Five mens style predictions for 2018

2018 will be an interesting year on the fashion scene, with whispers of wide-legged trousers, eighties revivals, millennial pink, double denim and ensembles of head-to-toe white. Happily, there are also rumours of the re-emergence of baggy cargo trousers.

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What are the real high street trends likely to be?

1)      Tops and Toes

Footwear will be important in 2018. Trainers are chunky and still stylish (many have been described as big, bold and, frankly, bonkers), but there is a swing away from casual shoes towards a hard shoe which is smarter and more formal. Lace-ups, brogues and boots will return to favour. Two in one shoes are interesting, with the supple design turning a formal shoe into a mule.

At the other end, hats are once again appearing in the shops in the form of berets.

2)      Nostalgia

A whiff of the eighties has given rise to square-cut jackets, which can be partnered with loose trousers for a modern look.

Perennial favourites, such as biker jackets and bombers, will also be popular and brought up to date with embroidery. Retro denim is very desirable at the moment, and original Levis complete with turn-ups are the ultimate jeans. These can be worn with classics such as Farah shirts or tee shirts.

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3)      Farewell to Skinny Jeans

The big news is that skinnies are finally on the way out and due to disappear from the high street. Straight legs and a relaxed fit are back. On the catwalks, things are loosening up even more – slouchy tailoring and louche, laid-back style are very much in vogue according to GQ.

4)      Sportswear

Track pants are a fashion essential. Luxury versions have been around for a while, but high street designs are everywhere now and viewed as stylistically acceptable. If track pants are too dressed down for you, there is an alternative. Cords are back, and worn with sweatshirts, such as those on sale at, they are casually stylish.

5)      Small New Fashion Designers

2017 was the year of the small fashion designer, and 2018 will continue in the same way. Young innovative designers now have a voice in the market, adding variety and sustainability to the high street.

The main trends for 2018 translate well from the punked, pinked world of high fashion and are satisfyingly wearable.