The Future of Housing – Using Brownfield Land

Increasingly there are concerns about housing in the UK and a shortage of housing. However, on the flip side there are also environmental concerns and all kinds of problems that are caused by habitat destruction. Protecting our countryside is important, so how do we solve the problem of the need for all the new homes?

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One solution to this is to build new housing developments on brownfield sites rather than the countryside. Brownfield sites are land that has previously been used – they have often been used for an industrial site, such as a factory or a petrol station for example.

Building on these sites does come with its own challenges. It may be that the structure is still there from before or at least in part, so this will need to be safely demolished before any work can be started on the buildings on the site. If it has been used by certain industries, the land may also be contaminated – this means that it will be dangerous for builders to work on and for people to live on. To solve this, a professional and experienced contaminated land remediation company like will need to be brought in to make it safe to use.

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Despite these challenges there have been a lot of success stories from re-using brownfield land. One of the most famous of these is the use of the previously contaminated land in East London that had been used for industry for many years, which was transformed into the Olympic Park.