The regional food of Italy

Food makes up a large part of the culture in Italy and is often a very large family affair. A visit to an Italian Restaurant in Dublin such as will give you a taste of the variety of beautiful delights that are available from around the country. The food in Italy alters depending on the region of the country that you are in and the type of ingredients used also differs. What they all have in common is their desire to always use the freshest ingredients that they can find and if they can grow their own, they will. One of the reasons for the slight alteration in ingredients is that the different regions of Italy have very different landscapes and the weather can also differ. This means that what grows well in one area may not grow well in another. As well as this, some of the areas have been influenced by the many cultures that have invaded some of the regions in the distant past. The result is that each region has a very distinctive take on its own cuisine styles.

In the south the flavours of the dishes are enhanced with the rich taste of tomatoes. The hot climate in the region provides for a great growing environment that produces wonderful tomatoes in a variety of shapes and sizes. As well as the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants also thrive in this area and are often included in dishes. In terms of dairy products there is a variety of cheeses that originate from south, including ricottas and mozzarellas. Some of the most popular sea-based dishes including ingredients such as sardines, lobster, prawns and of course anchovies. Keep reading reheat chicken wings.

By contrast in the north of Italy the dishes are favoured with cream sauces rather than those that are tomato based. This is partly due to the fact that this area is highly influenced by German and French cultures. Dairy products are the main staple in the area and the sauces used in their dishes will often contain large quantities of cream, eggs and butter. The dishes also contain rich meats and seafood selections from the coastal areas.

In central Italy you will come across miles and miles of olive groves along with vast acres of vineyards. Olive oil is used in every dish prepared in this region and they also enjoy an accompaniment of a glass of wine. Truffles and hams also feature strongly in dishes in the central region of Italy.

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