Spring Clean your Garage

Clearing out the garage is not a job most of us like to do – but unfortunately at some point the garage can become so full of clutter that we just can’t keep putting it off any longer and have to just get in there and tackle it!

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One of the best things to do to be motivated is to have something to look forward to – maybe the thought of converting your garage into a man cave or a playroom, or having a tidy and clean garage that you can actually use to store the car in – perhaps some new doors from this garage doors Gloucester based company and a fresh coat of paint to look forward to could motivate a good spring clean.

The first thing to do is to get rid of all the junk – why not hire a skip and then you will have to do that whilst you have the skip. Anything that is broken or unusable such as broken toys, or old tins of paint etc get rid of it in the skip. Once this is done you can move to the next stage.

So now all that should be in the garage is items that can be used – narrow it down to what you actually want and either sell the rest or donate it to charity.

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Once this is done and the garage is clutter free, give it a good spring clean, and a fresh coat of paint and there you are – your perfect garage now awaits you!

Russell Crown

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