The Benefits of Double Glazing For Your Home Or Business

Double Glazing is a major new energy-efficient building feature which can result in large reductions in both heating and cooling costs, while improving the security of buildings. Insulating glass generally involves two or more double panes of highly-guarded glass separated by an air or gas filled cavity to prevent heat transfer through a portion of the building envelope. In some circumstances, double glazing is referred to as ‘passively-insulated glass’ since it prevents warm air from entering spaces in buildings and also allows cooling air movement through the structure.

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Double glazing is widely used for ventilation purposes in commercial buildings because it effectively keeps heat inside a space even when there is significant air movement within the structure. In residential buildings, double glazing can help reduce energy bills by reducing the amount of heat lost through the windows by up to 40% and in some cases may even provide an increase in energy efficiency as well as lower energy bills. These types of windows should always be installed by professional Double Glazing Gloucester companies such as

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With double glazing, you can save up to two-thirds of your annual heating and cooling costs by maintaining the temperature inside your house or office even when the temperature outside is extreme. These energy-efficient windows can also save up to twenty percent in your heating and cooling costs and significantly enhance the life of your window frames by preventing premature cracking. The initial installation cost for these windows can be up to one hundred thousand pounds but this figure can vary depending on the type of windows chosen.

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