Adding some extra comfort to your Eames Rocking Chair

When you have spent time searching for that perfect chair and then you finally settle on an Eames Chair from you can find yourself spending a lot of your time sat curled up in it. Whether you are sat reading a good book or perhaps enjoying your favourite television series the chair is bound to quickly become your favourite place to be.

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To add an extra level of luxury to this already incredible chair why not make yourself a throw cover to position over it and to use to snuggle up under during the colder winter evenings. By making your own throw you can match it exactly to the colours and décor of the room and you can also be sure that no one else will have a throw like it.

Here are some tips to set you off on the right path.

Measuring up the area that you want cover is the first step that you want to undertake and the best way to do this is either to measure the area around your chair or to measure your own height and your width when you have both arms outstretched to the side. This rectangular measurement is now the size of material that you need to purchase.

There are a number of fabric choices that you can use to make your throw, and this will depend very much on whether you want to go for the softer feel fleece fabrics or options such as cotton that would normal be used when producing a quilted throw. If you are looking at the latter options, then you also want to include a piece of batting on your shopping list.  You need to ensure that you have two pieces of fabric one for each side of your throw. There are also ways of creating no sew fleece throws and a quick google search will give you the instructions.

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Once you have selected your fabric you can lay the pieces out ready for sewing. If you have chosen to create a quilted throw you will now cut the material choices you have made into squares, rectangles or what shapes you plan on piecing together. You will then sew these into strips before assembling together in one large piece. Once you have the quilt piece competed you need to lay this right sides up onto the batting material and then onto your backing fabric. Sew around all four edges and finish off with some bias binding. If you have chosen fleece material, you will complete the same steps but missing out the pattern cutting and batting material.

By using bias binding around all four edges of the throw you remove the need to sew the item with right sides together before then turning the right way around and trying to sew the final section closed.

How to choose a bread machine for home (Tips to consider)

A bread machine is a type of household appliance that is increasingly requested in homes. Among its main features, we find that it is a machine that helps us make all kinds of bread, biscuits, dough, even croquettes. It has kneading and baking function. Let’s discover how to choose a bread machine. In this way, it will be as simple to use as introducing the mass, choosing the corresponding program. In this way, it will be in charge of doing the whole process from beginning to end.

The regional food of Italy

Food makes up a large part of the culture in Italy and is often a very large family affair. A visit to an Italian Restaurant in Dublin such as will give you a taste of the variety of beautiful delights that are available from around the country. The food in Italy alters depending on the region of the country that you are in and the type of ingredients used also differs. What they all have in common is their desire to always use the freshest ingredients that they can find and if they can grow their own, they will. One of the reasons for the slight alteration in ingredients is that the different regions of Italy have very different landscapes and the weather can also differ. This means that what grows well in one area may not grow well in another. As well as this, some of the areas have been influenced by the many cultures that have invaded some of the regions in the distant past. The result is that each region has a very distinctive take on its own cuisine styles.

In the south the flavours of the dishes are enhanced with the rich taste of tomatoes. The hot climate in the region provides for a great growing environment that produces wonderful tomatoes in a variety of shapes and sizes. As well as the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants also thrive in this area and are often included in dishes. In terms of dairy products there is a variety of cheeses that originate from south, including ricottas and mozzarellas. Some of the most popular sea-based dishes including ingredients such as sardines, lobster, prawns and of course anchovies. Keep reading reheat chicken wings.

By contrast in the north of Italy the dishes are favoured with cream sauces rather than those that are tomato based. This is partly due to the fact that this area is highly influenced by German and French cultures. Dairy products are the main staple in the area and the sauces used in their dishes will often contain large quantities of cream, eggs and butter. The dishes also contain rich meats and seafood selections from the coastal areas.

In central Italy you will come across miles and miles of olive groves along with vast acres of vineyards. Olive oil is used in every dish prepared in this region and they also enjoy an accompaniment of a glass of wine. Truffles and hams also feature strongly in dishes in the central region of Italy.

The right wood for the right job.

You might well think that building a log cabin is easy. Whilst it might be a relatively simple process to plan out the dimensions and floorplan for the cabin, but one of the most important questions that professional builders and designers have to ask themselves is what is the best type of wood to use?

You can see a range of log cabins in Northern Ireland for sale using different wood types and in a variety of sizes. Log Cabins for sale in Northern Ireland are popular options for holiday homes and second dwellings.

