Window & Door Care Tips

When you have new doors and windows installed, you’ll want to protect them as best you can to keep their shiny new appearance and give them a long life. The frames of windows and doors are just as important as keeping the glass clean and here are some suggestions to help you extend the life of your doors and windows:

Some quick tips include:

Remember to vacuum up any dirt, soil or debris from window sills and door tracks before you attempt to wash them. For cleaning down frames, use some mild washing up liquid and a little warm water. Rinse well with a soft, absorbent cloth. A small bottle brush can be handy for cleaning out small, hard-to-clean areas or gaps. For a Double Glazing Company Gloucester, visit

Don’t use any abrasive scourers, solvents or harsh cleaning substances as this could damage the surface and finish of your doors and windows.

Try to avoid washing glass in direct sunlight, choose an overcast day instead. Again, mild washing detergent and warm water is all you need to clean glass. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and wipe with an absorbent cloth to prevent any spotting. Never use chemicals or petrol-based solvents on glass as these can do damage to the windows components and the insulating glass seal. High pressure washing should also be avoided so as not to damage the insulating seal as well.

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You might have installed self-cleaning glass, which normally does an excellent job of keeping itself free from dirt and grime in normal weather conditions. Don’t worry if you’ve had it less than a month as it normally takes this long for the self-cleaning element to activate.


Window & Door Operation


An occasional drop of lubricant will help to maintain a smooth operation of both windows and doors. All moving parts will benefit from some occasional lubrication, particularly the tracks and roller components. For any plastic parts, don’t use a silicone but instead some furniture polish will do the trick.

A few times a year check the weather stripping to make sure all remains intact.

Condensation Issues:

Condensation is an issue that occurs when a high moisture level inside meets the lower temperatures on the glass. This normally indicates that moisture levels are a little high inside your home. A small amount is a perfectly natural occurrence and nothing to worry about. If you have high levels of condensation, you might want to think about a dehumidifier for your home or you might cause long-term damage to the interior of your windows. Good ventilation will help, so open some windows to let the moisture escape. Ceilings fan can help, as can installing an extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen.




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