9 benefits of morning exercise you never hear

When we finally decide to take the step, and we intend to start physical exercise to compete in some kind of marathon. Improve our appearance or just feel a little better, we usually select the afternoon, or even the night as the moment we will dedicate to doing sport. The reason is obvious since it is usually the time when we have fulfilled our work obligations. 

However, we are probably doing the wrong thing. There are a large number of arguments, both psychological and physiological or social, to plan our physical activity in the morning. It does not mean that it is the best option for everyone (night training provides another kind of benefits).

9 benefits of morning exercise

Some reasons affect almost everyone equally because exercise changes our metabolism. Its effects are felt throughout the day. Why should we rethink the benefits of morning exercise?


It makes you more constant

Because we overestimate our strength of will, we tend to think that we do not need outside help to guarantee that we will continue exercising two weeks after we start. But playing sports in the morning helps us maintain a fixed schedule, especially if we practice it at the very first hour. As several investigations point out, those who start with dawn usually maintain more regularity than those who do it at another time of the day.

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Burn more fat

Burn more fat

According to a study published by the University of Northumbria in Newcastle in the British Journal of Nutrition, athletes burn 20% more fat if they exercise in fasting, even if the caloric intake received throughout the day is the same. The key is that, as the researcher Javier González points out, those who exercise on an empty stomach burn the reserved fat, while those who have had breakfast simply eliminate the one they have just consumed.

No schedule conflict

No schedule conflict

Many of those who have signed up to the gym with the desire to go daily to the class of eight will have been surprised that, for some reasons or other, they have spent weeks unable to attend, and not necessarily because they are too tired. It is very likely that throughout the week various commitments will appear that separate us from the tracksuit and sports. However, it is very unlikely that we will have unavoidable appointments at seven o’clock in the morning.


Relieve the stress

It is not new that physical exercise helps reduce anxiety. However, if we do sports only at night, we will be relaxed for a few hours, but when we get up again, stress will knock on our door again. If we exercise in the morning, the sensation of relaxation created by endorphins will continue throughout the entire workday.


Sharpens your intelligence and gives you energy

An effect similar to the previous point. Many people, especially those who are more active in the evening and at night, feel that they take a long time to start up in the day and that they need three coffees to get going. Active exercise your body immediately and, although it can generate some fatigue, provides a prolonged energizing feeling.

endocrine system

Improve your endocrine system and circadian rhythms

When we exercise every day at the same time, our body begins to regulate, especially the endocrine system — something that also happens with the so-called circadian rhythms, which are the oscillations of the biological variables that occur over time. The body gets used to preparing before the time when the alarm goes off because we have accustomed it to it, so the awakening is less traumatic. The hormones are prepared to regulate the blood pressure and the pumping of the heart so that we will avoid cardiac complications.

Sleep better

Sleep better

Not only a last-minute blunder that takes us to bed exhausted helps us to reconcile better sleep (and can be counterproductive). Playing sports on a regular basis helps to improve the quality of sleep, so we may not need to spend so much time in bed going around … And we can spend that time getting up a little earlier to exercise.


Relax your appetite

Nothing should make us skip the first meal of the day which, as is often remembered, is the most important, but as a study by Brigham Young University showed, exercising can significantly reduce the feeling of hunger we feel throughout the day.

Feel fulfilled

Feel fulfilled

Fulfilling the schedules that you have imposed is complicated, but if you get it, you will get unparalleled satisfaction. The mere fact of achieving one of your goals every day will make you face the challenges of everyday life with the feeling that you can face any challenge that you put in front of you.