How to make a bathroom cozy with bathroom clipart and tools

bathroom clipart

A bathroom is a place where a person remains alone with his thoughts, emotions, where he can relax in a bath or take a warm shower, after a hard working day, morally. In the bathroom, irritation and fatigue go away and in it, despite the situation around, the eye should rejoice, and therefore it is very important to know How to make a bathroom with your own hands correctly.

Here you need to think about everything to the smallest detail – the arrangement of equipment and bathroom furniture, the texture, and coloring of coatings, the reliability and design of plumbing devices. How to make a bathroom with bathroom clipart and tools.

The repair must begin with careful preparation. To do this, you need to take a few sheets of paper, the tape measure to measure the size of the bathroom and calculate the area of the bathroom.

Bathroom clipart and tools

bathroom clipart

How beautiful to make a bathroom is a purely personal opinion. Someone more like the floor and the walls covered with ceramic tiles, someone paints the facades with water-based paint, and some, in addition, change the sinks, bathtubs, mixers and other accessories for new ones.

After all the preliminary miscalculations, it becomes clear in which color and design there will be a new bathtub, where it is better to hang a mirror and install a washing machine. Further, having an approximate picture, it is necessary to purchase all the necessary equipment, materials, and accessories that meet the plan.

The next stage of repairing the bathroom will be cleaning the ceiling and walls from the old tile (by itself, if it was there) – very dusty and dirty work.


In the houses of the Soviet period, the walls of the bathroom were often painted with ordinary paint – it must be completely removed.

This can be done mechanically, i.e. beat off, and with the help of new technologies: with the help of solvents or hair dryers (this method is good because the tile is removed together with the adhesive mixture).

Waterproofing joints in the bathroom

Waterproofing joints in the bathroom

The first and most dirty repair phase is over. Next, clean the ceiling and the walls are treated with a primer, conduct a new electrical wiring, pre-determine where the mirror and washing machine will be located.

The next stage of the repair sequence of the bathroom will be the replacement of sewerage, water supply and risers (pipes between floors).

It will be right not to save at this stage, as in the future decrepit and old pipes, more often than not, can make themselves felt at any moment.

Do not forget about the waterproofing of the floor, so that spillage does not leak to neighbors. A floor screed of the bathroom must also be made.

Joints between the walls and the floor should be covered with waterproofing mortar, and in addition to waterproofing the entire area of the bathroom – in case the water begins to run across the edge of the bath or break through the pipe.

Once the bathroom is put in order, you can start laying the tile – either yourself or hire a master tiler. Begin to lay the tile better on the side where the bath will be, since the bath will be less dirty with the solution.

Next, a bath is installed. For those cases when the front side of the bath is planned to be closed, to save the floor under it can not spread tiles. If it was planned to replace the door in the bathroom – then it should be done now, and then lay the tiles on the wall where the door is located.

PVC panels on the ceiling in the bathroom

PVC panels

After laying the tiles on the walls and the floor, a plinth is installed along the perimeter of the ceiling. The ceiling should be painted with water-resistant water-based paint – it looks beautiful, and besides, you can choose a shade in the color of the laid tiles.

It is checked, in the future moisture will not accumulate on the ceiling and, therefore, it will not darken with time. This is one of the possible options for how to make a bath.

An alternative to it will be installed on the ceiling of a stretch ceiling or plastic panels. When you perform all of the above actions, you will get a very attractive bathroom.

Now consider how you can make the bathroom beautiful:

  • If the dimensions of the bathroom are not very large, then it is necessary to apply different methods of optical illusions.
  • If there is an entrance to the bathroom through the bedroom, then the design of this room and bathroom can be done in a unified style, for example, do not create a separation threshold between them. A solid floor of the same type will optically enlarge the space of both rooms.
  • The color of the walls of the bathroom and bedroom can also be made the same or apply a slightly darker tone. This effect will not only make the room bigger but also make the bathroom more attractive.
  • If one of the walls of the bathroom and the bathroom goes outside, you can insert a wide window. If the window was and before the repair, then you can apply an individual approach – to make exclusive frames or enlarge the opening. Wide windows allow you to better ventilate the bathroom and, therefore, it will not accumulate excess moisture.

Combine the incongruous! You can choose a set and other individual pieces of furniture of different colors and types. Modern designers have long ago challenged uniformity – it looks rather unusual and interesting!

Bright colors in the bathroom interior

Bright colors in the bathroom interior

Use bright colors. Individual approach to the design of the bathroom – a council of modern designers.

It is necessary to depart from the usual understanding of the combination of colors and combine bright palettes.

For lovers of antiques, you can create a bathroom and a bathroom in retro style. In addition to antique furniture, you can set a characteristic type of plumbing – unusual taps, twisted legs at the bath, small forged lamps and much more.
The original solution is a unique bathroom directly in the room itself. In other words, in a spacious bedroom a bath is installed, which can be fenced off with a decorative screen. By the way, this style was very fashionable in European countries in the 17-18 centuries.

We have become accustomed to everything that should lie in its place. How to make an acrylic bath original – just look at the world from the other side, for example, casually lying on the edge of a bathroom towel, several jars with liquid soap and tubes with creams on the shelf near the mirror will only give comfort to the bathroom and the bathroom. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to create disorder.

Upholstered bathroom furniture

Upholstered bathroom furniture

The bathroom will be special if it is equipped with upholstered furniture. Of course, if it is allowed by the size of the room itself. For soft furniture, a special water-repellent coating is created. Consequently, such furniture will not deteriorate even in conditions of high humidity.

The stereotype of the standard bathroom with a good tile or ceramic tile is a thing of the past. How to make a bath with your own hands to make it unique? For this, it is necessary to use other finishing materials, which previously were not peculiar to the finishing of the bathroom and the bathroom.

Designers can offer a variety of bathroom clipart and tools, creating the latest images and types of bathrooms. To create a unique cozy bathroom, you can use different types and breeds of stones – from valuable rocks to river pebbles. Alternatively, for bathrooms, you can apply a tree, which is pre-treated with moisture-proof materials.

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