Hz).

Delta: 1-3Hz

When you sleep deeply, your brain waves vibrate very slowly, at Delta level (1-3 Hz). This is the level of brain waves with which your body repairs itself and heals while you sleep.

And this means?

It means that to get to sleep, you must calm your mind and lower the speed of your brain waves to the ideal level to sleep. We see nocturnal enuresis in adults. Apply the remedies that we discussed in our past article.


  • Instead of going around and around every night for hours, you sleep soundly and effortlessly.
  • Instead of waking up after a few hours, you sleep soundly and hard all night. (Or even if you happen to wake up, you can go back to sleep without any effort.)
  • Instead of feeling numb and tired in the morning, you wake up refreshed and full of energy.
  • Instead of struggling with the leanings all day, you are creative and productive at work and home.
  • Instead of feeling tired and irritable, you have more patience and are more present for your loved ones.
  • Instead of living within a permanent nebula, you can think clearly and face the challenges of your everyday life with ease.

If you can not sleep at night, it is very likely that the frequencies of your brain waves are out of sync when you try to relax and sleep.