Amazing tips for couples sleeping together

It is clear, all relationships work the same, at first those noises when sleeping, those eventual attacks of night panic, those snores that appear from time to time, that constant coming and going of the sheet or those episodes of sleepwalking seem sporadic and even funny, but when the routine becomes present and the thing becomes continuous it can become a nightmare. If you reflect in that mirror in we give you some tips to sleep in a couple.

Tips for couples sleeping together

tips for couples sleeping together

Remember that living as a couple is about sharing, but also about understanding that we are all different and that everyone has their habits and hobbies. If something in the behavior of your partner at bedtime bothers you it is very important to talk about it, because the other may not even be aware of it.

The nightmare of snoring

This is, without doubt, one of the most common problems of couples at bedtime. To solve it there are several practical solutions. For example a good pair of earplugs for those who do not snore, nosebands that improve breathing for “snorers”, prevent the person who snores sleep on their backs as well as very heavy meals at night, they stimulate snoring. If the problem is very strong they should visit a specialist to determine what happens and how to solve it

Active even in dreams

Active even in dreams

Another common problem is when your partner does not stop moving from one side to another in bed, moves your feet, pulls the sheet, in order to sleep next to you is more like a roller coaster than a romantic scene, that problem also has practical solutions: buy a bed wide enough so that the movements of one do not affect the other and use a special mattress to cushion the movement, this investment will be worth much less than spending hours in candlelight and moments of discomfort at night

A temperature issue

This is a classic when sleeping with a partner, one is always complaining of the cold and the other sleeps practically naked to air. Despite the love, synchronize body temperatures with our loved one is not yet possible, so it is important not to share everything, ie the cooler can fold in half a blanket just for your side and the warmest can sleep alone with the sheet if you wish. In winter and summer, it is important to find a medium point for both, especially if they have heating and air conditioning

Affection that overwhelms

Affection that overwhelms

Romance is a wonderful thing. Of course, after a difficult day, it is delicious to cuddle with the person you love and sleep in a hug … if and only if both of you want it. And whether you believe it or not the subject of sleeping embraced all night could be uncomfortable for the other, so it is best to consult before doing. Your partner does not consult and you are suffering from torticollis and bad sleep, then speak and explain the situation with delicacy, sure you will understand

Other problems

There are other problems that could occur when sleeping with a partner, such as sleepwalking or night terrors . This type of pathologies can hardly be solved at home, so if they represent a big problem for you as a couple, it is best to consult a specialist.