What to do after a water main break? Get solution

One of the most common problems at home is when a pipe breaks or leaks because of the neighbor. The pipes in your house can be damaged, either by a blow that affects the surface or by internal corrosion of the same. The reason for the occurrence of the incident. So, what to do after a water main break? It is essential that you must have the support of home insurance. So that, you can repair the damage caused in a short time.

What to do after a water main break?

What to do after a water main break

At first stop the leak and gas line. Cutting the water supply is essential as the first prevention against a water leak. Sometimes it is enough to close the internal supply key of the installation. For example, if the water leak occurs in the washbasin, toilet or the shower, it will be enough to close the nearest valve. It is usually under the element. It is usually a chromed key that closes turning it to the right.

In case you need to find the key to the water passage, you should look for the place where the pipe enters. In most floors, this key is found in the kitchen, in the bathroom or the laundry room and is usually a brass valve with a round or aluminum handle.

Who pays for the repair? Owner or tenant?

There are no rules that need the tenant of an apartment to take out home insurance, since it must be the owner of the home who is responsible for ensuring it against damages such as a fire, water leakage, etc. So, it must be the landlord who is responsible for paying the repair if a pipe break.

However, there are some exceptions where the tenant will be responsible for repairs:

  • When there is a need to make small repairs due to wear of the pipes due to use.
  • When there are damages due to negligence, for example, floods by leaving the faucet open.

pay for the repair

What does home insurance cover? Claim Damages

Most home insurance covers the accidental breakage of the pipes. However, it is important that you know exactly what is covered by your policy.

If you have a continent coverage you will have the structure of your home insured. It is the walls, floor, ceiling, windows, etc. But if instead, you have contracted content coverage, the insurance will respond to objects, furniture, and other items that may be damaged by a water leak. If the pipes get stuck or suffer a problem that causes damage to your home, your insurance must answer for it as long as you have the contracted coverage.

To claim water damage, you must call your insurer to discuss the claim. In insurance Zurich we are working for the digital transformation of customer care and service processes, such as the new Teleperitaje system, to reduce the processing of these cases by 50% of the average time.

What to do, If the pipeline of the whole community is broken?

At the moment of finding a water leak at home, it is necessary to detect its origin immediately. If you have detected that the damage to your home has been caused by the rupture of a pipe that is not from your home. That is to say, that it is a problem of the community. The person responsible for the repair will be the insurance of the same. Even if they are the ones in charge of managing the loss, it is crucial to check with your insurance provider. Confirm that the failure is not coming from your property.

pipeline of the whole community is broken

In case of breakage of the pipe before the meter, you must immediately contact the company providing the service. As they must authorize you to close the stopcock before the meter. You must also know that it is the obligation of the community or the City Council to carry out the necessary works for the repair of the water leakage and the damage it causes.

And if you worry about the damage that water can cause to your property, stay calm! Insurance companies has special coverage for water damage. You can hire a policy that protects all your assets with the tranquility and confidence.