Supporting individuals after a stroke

Working in Gloucester Support Worker Jobs can be incredibly varied. In some cases, the support worker may be helping a client out on a regular basis as a result of a medical condition or illness that they may have. In other cases, the individual may only need support whilst they recover from an incident like a heart attack or a stroke.

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Here are some of the ways that an individual may need support when recovering from a stroke. Some of these areas can be supported by a care worker, and others may need help from a specialist.

  • Movement – a stroke can cause paralysis down one side of the body, and it is essential that the individual receive support for this. It can be in the form of physiotherapy as well as regularly exercising in whatever way they can.

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  • Eating – depending on where in the brain the stroke occurred, some people can have trouble swallowing, which can mean that they need to be on a special diet for a short period of time. Equally, they may need help with cooking and cutting up their food if they have paralysis or weakness on one side of the body.
  • Speech – again, speech is often affected when a stroke occurs, and the individual will often be given access to a speech and language specialist. They will give them exercises that they can do with support from their carer at home to strengthen their speech once again.