How music effects what we eat

A surprising factor that influences what and how much you eat and drink in the restaurant is the background music. It’s true: the speed and volume of the music can affect your experience, inducing you to eat more, drink more quickly, and even choose specific items over others. The brain is always absorbing subconscious sensory cues from our surroundings and adding them into the experience, even when we have no idea.

  1. Loud music

Music played too loudly can make it difficult to hear the people you’re with and can hinder your ability to take on the flavour. When music is too ‘in your face’ it can even affect how much you can taste, making the music the dominant effect.

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  1. Music matching food

Music really can bring out certain flavours at mealtime. You can play a certain type of music to sonically season dishes. How exactly does this work? Extensive studies have shown that when restaurants play certain fitting music, they can emphasise tastes such as sweet, spicy, creamy or bitter in a dish. Find the right Instore Music for your business at a site like Mood Media, suppliers of Instore Music.

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  1. The music reflects a certain area

Certain music can take your imagination and your taste buds towards a certain type of cuisine. When in an ethnic eatery, the music from this cultural region can make the food taste more authentic and ethnic. You might also be tempted to choose a French or German wine depending on the origin of the music played through the sound system.