Back to the wood types, our ancestors found through trial and error what worked and what did not. With that in mind let’s have a look at what wood makes the best material to provide a warm and long-lasting dwelling.

The first thing that professionals look for are trees that are growing in a high altitude environment. The reason for this is while the reclamation of this wood takes longer the wood is slow growing and this creates compact and very dense logs that resist damp better than their low growing counterparts. It is not a simple case of felling a tree and carving it up. The tighter the rings of a tree, which can be viewed once the tree is felled and chopped, means that there is less likelihood of the wood cracking as it is dried. Better still, if the tree is taken in the winter time the sap level that it produces is greatly reduced due to its winter dormancy.  This decrease in sap levels means that there is less chance of the log producing a mould growth which can have detrimental effects on the health of anyone living in the cabin.

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There are two perfect trees for log cabins. The first is the famous Western Red Cedar that has been successfully transplanted from its native home in Canada to the UK. The beauty of the Cedar is that it retains its natural resistance to tree diseases and pests plus its hardiness against wild weather. It also has a beautiful deep red colour and keeps a wonderful natural woody smell.

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The other choice is the Douglas fir. It is a very strong soft wood that is a firm favourite with anyone looking to make a log cabin. Its malleability helps the builder to construct the cabin with ease. It also has strong resistance features.

How to get rid of a chalazion? Easy and fastest way

Chalazion is a type of eye condition that many people confuse with a stye, although their symptoms are different. Also, it receives the name of lipogranuloma of the gland of Meibomio. It is quite common that a previous sty is the cause of the same, although not always this way. The inflammation of the Meibomian glands produces it due to an obstruction of the glandular orifices. Here, you will know how to get rid of a chalazion. 

Ideas to decorate a paw patrol party for your child’s birthday

Is your child also a fan of this year’s most famous dogs? Give him/her a Paw Patrol party. You will leave him speechless! Not only will you leave your child open-mouthed, but all children who are invited to the birthday. They will want to take pictures with everything and play with all the decoration inspired by a birthday of the Patrol Dog. Write down these paw patrol party ideas and become the star of this birthday’s patrol!

Is now the time to get a TV antenna?

Like vinyl and the Walkman, the TV antenna is making a comeback. Savvy consumers are switching to streaming services and buying cheap antennas to keep themselves connected to free-to-air services. In the US alone, there has been a 36 per cent rise in the number of homes relying on broadband and antenna for their TV reception.

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The resurgence of digital antennas has a direct correlation with the rise of streaming services such as Netflix. Low-cost antennas can deliver superior picture quality when you use your TV for your terrestrial and streaming services and cut your pay TV services.

Picture quality

You might be surprised by the better quality of a TV antenna over your cable service; in addition, you will get access to some older content that is only available on public channels. Low-cost antennas can significantly boost your reception, giving a crystal clear picture even when there are obstructions in the way.

Technological advances may soon ensure that streaming content can be accessed alongside free-to-air broadcasts. This makes the use of an antenna a smart way to access mixed content without spending a fortune; after all, even the highest-quality interior antenna is unlikely to cost as much as £100.


Indoor antennas are a good solution and no longer resemble the clunky rabbit ears design of the past; for example, flat models can be painted to match your interior decor. This style of antenna can be plug and play; alternatively, you could opt for professional installation.

Interior antenna are also an ideal solution if mounting an exterior antenna is simply not an option; for example, if you are in Bath TV aerial installation by a trusted company such as will ensure that your set-up functions perfectly.

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Professional installation makes sense if your reception is already marginal or you don’t live close to a broadcast tower. Your installer will be able to recommend the best amplified antenna to optimise your signal for best reception.

Getting the best reception

Obviously, professional installation will ensure you get perfect reception. If you opt to do it yourself, here are some tips for the best reception:

– Try the antenna in different places around the room, preferably by a window.
– Install in a higher location, such as in your attic.
– Rescan periodically to pick up any new free-to-air channels.

What to do after a water main break? Get solution

One of the most common problems at home is when a pipe breaks or leaks because of the neighbor. The pipes in your house can be damaged, either by a blow that affects the surface or by internal corrosion of the same. The reason for the occurrence of the incident. So, what to do after a water main break? It is essential that you must have the support of home insurance. So that, you can repair the damage caused in a short time.