3 Ways of Improving Your Digital Privacy

Collectively, we are a much more privacy-conscious society than we were just a few years ago. This is particularly true when it comes to our digital privacy. Now that most of the devices we own are connected to the internet all or most of the time, it has become imperative that we take measures to prevent the near-constant monitoring and tracking of our activities.

The good news is that, while there are many more techniques and technologies being used to infringe on our privacy, there are just as many simple solutions that will allow us to retain as much of our privacy as possible.

Turn Your Phone Off When Traveling to Private Meetings

Even with location data turned off on your phone, the communications your phone makes with the cell towers can be used to deduce your location retroactively. While SCOTUS has ruled that law enforcement needs a warrant to look at your cell phone data, if they were to obtain a warrant, they would be able to see everywhere you have traveled.

If you are heading to a meeting that you want to be completely private, make sure that you switch your cellphone off before you set off on your journey.

Use a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is one of the simplest yet most effective privacy tools out there. A VPN is an especially good idea if you regularly use public Wi-Fi networks, which are very insecure and easy to snoop on.

Ideally, you should pay for a VPN service. They don’t cost very much, but the free ones are nearly always scams to gather your personal data, even if they do work as advertised. The one exception to this is ProtonVPN. Proton are a relatively new but already well-respected cybersecurity company. A collaboration between CERN and MIT, Proton know their stuff when it comes to protecting your data and privacy.

Install Antivirus Software on Your Phone

Most of us have some kind of antivirus software in place on our laptops and desktops, but relatively few people ever think to lock down their smartphone in this way. If you are using iOS, you are generally kept safe by Apple’s closed ecosystem. On the other hand, Android users have much more freedom over what they can do with their phones but are consequently more susceptible to malicious apps and viruses.

Avast provide an excellent app for keeping your phone secure. Not only will it root out any malicious apps for you, but you can use it to lock down individual apps so that they need a pin number to open. There are plenty of other providers out there as well though, so have a look around until you find one that suits you. Malicious apps can collect troves of personal data about you and send it to their creators without you ever knowing.

All of us are much more acutely aware of the challenges that we face with regards to our digital privacy. Simple actions like connecting to a Wi-Fi network or opening a particular app can be enough to share our data with a third-party without us even realizing it. But by taking a few simple steps, you can easily enhance your digital privacy.

How to Use a Hedge Trimmer Correctly

Hedges need quite a bit of maintenance, especially during the summer months, so knowing when and how to trim your hedge will help you to ensure that it stays healthy and looking good all year round.

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When to Trim Your Hedge

This depends on the type of hedge. Make sure, however, that there are no nesting birds there when you decide to trim it. It is an offence to trim a hedge that is being used by nesting birds.

Popular Hedging Plants and When to Cut Them


• Ilex aquifolium (Holly) – Once towards the end of summer
• Buxus sempervirens (Box) – Two or three times during its growing period
• Cotoneaster lacteus – After fruiting
• Prunus laurocerasus – Prune a few times throughout spring/summer
• Lavandula (Lavender) – Prune straight after it has flowered

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• Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (Lawson cypress) – Cut a couple of times throughout spring and summer
• Taxus baccata (yew): Cut twice during the summer and autumn

Safety Tips Before You Start

Weather: Make sure it’s dry outside, as stated by https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/guides-and-advice/electrical-items/hedge-trimmers/. You don’t want to be trimming your hedge with an electrical trimmer in the rain. Electricity and water are never a good mix.

If the weather isn’t an issue, then check your equipment is in good working order. If you need to replace anything or need any new parts like Mountfield spares, make sure you purchase them in advance from places like https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield/.

Clothing and footwear: Wear sturdy non-slip shoes so that you have a secure footing when using your trimmer. The clothes you wear should be tight-fitting but allow you to move freely. Goggles and gloves should also be worn for added protection.

How to Shape Your Hedge

Make sure the cord is behind you, your footing is sure and you’re a comfortable distance away from your hedge. Turn on the trimmer at its lowest speed until you’re comfortable with its movement. Always use two hands and move the trimmer along the top of the hedge to cut it to the ideal height.

Once you’ve trimmed the hedge to the shape you want, you can then remove the excess growth that has occurred within the inner part of the hedge. Do this by using a pair of pruning shears to remove unwanted twigs and dead branches, which should in turn encourage new growth.

7 symptoms of endometriosis that you probably do not know

It is essential to learn to identify the symptoms of endometriosis in order to get an early diagnosis and not suffer major complications that could compromise our general health. The physical exercise and healthy eating are essential to help the effectiveness of medical procedures. Beyond the growth and appearance of endometrial tissue in the female reproductive system and surroundings, there are other symptoms of endometriosis that may indicate that it is time to visit your gynecologist.

Advantages of Metal Bonding Adhesives

When bonding two metal applications together, there are several options available. The surfaces can be mechanically fastened together or they can be soldered, brazed or welded (thermal joining). However, another option is bonding them together with adhesives.

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Some of the advantages of using a metal bonding adhesive are:


Using a glue means that the bond cannot be seen. With some mechanical fastenings you are able to see the point of assembly, but adhesives give a smoother finish.

Bonds Different Metals

Adhesives can bond two different metal types together with different melting points; in this respect it’s more effective than thermal joining.


The glue will not only bond the metal together but will also form a watertight seal around the joint, which will protect it from deterioration.

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No Holes

Joining metals together with adhesives avoids penetrating the surfaces, as you would with mechanical fastening. Holes in the material can weaken the application.

Broad Weight Distribution

Glue is applied over a larger area than a screw or nail, meaning the weight held by the application is distributed over a broader region. This reduces stress on the joint.

No Damage to Application

Mechanical fastening or thermal joining can lead to discolouration, impairment or weld worms. With adhesives this does not happen. In addition, adhesives retain the properties of both applications being joined by avoiding any damage.

Heat Sensitivity

Adhesives do not affect surfaces which may be heat-sensitive, unlike welding or soldering.

No Structural Weight Gain

While extra fixtures can often add significant weight to the application through mechanical fastening, an adhesive will add an incredibly slight amount, if any.

Structural Adhesives

Heat and chemical resistance of a structural adhesive must be taken into account, as heating and cooling can affect the bond. Some adhesives, however, are specifically designed to cope with this. Two-part epoxies have a good temperature resistance, a high bonding strength and durability – but due to their two-part nature, they must be mixed correctly or risk failing. Polyurethane is extra flexible and tough but, rather like epoxies, can take some time to cure. This can be avoided through the use of another type of metal bonding adhesive from http://www.ct1ltd.com/product-applications/metal-to-metal-adhesive/.

While mechanical/thermal fittings may have their problems, using adhesives has many positives when it comes to bonding metal to metal.

Why tongue pain happens and how to cure it?

Although sometimes we are not aware of it, the tongue is one of the organs to which we give more use throughout the day. We use it to eat and drink, to talk and it also helps to keep the mouth hydrated. However, when a problem appears in her, it is when her presence becomes more noticeable. The sore tongue is not a very common condition and is likely to suffer who start worrying about what it might mean. Activated charcoal is also good for the tongue. Here we will explain why tongue pain and how to alleviate this discomfort.

Jumbo Plant Pots for Flowers

Large pots for flowers – it’s beautiful and original. You can choose this for any indoor plants or wood. This size is suitable for any type of large plant, since inside there is big place for its roots. All indoor plants, usually fall into our house in transport pots, are only cuttings cut off somewhere. Soon, the question arises in which pot to plant a new flower. This is not such a simple topic as it might initially seem. After all, it is important that the plant develops well in its permanent home, and also fit into the interior. If you need jumbo plant pots, then welcome to this site. There is a large selection of such flower pot sizes with a stunning design.

You can also choose the material: ceramics, polystone, fiberglass, fiberstone and others. But there are other materials for planters or pots for indoor plants: plastic, wood, glass, stones or metal. It can also be a pot without a hole or fiberglass planter troughs.

A large plant requires special care; since its root system is big then one should not forget about watering and the necessary amount of water. Not all growers like to take care of and keep large plants in the house, because they do not have time for full-fledged care. Many replace large house plants with artificial ones and buy for them a real pot of the largest size, like jumbo. But an artificial flower can replace the beauty and atmosphere of a living plant? Apparently not.

There is a large selection of different pots of the largest size, you can buy any of them, but here you need to consider some factors:

If you want the most beautiful jumbo planters for indoor plants, then experts recommend buying ceramic pots for flowers. They are not suitable for sensitive flowers, because the icing that covers these pots makes it difficult for the plants to breathe. But for the usual and most common types of plants, ceramic pots are an excellent choice. Such pots will decorate any interior.

Wooden pots for houseplants are bought by lovers of classics. They look perfect on wooden windowsills. The main advantages of wooden planters are moisture and heat resistance. Modern pots made of wood are made according to modern standards, so that they are practically waterproof, are not afraid of temperature jumps, precipitation and abundant watering. Inside, such pots will not rot. And the wooden pots are strong – they can not be deformed. Therefore, if you need large pots for flowers, take wood, because it is in them that huge and lush plants are most comfortable.

Plastic flower pots retain moisture much longer than clay. On purpose, plastic pots for plants are universal. They do not fit, except that plants with a delicate root system. It is not necessary to think that a large-sized plastic pot will be unstable; the ground for a flower or plant will make it heavy. Plastic pots are very convenient for moving, together with a plant and the ground it will be easier to move than a ceramic, polystone or fiberglass.

Pots are being sold with a hole and without a hole at the bottom. Pots without holes are also called pots. They are more often used as a decorative vessel for plastic pots with holes, so that the water that seeps through the holes after irrigation is collected in the pots. There are pots with side openings. This is important to consider when choosing a jumbo pot, so that water does not remain inside the root system and your plant does not die.

Large pots are a very solid addition to the interior and a fine mini-house for your plant. Take care of it and your flower will give you an incredible atmosphere of comfort.

Aparigraha: freedom from not possessing and greed

The knowledge of past and future lives is revealed when the person is free from the greed of possessing. It is when one begins to detach oneself from objects and the greed to possess more and more than one realizes that all we need is within oneself and one can take a few steps forward along the long path of yoga. In this article, you will discover the meaning of this Aparigraha, what the greed of possessing causes and its correlation with happiness.